Taiwan Tourist Attractions

Taiwan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Travelling is the most enjoyable and exciting activity as far. Many travelers did this as their hobby. One of the most favorite places to go is Taiwan. Taiwan which is a small island nation is a modern with traditional vibes. There are modern cities but still have some traditional attractions.  There are so many Taiwan tourist attractions that spread in each area. If travelers like to go around Taiwan, it is better to visit all the cities in Taiwan. Taipei, Hualien, Tainan, Taichung, Kenting, and Chiayi are the cities that can be visiting while travelers in Taiwan.

Tourism Profile

As tourism profile, Taiwan is one of the major contributor of economy and industries. Besides, Taiwan also becomes the attractions for some travelers. However, the type of tourism in Taiwan is limited. Travelers usually visit Taiwan for medical treatment, visiting relatives, pleasure, business, study, conferences, and even exhibitions. Then, there are two main tourism transportation in Taiwan. The first is International Airport, which is the biggest airport in Taiwan. And tourist can use the Ground Transportation to visit each city. Taoyuan International Airport is the largest airport in Taiwan. Some travelers usually enter via Taotuan International Airport. If travelers want to take public transportation, the Ground transportation is the best choice. There are Kaohsiung MRT and Taipei Metro as the metro system. Another option is the conventional Taiwan Rail. But Taiwan High Speed Rail is the most popular.

Natural Attractions

There are some favorite place for travelers that want to visit natural attraction in Taiwan. With its beautiful scenery, travelers will not regret to visit these places. I’m sure that you will miss these places after you go home. So, here are the best natural attractions in Taiwan that should be in your list.

Sun Moon Lake

For the first is the most popular place for travelers. It is Sun Moon Lake. As its name, Sun Moon Lake has East Side Lake as resemble as a sun. Meanwhile, for the west side of Sun Moon Lake resembles to a moon.  Sun Moon Lake is in Yuchi region. It is the largest lake in Taiwan.

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall is located in Pingxi Dsitric, New Taipei. It has total height of 20 metres with width of 40 metres. Shifen Waterfall is the broadest waterfall in Taiwan. Travelers like to visit this place since it has tremendous scenery.

Guanziling Hot Spring

When traveler want to go or from Chiayi, sometimes they will visit Guanziling Hot Spring. It is located in Guangziling. It is a small village between Yushan and Chiayi in Tainan is. Some people recommend this place as the mud bath which perfectly great for skin. Moreover, there is also water fire cave. It is like a little cave with little flame inside. It might fascinate when travelers visiting this place. After getting in Hot Spring, some travelers also start to visit Biyun Temple in Guanziling. There is an old Chinese rituals. Not only spending time as pleasure but also for learning a culture.

Heritage Sites

There are some potential heritage sites in Taiwan. These places are famous as the most beautiful places. That’s why the travelers should check on this. What are they?

Paiwan & Rukai Settlements of Slate Constructions

For the first place that has potential as the heritage site of Taiwan is Paiwan & Rukai Settlements of Slate Constructions. It is a residential complex which were a communities of aboriginal Paiwan and Rukai. These communities are famous for the caste system. It is a working class, nobility, and the highest royalty. In here, the travelers will learn about history of these communities. Also, travelers also can learn about Paiwan-style slate construction.

Lo-Sheng Sanatorium

Lo-Sheng Sanotarium is located in Taotuan and New Taipei. Historically, Lo-Sheng Sanotarium was built in 1930. It is the only and the first goeverment-run leprosarium in Taiwan. This sanitarium was built by Japanese government as a treat quarantined place for leprosy patient.

Kinmen Battlefield Culture

For learning more history about Taiwan, the travelers also can visit the Kinmen Battlefield Culture. It is a potential heritage site. It is in Outlying Kinmen, particularly in the Southern of Taiwan.

Getaway Destinations

In Taiwan, the travelers also can find some fascinating places as the getaway destinations. These destinations is the perfect places for spending holiday. So, here are the best destinations in Taiwan for those who wants come here.

Taroko National Park

The first recommended place to go is Taroko National Park. It is set in Hualien. Actually, Hualien is the most visited destination for some travelers. It is the greatest place since it has ocean and mountains views which will make everyone relax in this place. Moreover, the travelers will not find any same place with Taroko National Park in other sides of Taiwan.

New Taipei

This place is the highly recommended for travelers who are visiting Taiwan for the first time. Actually, New Taipei is surrounding by Taipei city but is in the outer of this region. In here, travelers will find so many culinary which are only exist in Taiwan.

Typical Food

When visiting other country, trying some typical food is the must to do. As what other travelers do in Taiwan. It will not be completed when the travelers have not trying any kind of food there. There are some food that you should try while here.

Braised Pork Rice

Lurou fan or braised pork with rice is the first recommended food for travelers when visiting Taiwan. It is a minced pork belly which has been cooked with the aromatic five spice of soy sauce.

Beef Noodle

Lin Dong Fang or beef noodles is the famous food in Taiwan. The travelers have to try its greatest and rich taste. There is the most expensive beef noodle soup in the world in Niu Ba ba which is $334.

So, it must be exciting one for visiting Taiwan tourist attractions. Even though Taiwan is famous for medical treatment and business places, there are still many places to go. It is not impossible to visit Taiwan for your holiday.