Tajikistan Tourist Attractions

Tajikistan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Tajikistan has numerous beautiful places which make you experience an excellent holiday. For those who like an adventurous trip, you will love to visit this country which has several great landscapes that will suit with the climbers, trekkers, and travelers. But, if you dream to experience the cultural trip, Tajikistan offers you some villages that you take rural home-stay packages. You will live with the locals and experience the real life in Tajikistan rural communities. The below are going to be several tourist attractions in Tajikistan.

Tourism Profile

Tajikistan is a landlocked country which is bordered by mountains. It means that Tajikistan can take a significant possibility to have plenty of tourist attractions. This country has a uniqueness which its surrounding countries are non-Turkic, while Tajikistan is. Although Tajikistan suffered after the broke out civil war in 1991, now, this country rises by attracting businesses from around the world. Also, Tajikistan has an interesting history from the past which it was part of Persian Empire. Until now, Tajikistan is the important place for the development of Persian language and culture. It means Tajikistan is rich in Persian culture that you can learn in there.

Natural Destinations

Tajikistan is rich of natural destination. This country is the perfect place for who likes the beautiful sceneries and landscapes. It is a heaven of a natural goal. These are some of them.

Fann Mountains

These mountains are so famous because of their magnificent landscapes. You can find this destination in western Tajikistan which is approximately halfway between Dushanbe and Samarkand. Fann Mountains are heaven for the climbers and hikers. If you are not a hiker, hiking in this place is a must if you do not want to miss the view of turquoise and emerald green lake from up there. If you want to hike these mountains, make sure that you are well prepared because there are no emergency request. And, it is better to come there in warm and dry weather which is in June to September.

Seven Lakes

It is also known by its location which is Marguzor lakes. This destination is located in Fann Mountains which is in Hissar range around 50 km from Penjikent. These lakes are mostly filled with the melted water from glaciers on the upper valley. In these lakes, you can see the uniqueness of their color of water. Depending on the sun position in the sky, the water color can change from turquoise to green, black, or blue. You can see the similarity of the lakes watercolor when you see them in the whole view; they have a crystal clear water color in the bottoms. You can also go trekking through the provided trekking routes around the lakes.

Heritage Sites

Tajikistan also has some heritage sites for you who are craving of past trip. The following are going to the several heritage sites in Tajikistan.

Tajik National Park

Tajik National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is one of the largest mountains in the world. This national park stands on more than 2.5 million hectares of land which is 18% land of Tajikistan. This park can cover numerous natural beauties such as highest peaks of Central Asia, hot springs and glaciers, rivers and lakes, and various rare of flora and fauna. You can find the variety of wildlife animals like Marco Polo argali and snow leopard. This place is a dream for those who are seeking to test the limits of their survival and seeking adventurous trip.

Proto-urban site of Sarazm

It is also one of Tajikistan heritage sites which located in Sughd Region, Tajikistan. It is an archaeological site of the ancient city of Sarazm which was the largest exporting metallurgical center in central Asia about 3000 BC. This is the place for who are seeking for the historical trip where you can find abundant of histories in this site. People believed that this city was a mining point to collect the nearby turquoise sources. Also, this town served copper and agricultural production center which were relevant to the regions.

Getaway Destinations

This country has so many places that can make you taking a deep breath when you see them. They will pamper your sight of their beauty. The below are going to the getaway destinations in Tajikistan.

Pamir Highway

Pamir Highway is a road that through the majestic Pamir Mountains. This road is also important to help people through the difficult terrains which go through Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. From this highway, you see the beautiful high plateau scenery.

Kairakum Water Basin

This water basin has 4 million square meters area, and Kairakum Water Basin is also well known as Tajikistan the most beautiful artificial lake. This is a symbol of infrastructure development of Tajikistan. The sand beaches stretch along entire coast is the greatest landmark of this water basin. You can stay in the numerous comfortable hotels nearby. You can also come to the café near the beach and book boat for trips.

Typical Food

You will feel incomplete when you are traveling but did not try the delightful cuisine of the place. Likewise, when you come to Tajikistan, you have to have a taste to its typical foods.


This is one of Tajikistan national dishes. Plov is made of rice with shredded carrot and chunk of meat. And this is fried together with mutton fat or vegetable oil. This dish is commonly served on a large plate in the middle of other foods, and it is eaten by people together with their hands.


This dish is made of lamb which is poured by onion yogurt as a sauce. And this dish is poured into thin flatbread; the name is Fatir. This dish is considered as one of Tajikistan national dishes. This is also a typical dish which is eaten with hands’ of people together.
That is all about tourist attractions in Tajikistan. Tajikistan tourist attractions are for the pleasure and adventure seeker. You can explore its natural beauty which has a lot of things you can choose. And do not forget to have a taste to its cuisine.