China Tourist Attractions

China Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – With a long history and a vast territory, China tourist attractions offers so much place to visit and explore. Below are the list of must-visit destinations in China, from natural attractions to typical food.

China Tourism Profile

After the discovery of China through Marco Polo’s adventure 700 years ago, the world recognized China as the second powerful country in economy sector. Not only economy, but this country also recognized for its mysterious and exotic land. Many people become curious of China because of their ancient customs and the new ultra-modern state. There are many important historic sites that tourist can visit. China also has one of wonders of the world. It is the famous Great Wall. China offers limitless options for travel and adventure. As big as a continent, China has everything for everyone.

Natural Attractions

One of the options to travel and explore in China is their natural destinations. Some parts of China is still covered with nature. Here’s the recommendation place of natural attractions in China

The Li River

The beauty Li River has captured the heart of many people, especially the karts landscape along the river. Many Chinese painters and poets make their works that inspired by the natural beauty of the river. The natural scenery there is so breathtaking. It also makes you feel relax. Many years ago, this place is the inspiration for paintings and poems. Now this place is a popular photography site. Many tourist will think of Li River when they want to go to a place for its natural beauty. The Li River is a 83-kilometer-long section of river between Yangshuo and Guilin.

The scenery around there is decorated with farming villages, steep cliffs, startling hills, and bamboo groves. America’s National Geographic Magazine listed this river as one of the “World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders”. Many famous figures already visited this river such as Bill Gates, George Bush, and Bill Clinton.

The Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain is the best national park in China. Located in east China, this scenic area that close to Hangzhou and Shanghai is the perfect place for travelers. There are five wonders of natural beauty which are sun rises, hot springs, seas of clouds, twisted pine trees, and oddly-shaped rocks. The national park is one of China’s three best national parks along with Jiuzhaigou National Forest Park and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. But the Yellow Maountain is the most famous peak among them. Not to mention that this national park is more popular naturally and easier to access compared to others national parks. Make it the best place for natural destination.

Heritage Sites

When it comes to the heritage sites, China provides a variety of choices heritage sites which full of history. We have top 2 most visited places that will make you learn about China’s history and culture during your vacation. Here’s our recommendation!

The Great Wall of China

Including in 7 wonders of world, the Great Wall of China is a must-visit for tourist. From the fortresses of Shanhaiguan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west, the wall stretches more than 5,000 kilometers. In the eyes of most tourists, if you haven’t climbed the Great Wall it means that you haven’t been to China. The longest wall in the world is one of the iconic symbols of China. The place where the best unspoiled section of the wall can be visited in located in Hebei, Tientsin, and Beijing. From there, you can see the beauty of Gansu, Ningxia, and Inner Mongolia along the way.

The Forbidden City

Also known as the Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang. These places were the seats of imperial power in China for more than 500 years. This place is very preserved by the government even Starbucks can’t be built here. It is famous for a valuable witness to Chinese civilization during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Meanwhile, the Shenglin Palace or Houjin Palace was secondary capital and was built from 1625 to 1637 by Nurgaci. He is the Manchu rulers of the Qing Dynasty.

Getaway Destinations

The getaway destinations in China are consist of the places where you can’t resist. Chengdu Research Base and The Bund are waiting for you!

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Not only loved by the Chinese (and foreigners too), but panda is also become the icon of China. Although you can see panda in many zoos in China or elsewhere, but you will get a different experience. It is different when you see panda in their best place, which is Chengdu. There are 2 other places where you can see pandas close up. You can see the Pandas in their habitat in Bifengxia Panda Base and Dujiangyan Panda Valley. But Chengdu is the hometown of pandas. Located in the north of the city, Chengdu Panda Center is the perfect place for you who want to get closer with pandas.

The Bund

Located in Shanghai, the Bund is one of the most popular and recognizable architecture symbols. It is not only in Shanghai but also in the entire China. The architecture here shows the colonial European style. The place is full of building and skyscrapers. It is the perfect place for photographers to capture the beauty of this area. In late 18th century and early 19th century, the Bund was Shanghai’s most wealthy area. It became the symbol of elegance when the British company built an office at the Bund back in 1846.

Typical Food

Culinary become an interesting feature when you travel somewhere. China dishes are famous for tastes, color, meaning, appearance, and aroma. Here’s the list of typical food you should try!


Dumpling is the traditional food in North China. This dish has a long history of more than 1,800. Chinese are usually eat dumpling during Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Peking roasted duck

Don’t forget to eat Peking roasted duck when you visit Beijing. Along with dumpling, this food is one of China’s popular dishes.

From natural attractions to food China tourist attractions will complete your journey.