Japan Tourist Attractions

Japan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – There are many reasons to visit and enjoy Japan tourist attractions. Japanese trains are always punctual and fast, everything is clean and hygienic, vending machines offer fresh and hot foods around the clock, and Japanese culture can be solemn and exotic but can also be as cute as manga. Japan is a great place to visit for all family members of all ages. You will love to visit Japan especially because there are many things, places and excitements. Do you have a plan to visit Japan ?, Here are the list about everything that you can enjoy while you are visiting the land of the rising sun.

Top Tourist Attraction in Japan

One of the greatest Japan tourist attractions that perpetually draw the attention of worldwide tourists is its beautiful scenery. Japan is beautiful not only because of the natural beauty of its landscape, but also because Japanese people are widely regarded as maestros in gardening and landscaping. Japanese gardening philosophy requires that only natural elements and no artificial ornaments be used in gardening and landscaping. As a result, when you visit any gardens in Japan, which are located virtually everywhere, you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of all-natural elements of the garden. If you visit Japan for its natural beauties, here are some of the most beautiful Japan tourist attractions list that you should visit.

Mount Asahi, Hokkaido

Many people believe that the most beautiful place on earth is located on the top of it. In Japan, finding a great mount to hike is not a big deal as there are many of them. Mount Asahi in Hokkaido is especially notable for its beautiful scenery. This mountain is great to hike during drier seasons and an excellent ski resort in the winter. The slope is rather shallow, so climbing it is an easy job that you can easily do even without professional assistance. Once you reach the top, you will be amazed by the scenery of the expanse of fluffy cloud right below you. This mountain is amazingly beautiful both at its base and on its peak.

Hot springs, everywhere in Japan

Visiting hot springs has become an innate part of Japanese culture. Locals visit hot springs not only during the colder seasons of the year, but almost year round. Hot springs are perfect venues to visit not only because of their refreshing and relieving warm water, but also because of their scenic settings. Most hot springs in Japan are located at places with pristine natural landscape, clean air and beautiful scenery. Kyushu is a region in Japan that is famous for its scenic hot springs. If you are there, you will have a chance to enjoy the warm refreshing water of the blood pond—hot springs with red water due to the high amount of iron that it contains.

Mount Fuji, near Tokyo

Tokyo Japan Tourist Attractions. Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan and often considered Japan’s most prominent natural wonder. If you visit Mount Fuji area, you will have a chance for Five-Fuji Lakes and Shiraito Falls scenery, which are often regarded as the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan.

Japanese Cuisines to Tickle Your Palate

Food is another thing that makes Japanese culture so popular. Due to the mushrooming of Japanese restaurants in all corners of the world, Japanese cuisines are no longer as unknown as they used to be. Although many Japanese foods contain ingredients that are considered bizarre by Western standard, such as raw fish and octopus, almost no Japanese food tastes as bizarre as it looks. Although you might already visit Japanese restaurants regularly, you will definitely not miss a chance for Japanese cuisine in its home country. If you believe that your visit to Japan will not complete without enjoying its foods, here are three Japan food attractions that you can enjoy while you are visiting Japan.

Samurai-themed restaurant, Tokyo

Sometimes, enjoying Japanese cuisines is not enough without getting yourself immersed in exotic Japanese culture. Ranse no Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden is a Samurai-themed restaurant that is located from Shinjuku Station, Tokyo. Right after you enter this restaurant, you will be engrossed by the rich and exotic nuance of the Sengoku Period. With Samurai’s paraphernalia, including armors, flags and crests, decorating the interior of this restaurant, you will feel as if you are visiting this restaurant hundreds of years ago. Traditional Japanese foods are served in this restaurant in a traditional way.

Sumo-themed Restaurant, Tokyo

When you visit Japan, you definitely won’t miss a chance to watch Sumo performance. Although this performance is normally held in a standalone Sumo hall, you can actually watch this unique Japanese wrestling while enjoying your meal. At Hananomai Ryougoku, a Sumo-themed restaurant located near Ryougoku Station in Tokyo, the Sumo ring or dohyo is located right in the center of a spacious dining area. The dining area is designed in such way to allow guests to feel that they are eating in a Sumo hall. Performance occurs every Saturday, but you can call the restaurant to learn more about its schedules.

Sushi Tokami, Ginza, Tokyo

Everyone who wishes to try Japanese foods will not miss a chance to eat sushi, and everyone who wishes to eat the most delicious sushi in Japan should visit Ginza, where the world’s best sushi restaurants are located. Among those restaurants is a Michelin-starred sushi restaurant called Sushi Tokami. The owner of this restaurant is Hiroyuki Sato, who knows how to entertain your palate with the best sushi on earth.

Japan’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Japanese culture and civilization are among the most preserved in the world. Cultural elements derived from even the earliest history of Japan can be found even today. The representations of every period in Japan’s history, ranging from Jomon Period to Heian, Sengoku and post-Restoration, can be found in authentic condition in almost every corner of the country. Visiting the most famous Japan heritage sites is a must because your visit to Japan will be lackluster if you skip Japan’s cultural tour. Here are some of the most famous heritage sites that you visit while you are in Japan.

