South Korea Tourist Attractions

South Korea Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – South Korea is interesting and fascinating country you have to visit for complete your holiday. There are plenty of beautiful places, because South Korea is a place where traditional and modern destinations and attractions combined. The trip to visit soul Korea will be the best plan ever, because you will be amazed for its history, culture, food, and technology. South Korea tourist attractions will be differed by the categories of natural spots, heritage destinations, and getaway attractions which will be in the below.

Tourism Profile

South Korea is a beautiful country which is in East Asia. This country also occupies the southern land of Korean peninsula which of course directly bordered with North Korea that has a very different government system. South Korea occupies 45% portion of land of Korea Peninsula. If you plan to visit South Korea, you have to pay attention to its climate. It has winter-summer extreme temperature which is cold relatively dry in winter and humid hot in the summer. Seoul is the capital city of this country which is also the most attractive place in South Korea.

Natural Attractions

Asian countries are famous by their beauty of natural sceneries because most of them are bordered directly with some coasts and blessed with some mountains. Especially in South Korea, there are some natural attractions that you can find. The following below are going to be several of them.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is the most famous natural attractions in South Korea which is also known as the “Island of the Gods” that attracts a lot of tourist from around the world to enjoy the amazing view. This island has a similarity of the Hawaiian Islands in the U.S because of its mixture of temperature climate, frequent rains, and volcanic rock. In this island you will be provides some attractions such as riding horses, Jeju Loveland, seeing sunrise and sunset, viewing lava tubes and amazing waterfalls or just simply lying on the beach sand and enjoying the scenery. In Jeju Island also you can find some parks and caves which you can come to explore the nature.

Seoraksan National Park

This national park is located in the highest mountain in the Taebaek mountain range in the province of Gangwon which is Seoraksan Mountain. The better season to visit Seoraksan National Park is autumn, because in autumn you will see the most beautiful color combination in one place. You will see small mountain and rocks in the middle of the yellow and red forest which looks like a beautiful painting! All you have to do is go for a walk and snap the moment in there. In this park also you can find some famous temples like Baekdam-sa.

Heritage Sites

There are plenty of heritage sites in South Korea, since this country is rich in culture and history. There will be some temples and museums you can visit. Here are several of them.

Baekje Historic Areas

This heritage site is one of South Korea’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is located in Iksansi Buyeogun in Jeollabukdo, Gongju-si in Chungcheongnam-do. A lot of tourists are attracted with the fascinating view of the architecture, scenery, culture, and the history of these historic areas. You can see the glamorous of palaces and temples that can carry you back into the past time of Baekje. You can capture the stunning nightscape also besides appreciating the historical value of Baekje Historic Areas. There is also a tomb of the 25th king of Baekje which named Royal Tomb of King Muryeong.

Hwaseong Fortress

Hwaseong Fortress was built in honor of King of the Joseon dynasty’s father’s murder in1794. This huge fortress circles around the city and you have to walk around for about 2-3 hours. You can visit Hwaseong Fortress by taking the Seoul subway system for an hour out of Seoul in Suwon. It is better to take a day trip, because you can see the attractive scenery clearly in the day time. You can find some tower guards around the fortress. They have red and green tone that is the traditional color of Joseon Dynasty. You can also take a picture with them.

Getaway Destinations

Besides, South Korea is famous with its culture and history. This country can also perfectly combine it with some modernity in technology that you can see from its sophisticated buildings in the cities. And, those are categorized in getaway destinations. The following below is going about getaway destinations in South Korea.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

In Dongdaemun Design Plaza you can see the modern side of South Korea by seeing its future design. This place is such a mixture of space ship, design supermarket, and museum all is perfectly combined. You should go here in midnight, where the lamp illuminates the feature of the design and it automatically comes alive. If you like design, you will fall in love with Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Lotte World

Lotte World is a luxury place for the Koreans to go sightseeing, shopping, dining, and riding some attractions. This is the world’s biggest indoor theme park. In this place you can find luxury boutiques, shopping complex, featuring a water park, and many more. This park is located in the south of Han River. You can take the subway system, and stop on its dedicated subway.

Typical Food

South Korea typical food is famous with the dishes rich of spices, and also bright color. Usually it tastes spicy and sour. You have to try some of them while you are in South Korea.


This dish is icon of South Korea cuisine which is the most famous dish. You can find Kimchi in almost every meal you have, because it is a tradition that Koreans hold when serving a meal. This dish is usually made of salted cabbage which is mixed with garlic, fish sauce, hot pepper powder, and other spices. And it looks very red.


Bibimbap is a rice dish which mixed with meat and vegetables. This is also a global recognized healthy food which represents Korean’s belief in harmony. Bibimbap looks very colorful and nicely decorated of rice, vegetables, meat, egg yolk, sauce, and many more.

It is a must that you have to visit South Korea before you die, because this place will give you another experience of enjoying between traditional and modern atmosphere at the same time. Also, you have to try its cuisine which is very iconic with its taste.