Kazakhstan Tourist Attractions

Kazakhstan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Asia certainly offers lots of great places to visit while traveling, just like in Kazakhstan. Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan provides everything that visitors need for the journey. Astonishing natural beauties, stunning historical sites, enjoyable getaway destinations that can be found in this beautiful country. Furthermore, some delicious traditional foods in Kazakhstan are ready to make your tummy and mouth happy. You can find everything from this lovely Kazakhstan like culture, history, religion, and others. Also, its natural attractions indeed will bring you into peaceful feeling. Kazakhstan is an ideal country for making a new journey!

Tourism Profile of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a unique country because its big part of this country located in Central Asia, yet the rest of it belongs to Western Europe. This country is bordered by other countries like Russian, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan has s large area with over 2,700,000 square kilometers. This land area has the population of more than 18,000,000 people.

The citizens here commonly speak in Kazakh for daily conversation, yet Russian also spoken for institutional reasons. There are several ethnic live in Kazakhstan like Kazakh, Russian, Ukraine, Germans, and others. Most of them, about 70% are Muslims, and the rest are Christians. For its climates, Kazakhstan has several climates like hot summer, cold winter, arid, semi-arid, continental and cold dessert. The official currency that used here is Tenge.

Natural attractions

Talking about its natural beauties, lots of great natural attractions in Kazakhstan surely will make you amazed. All of it surely will get you confused what places that must be visited first while in Kazakhstan. Do not worry! Here, we provide you top 4 Kazakhstan natural attractions with the most beautiful view!

Big Almaty Lake

Located in Ili-Alatau National Park, Big Almaty Lake offers extraordinarily impressive scenery. Here, you can enjoy the magnificent lake and panorama of the mountains. The very clear sapphire sky adds the beauty of this lake. The best time to visit this beautiful lake is in the late spring.

Charyn Canyon

In Charyn National Park, there are many things that you can do, one of it enjoying the stunning Charyn Canyon. You also can do camping and enjoy the sunrise and the sunset over the river. Avoid visiting this place on the weekend because it will overcrowd of tourists.

Kolsai Lakes

Besides Big Almaty, the Kolsai Lakes also offers very breathtaking landscape. Here, you can see three magnificent lakes with a beautiful view around. You can also stay in several affordable home-stay around the lakes.

Lake Issyk

Kazakhstan truly has many exotic lakes to enjoy. Another lake in Amaty that is worth visiting is Lake Issyk. This amazing frozen lake offers a very stunning background view of Tien Shan Mountain. It is the perfect place for outdoor, camping, and hiking lovers.

Heritage Sites

One significant thing while in Kazakhstan is to learn about is histories. Numerous heritage sites in Kazakhstan are all set to tell its tales. You are not only can get knowledge but also can enjoy its stunning architecture as well. Here are four most amazing heritage sites in Kazakhstan that highly recommended visiting!

Tamgaly Tas

Located in Alamaty city, Tamgaly Tas is an ideal place for the hiker’s lovers. It is one of incredible hiking place in Kazakhstan. Enjoy the Buddhist petroglyphs here along with the beautiful view of the clear river.

National Museum of Kazakhstan

One best thing to see Kazakhstan heritage sites is by visiting its National Museum. This museum is located in Tauyelsyzdyk Avenue in Astana. The National Museum of Kazakhstan provides lots of history of Arts, Military, and History of Kazakhstan. You can learn about the culture and see the old stuff here. Guides in Kazakh, English, and Russian are available.

Ascension Cathedral

In Kazakhstan, you can easily find loads of ancient churches. Not only becomes a religious site, Ascension Cathedral which is the one of the oldest church here also becomes the historical place in Kazakhstan. Here, you can enjoy the incredible architecture of this ancient church. Otherwise, you allow buying a candle and praying in this church.

The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

It becomes one famous place in Turkestan that very touristy because it is the only one Mausoleum in Kazakhstan. This place is highly recommended visiting! You can learn the Mausoleum’s history and enjoy seeing its incredible architecture.

Getaway Destinations

Kazakhstan not only offers the natural attraction and historical places. Several pleasurable places can be your getaway destinations in Kazakhstan. Theater, mall, park and other famous landmarks indeed will complete your journey. Let’s check these top 4 getaway destinations in Kazakhstan.

Kok-Tobe Hill

Kok-Tobe is one of the well-known lookout and park attraction in Kazakhstan. Here, you can enjoy the amazing scenery from the hill by using the cable car. In the evening, Kok-Toe offers a truly exotic view of a sunset in Kazakhstan. It is also the very relaxing place for walking and enjoying a view.

Khan Shatyr

Are you shopping lovers? This shopping mall in Kazakhstan is a perfect destination for you! Located in Turan Avenue, Khan Shatyr is very artistic from the outside. It also a great place if you bring kids while traveling. This mall offers to the dinosaur park which is like the real Jurassic Park! It is the most excellent shopping center in Astana!

Museum of Folk Music Instruments

If you are interested in music, this art museum is the ideal place for you. While in Almaty, make sure to visit this excellent museum. Here, there is some local music shows that actually worth enjoying. Also, you can see old traditional instruments of Kazakhstan.

Almaty Zoo

Do not miss this place if you love animals! Amalty Zoo is located in St Esenberlin. Here, you can enjoy seeing some exotic animals like bears, birds, and others with different varieties. You also can feed the animals, and enjoy seeing Dolphin show.

Typical Food

Your journey in Kazakhstan is not perfect without trying its tasty food. There are several typical foods in Kazakhstan that worth tasting! Here are the best of it.


It is one of the mouth-watering national dishes in Kazakhstan. Beshbarmak itself stands for “five fingers,” which refers to the reality that this food is consumed using hands. Beshbarmak made of poached meat and long noodles which look like lasagna and then cooked with special spices. Traditionally, the meat for Beshbarmak used the horse meat, yet now people prefer use lamb meat.


This first sausage of Kazakhstan is made using horsemeat. It is very outstanding food for celebrating several events in Kazakhstan.


Manti becomes favorite food for children in Kazakhstan. It is similar to dumplings in big-sized version. It is commonly filled with lamb meat. To make it tastier, Manti is usually served together with sour cream.


Pelmeni actually same with Manti, but it has vegetables for the fillings and smaller than Manti. It can be easily found in Kazakhs restaurants and markets.


This food is also very popular in Russia. It is kind of beet soup that has a purple color. Borsch commonly made of beef and beetroot and cooked together with veggies like carrots and potatoes.

The Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan truly highly recommended visiting while traveling. Its natural beauties will take you to a very calm feeling. Moreover, the historical places will make you learn something new of it. The getaway spots in Kazakhstan also will make your journey outstanding.