Himeji Castle, Hyogo

Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture is a majestic castle that clearly depicts the harmonious amalgamation of strength and elegance. The castle was initially built in 14th century, but the renovation that took place in 17th century was what made this castle one of the most famous castles in Japan. The castle sits on a high rock wall that represents its strength and endurance against firearm attacks after the arrival of the Europeans. The main part of this castle is an elegant edifice featuring traditional Japanese architecture that looks beautiful with its white plaster. This castle, which is also called Shirasagi-jo (White Heron Castle) due to its white plaster, is one of Japan Unesco sites that you should definitely visit.

A-Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Park, Hiroshima

The A-Bomb Dome is one of few buildings that remain after the city is devastated by the atomic bomb. It was Hiroshima’s Industrial Promotion Hall before the atomic bomb turns it into ruin. If you wish to observe how devastating the only atomic bomb blast that ever occurred in history can be, you should visit this site. There is a nearby park where people commemorate one of the most disastrous days in human’s history. Of course, the memorial park and its surrounding area is not as eerie as you may think. Interesting activities, such as origami making in the park, make your visit to it somewhat fun and enjoyable.

Historic monuments in Kyoto

Kyoto is possibly the most culturally rich city in Japan. Being an ancient capital of Japan for more than a millennium, Kyoto retains a lot of cultural landmarks that you definitely need to visit. Among historic monuments that you can find in Kyoto are the majestic Nijo castle, the Old Imperial Palace, and Kinkaku Temple.

Enjoy Amazing Pastimes with Best Japan Getaway Destinations

Of course, you visit Japan not only to visit some beautiful and exotic places that give refreshment to your eyes and curiosity. You also want to visit places where you can get engaged in some attractive activities and entertainments. Fortunately, Japan is also known for its numerous entertainment and attractive venues. If you visit Japan to get excited, every Japan getaway destination that is listed below will surely become the most exciting place you can visit while you are in Japan.

Tokyo Disney Sea, Chiba

You will love to visit this theme park with your family, but you may wonder why you should visit the Disney Sea in Tokyo if you have the real Disneyland back at home? Well, Tokyo Disney Sea is unlike any other Disney parks on earth. It is not a park where you will walk along a large avenue to reach a big castle in the center. Instead, it is a park that gives you opportunity to visit magnificent harbors and islands all around the world. You can board on a gondola from Italian coast to reach Arabian coast and mysterious island. It is a unique park with licensed Disney characters and themes that allows you to enjoy the most exciting maritime experience no other Disney park on earth can give.


Who says you cannot find a warm beach with crystal clear sea water and soft white sand in Japan? If you visit Okinawa, you will be amazed by the serene and scenic settings of its subtropical beaches. The breeze feels so cool and refreshing and the sun shines all the time. Of course, they are not as warm as their tropical counterparts, but they definitely can be regarded as the warmest beaches Japan can have. Okinawa is also the site of the ancient kingdom of Ryukyuan, whose palace is still well preserved at the heart of the island.

Sapporo, Hokkaido

After visiting the warmest region in Japan, you may also want to visit its coldest. Sapporo is indeed cold, but it is definitely a cosmopolitan and interesting city that you must visit. Furthermore, Sapporo will hold the 2017 Winter Olympic, so there are obviously many great things and venues that you can visit in Hokkaido’s capital city.

Tips for Booking Flight to Japan

You have seen how beautiful, attractive and delicious Japan is. Now it’s your time to know how to reach this amazing country. Undoubtedly, as an island country, Japan is most conveniently reached using air transportation. After you arrive there, you will mostly rely on land transportation. Two important things that you have to mind when you want to book a flight to Japan and to use land transportation in Japan are cost and safety. You need to understand cheap and safety Japan aviation and transportation rules in order to make sure that your trip will be cost-effective and safe. Here are some rules that you may want to follow if you want to fly cheaply and safely to Japan.

Fly when everyone doesn’t

This means that as much as possible, you should avoid peak seasons. Peak season affects not only flight cost, but also the cost of accommodation, tour package, and everything that makes Japan enjoyable. Springtime when cherry blossoms and autumn when brown foliage looks mesmerizing, are considered high seasons in Japan. Certain holidays, such as Obon on May 5 and Golden Week on April 29, are also times when Japan is stormed by tourists. Avoid peak seasons and you should be able to cut your transportation cost.

Use larger aircraft

Larger aircrafts tend to be safer to board on because of the stricter safety regulations they have to abide by and their bigger chance of survival due to their massive size. All Nippon Airways has a number of large aircrafts that you can board on if safety is your priority. Flight on larger aircrafts is also considered safer because of its mostly nonstop routings. Remember that accidents occur more frequently during takeoff and landing.

Get a Japan Rail Pass

After you arrive at Japan, you will mostly use land transportation system to visit any locations in the country. If you wish to get cheap transportation, using bus instead of train is a good idea; however, if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to board on one of the fastest bullet trains on earth, consider getting a JR Pass. By paying only $250, you can get a pass to board on any Japan Rail trains cheaply for seven days.

By understanding cheap and safe flight and transportation rules in Japan and by abiding by them, your trip to enjoy Japan tourist attractions will certainly be trouble-free and unforgettable. Remember that even if you think that a trip to Japan is expensive and risky, there is always a way to make it cheaper and safer.

Welcome to Japan

We close this article with a simple welcome greeting. Before you read this article, you may still be wondering how you will plan your trip, but now as you have become more familiar with Japan, all of its attractions, and cheap and safe ways to reach and explore it, it should be easier for you to make your plan. So, make your best plan to visit the land of the rising sun and have the most unforgettable moment to enjoy all Japan tourist attractions.