Tourist Attractions in Central Regional Area

Tourist Attractions in Central Regional Area

Asia Tourist Attractions – Are you still confused in deciding where to go for holiday? You have to try something new for this holiday. Central Asia is the best choice for your vacation because there are so many tourist attractions. The tourist attractions in Central Asia are varied. You can find so many things there. Central Asia set between Europe and East Asia. The countries of Central Asia are Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. So, you will get the great holiday for visiting these unique places to go. Are you interested? Just prepare yourself in knowing more about Central Asia tourism.

Top 5 Central Asia Countries for Tourism


Behind the remote location, there will be the exceedingly fantastic place to go. It must be the perfect clauses for Central Asia. If you still wondering how Central Asia is, you can get the Central Asia Countries Tourism Profile first, so you will never be feel lost when deciding to take your holiday there. As we know, Central Asia region contains five antique countries which are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Firstly, Kazakhstan is the largest countries in Central Asia which are famous for steppes and mountains which are the most beautiful scenery that must be rare to get.


Secondly, there is Kyrgyzstan as one of Central Asia. For some people, it must be not familiar with the name, and it is too difficult to spell. It has the capital city of Bishkek which can be reached only a few hours from Almaty of Kazakhstan by train or car. When you ask about what something unusual in this country is, the answer must be the nomadic culture. There, you can also get the most beautiful peaks of Tian Shan Mountains. For you who like horse-riding and stay in camp, it must be the best destination to get the fantastic holiday.


Thirdly, Tajikistan is famous for its mountainous landscape. When you go there, you have to visit Pamir Mountains as one of the best natural attractions in Tajikistan. The Pamir Mountains is also known as Roof of the World since there are so many peaks which count as the tallest mountain in the world. However, Tajikistan is the most remote country in Central Asia which is sometimes hard to get there. For the best activity in Pamir Mountain that can be done is riding through AkBaital Pass. It must be the large object for who like a photography since there are so many sides that can be captured well.


Fourthly, you can also visit Turkmenistan. Some of you must ever have heard about Turkmenistan. However, it informs that this country is the most closed off in Central Asia for foreign travelers. It is very highly recommended to get a tour guide or operator rather than independent travel so that you will not face any big deal when traveling around this tremendous country. To get here, there are two ways. For the first, you can directly fly to Ashgabat which is the capital city of Turkmenistan. For the second, you can also choose the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan.


For the last, Uzbekistan which must be the most famous country in Central Asia. In here, you can easily find heritage sites which are in Samarkand and Bukhara. It can be said that Samarkand and Bukhara are two cities that have most historical and cultural vibes in Uzbekistan. In there, you can get so many beautiful spots to capture in your camera. To get here, you can fly directly into the International airport of Tashkent. In the other hand, you can also continue your holiday from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan by buses from Bishkek to Tashkent. With beautiful scenery, you will never regret to come.

To make you easier in choosing getaway destinations, you can just visit one of the countries, or you can also visit five countries in Central Asia randomly. If you want to go to five countries in Central Asia, you have to decide which attraction that must be visited when you go there. In this way, you will never lose and feel regret when getting your holiday in wonderful Central Asia. As we know before, it prefers to get a tour guide to traveling around Central Asia so that you can easily found where destinations that must be perfect to be visited.

The Best Tourist Route in Central Asia

If you are still confused, you can just follow these recommendations. Here are the best recommendation tourist attractions in Central Asia. First, you can start your holiday in the Pamir Mountains. It must be a perfect destination for you who like natural tourism. In there, you can do some activities such as climbing or riding on the mountains roadway. After that, you can take your way into Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, you have to visit Registan which is the most beautiful tourist attraction. Continuing your holiday in Central Asia, you can go to Kazakhstan to visit Shymbulak.

After Shymbulak, you can go to Central Park in Kazakhstan. You can visit this place first before visiting Issyk-Kul or right after that. If you still in the same country, don’t forget to visit Bayterek Tower. This place must be one of the recommended tourist attraction in Kazakhstan. After Kazakhstan, you can go to Kyrgyzstan and visit the most wonderful lake named Issyk-Kul. This lake is counted as the largest saline lake in second place after the Caspian Sea. Issyk-Kul places in Karakol, Cholpon-Ata. Let’s move to Tajikistan. When you get there, you have to visit The Hindu Kush which is famously known as a long mountain from Afghanistan to Pakistan border.

After listing all best destinations in Central Asia, it must not be perfect if you could not get the best food attractions in Central Asia. For the first, you have to try Soup in Central Asia. Since mostly these regions are surrounded by mountains so that soup must be a culinary that easily to be found. There are also many types of Soup which spread around in each region. Laghman is the first soup of Central Asia that must be tried when visiting Central Asia. It consists of flat noodles with fragrant of lamb stew.

Laghman is the best to be eaten since it also contains with coriander as garnish. Just imagine it, this soup must be perfect dish when traveling in mountains of Central Asia. The second favorite dish which includes as soup in Central Asia is Borscht. Borscht is Russian beetroot soup which is popular in Uzbekistan. So, if you are traveling in Uzbekistan don’t forget to get the best taste of Borscht soup as the most favorite dish in Uzbekistan. As the other choice, you can also take the most delicious pumpkin soup, rice soup, or Tajik green lentil. Three of these dishes must be perfect when serving in the cold weather of mountains.

After that, you can also take dumpling of Central Asia. Manti is the second dish that must be tasted when you are traveling in Central Asia. Manti is like dumpling of Central Asia which is filled with minced meat or pumpkin. There is two way in serving this Manti. It can be served without sauce or with sauce. Sometimes, Manti is also served in a broth of soup. It must be the delicious one, and it is the highly recommended culinary from Central Asia that cannot be forgotten.

Then, you can also try a green spaghetti. In local name, green spaghetti is called as shuvitoshi. So, if you find shuvitoshi on your way, you have to stop and taste it. Like its name, shuvitoshi or green spaghetti is a green spaghetti which will be served with many kinds of vegetables and meat. Some people said that this green spaghetti has similar taste with spaghetti Bolognese. Also, Kebabs is the most popular dish that must be tried in Central Asia. There are two kinds of kebabs which are only with meat or meat with vegetables.

Moreover, there is also one of the most attractive food from Uzbekistan called Plov. When you are in Uzbekistan, you will quickly find Plov served in every restaurant. Plov consists of onions, carrots, rice and sometimes added by beef or mutton. When you were visiting Samarkand, Plov is usually eaten in every Tuesdays and Sundays. In some places, plov also can be added by additional ingredients such as raisins or egg. For the best recommended Plov, you can find it in homestay of Osh Kyrgyzstan although it is from Uzbekistan. Just try it, and you will get the taste.
For the last, you can also try a taste of nonbread. The name must be unique since was from the way people eating the bread, non nonnon. This non bread is a circle bread which is cooked in tandoori oven. It has the chewy texture. Sometimes it decorated in bread stamp. You can get this non bread in bakery around Central Asia. While you are visiting tourist attractions in Central Asia, don’t forget to have your meal by tasting the uniquely delicious non bread. So, have a wonderful holiday in unique Central Asia.