Mongolia Tourist Attractions

Mongolia Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Mongolia is one of the bordered countries in mainland East Asia. The country is bordered by Russia to the north and the Republic of China to the south. If you are visiting Mongolia, there are beautiful scenery from both parts of the country with different nature and culture. Most areas of Mongolia have arid lands with vast grasslands and mountains. Mongolia is one of the countries that will be a heaven for travelers. The country that has geographical location in the Himalayas and has some interesting destinations to visit. Here are Mongolia tourist attractions you should know before you buy the plane ticket.

Tourism Profile

Mongolian is a small country rich in history. It saves a lot of tourist attractions that are very beautiful and amazing for the visitors who would to spend their time exploring. Most areas are pastures, mountains in western and northern Mongolia. One of them is very famous. Maybe you know it as Gobi desert whic is in the Southern Mongolia. The vast plains of Mongolia are not just steppes, grasslands, and deserts. The country is also rich with beautiful landscapes, flora, fauna, cultural treasures and impressive prehistoric tracks.

Natural attractions

Mongolia is the center of the Mongol Empire. It is one of the strongest ethnics in the world. This ethnicity has its own race that people know as Mongoloid or yellow race. In addition, Mongolia also has abundant natural attractions. You’re lucky when you have time and come to the destinations below.

Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is one of the largest deserts in Asia. Besides its splendor, the Gobi Desert has incredible views. Most of the Gobi region consists of rocky and pebbled areas with shrubs. Some of these desert areas also have large sand dunes. Gobi dessert is famous around the world because its beauty. While you’re here, you will find a typical animal Gobi desert. It is a camel with two hump, which is different from Arabian camel. In addition, there is also Gobi bears that only live in here.

Khovsgol Lake

If you like the beauty of the nature, Mongolia has Lake Khovsgol. It has mountains surrounding that create a magnificent ambience. The scenery are beautiful with green plants around the lake. It was formed nearly three million years ago due to tectonic movements. It is one of the most beautiful and clear lakes in the world and that’s the reason why you should come. You can also play with the horses around the lake while enjoying your time.

Hexigten National Geopark

Hexigten National Geopark is a park designed by UNESCO. The 1750 km park has eight scenic areas. It is in the southern intersection of Greater Xing’an and Yanshan. It features Moulin colonies in the Quaternary period, granite rock forests, geological structures, and volcanic groups. A multi-suburban landform has formed an ecotourism area with meadows, lakes, springs, forests, deserts, rivers, strange rocks and strange hills. It is unique and splendid! This park is one of the popular tourist attractions in Mongolia.

Heritage Sites

Mongolia has only one heritage site that holds a valuable history. After you are satisfied with the places on the list above, you can come to the one and only heritage site in Mongolia.

Orkhon Valley

For the Mongolians, this is a beautiful valley and also a sacred land. The land is included in UNESCO’s list of world cultural heritage. It is also have a nomadic pastoral tradition spanning more than two thousand years. The Orkhon Valley was seen as a symbol of the power of the Stepa Empire for centuries. The first evidence is a stone inscription with a secret inscription made by Bilge Khan. You can find Orkhon waterfall in the valley of Orkhon. The waterfall is in the central region of Mongolia. Moreover, you can see the ruins of the ancient temple on the top of the northern mountain of the Orkhon Valley. The temple provides beautiful scenery and it is the best spot for riding or hiking.

Getaway Destinations

In every country, they would have a reliable tourist destination. In Mongolia there are getaway destinations that can should on your list, such as Ulaanbaatar City, Sukhbaatar Square, and the places below.

Ulaanbaatar City

You can see the glory of the Monolians while you’re in Ulaanbaatar. You can enjoy it from Enkh Taivny Orgon Choloo. The main road that divides the eastern and western cities is full of shops and restaurants. This city looks perfectly blend. A combination of modern and traditional Mongolian culture. The ruins of the monasteries blend along with skyscrapers, and the resident.

Sukhbaatar Square

This is the town square in the middle of Ulaanbaatar.At this place, you can see a statue of a hero named Sukhbaatar and also a statue of Genghis Khan with other Mongol heroes. You should go July. You can see Naadam, the biggest festival in Mongolia.

Typical Food

Food in Mongols are mostly meat and dairy products with different variations in each region. Lamb or mutton is the most favorite meal in Mongolia. In some areas of southern Mongol, people are more likely to eat camel meat meanwhile people in the mountains of northern Mongol often consume meat, yak, and chicken.


This food is made of one whole goat cooked over hot stone, and then they added pieces of red onion with the potatoes inside the body. You should try this one and you can tell me how good it is.


Other popular dishes from the Mongols are Buuz. It is a kind of meat dumplings. You can try Khuushuur, which is pastry or traditional meat pie. If it is not enough, you should try Khorkhog that usually served for guests. In conclusion, the main food of the Mongols is meat.

Those all Mongolia Tourist Attractions above hopefully can satisfy your curiosity about Mongolia Country. This trip would be full of fun and you will not regret it. Happy holiday!