Kyrgyzstan Tourist Attractions

Kyrgyzstan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – When you look at Central Asia map, instead of attracted to the great China, you should take a look at the country above it, Kyrgyzstan. This country might never come up in your mind when looking for the travel destination, but you should know that this country hides various fantastic attractions. Check these following tourist attractions in Kyrgyzstanthat can be your next trip list.

Tourism Profile

Kyrgyzstan is a country which used to rule by Kyrgyz tribes then Soviet. As an independent state, Kyrgyzstan is a country providing amazing natural beauty with its mountains range and lakes. Kyrgyzstan’s tourism is very friendly for travelers because of the visa-free regulation and lots of home-stays where you can find them quickly to stay longer here. It is the best country to visit during summer break.

Natural attractions

Natural attractions in Kyrgyzstan are the main tourism attractions which very favorite among travelers. From trekking in a mountainous spot to discover the hidden lake, you can find these amazing natural places.

Lenin Peak

For those who love to hike, Lenin Peak is worth to try. It reaches over 7,000 m with the best scenery surrounds. Both professional and first-time climbers can try because this peak is the most easily accessed peak in Kyrgyzstan.

Lake Issyk Kul

Lake Issyk Kul is known as the second biggest alpine lake in the world. Located in the middle of Tien Shan Mountains, the lake spreads out impressively. The lake looks so big like an ocean which impressing most travelers. Around the lake, you can find several gorges where you can do trekking and hiking.

SaryChelek Reserve

Do you want to visit some quiet place in the remote area which provides untouched natural beauty? So, you should visit SaryChelek reserve. This site consists of a vast area of backwoods with a variety of bird species, wild boar, mountain goats, deer, and porcupines in this area. You can also discover seven immaculate alpine lakes that spread out in reserve.

Ala-ArchaNational Park

Another best spot for trekking is Ala-Archa George. Located in Ala-Archa National Park in Tian Shan mountains 40 km away from Bishkek, this gorge is split by the beautiful river. In the national park, you can also do other activities such as horse trekking, skiing during winter, mount climbing, or simply take a picnic with your family. This area is most visited during late summer to early fall but open a year around.

Jeti-Oguz Canyon

About 25km away to western Karakol, you can find an amazing Jeti-Oghuz Canyon. Here, there is a formation of massive red sandstone cliffs which very amazing when looked from afar. It becomes the trademark for Lake Issyk-Kul tourism which attracts most of the tourists to come here. Most of the travelers come to this canyon to do trekking and camping. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking with lush pastures filled with flowers, pine-covered hills, and ice-cold mountain streams.

Heritage Sites

Find the historical story of ancient Kyrgyzstan to answer your curiosity about this country here.

Mount Sulaiman Too

Mount SulaimanToo is the only one heritage site admitted by UNESCO in Kyrgyzstan. It is one of sacred destination among Muslims where keep the story of a prophet. Located in Osh city rises to 175m above, you find a unique huge museum built in the mountain body. Inside the museum, you can find more than 33,000 exhibits. There are archaeological and ethnographic-historical monuments with numerous petroglyphs, old bath remains, paintings, and others. There are also two mosques built on top of the mountain.

Tash Rabat

During Silk Road period, Tash Rabat is used as caravanserai which composed of 31 dome-shaped chambers very popular among merchants and travelers who travel from China to West. Located in Naryn province in Kara Koyun Valley, this ancient caravanserai offers the beautiful view of the green valley in the surroundings. You can also enjoy hiking and horse trekking here.

Saimaly-Tash Petroglyphs Site

Saimaluu Tash is a petroglyph site located in Jalal-Abad province which has more than 10,000 carved rock paintings that have been discovered. This collection of rock art is showing sacred displays the story of ancient people in the lower alley. Located at 10,500 ft in two high valleys,the site can be reached by jeep or a day horse trekking.

Getaway Destinations

Want to get more gateway destinations? Let’s move from nature visit to the city where you can find more about Kyrgyzstan.

Ala Too Square

Ala Too Square is located in Bishkek which popular among tourists who want to stroll around the city. In this square, you can find beautiful parks surround tall statues. Most of special events and celebrations in Kyrgyzstan are held here.


There is a compound in Kyrgyzstan dedicated and named after their favorite hero called Manas. The hero was known as the one who can unify 40 tribes of Kyrgyzstan to fight against one enemy. His story is always told to the children. In this complex, you can find museum and mausoleum that will show you the story of Manas.

Osh Bazaar

Want to stroll around to find some foods to munch or buy some local handicrafts? You should visit Osh Bazaar in Bishkek. In this shopping complex, you can find lots of shoppers and vendors sell various kind of daily needs from spices, snacks, or many more.

Typical Food

Not only familiar with its natural attractions, but Kyrgyzstan is also worth to visit for its culinary. From traditional to national dishes, you can treat your stomach to complete your trip here.


Oromo is made from minced meat, veggies such as carrots and potatoes, and onion with additional ingredients inside dough layers. Once finish steamed, you can enjoy this dish by cutting it in bite size along with ketchup. Oromo mostly becomes homemade dishes in Kyrgyzstan.


Borsook is a bread puff made by cutting the dough into the little square. After fried in hot oil, the dough will swell with spacious inside then served to be dipped in some fresh cream. You will find this dish mostly during holidays and special occasions.


Want to try the traditional salty snack in Kyrgyzstan? You can try Kurut. It is simply made by fermented mare milk and salt which made into a small ball size. It has the very salty taste that can become a snack while drinking a beer.

Kyrgyzstan also has some adopted foods which mostly influence by Chinese or Middle Eastern region that has the special taste only can be found here such as Ploo (plov), Manty, Lagman, Samsy, and many more.
Do you feel tempted to visit Kyrgyzstan now? These various tourist attractions in Kyrgyzstan have been ready to welcome your trip in this country. Check out your schedule and book your flight as soon as possible.