Myanmar Tourist Attractions

Myanmar Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Myanmar is a country in southeast asia that must be visited, because many tourist attractions are very beautiful. If you are interested to come to Myanmar, here are some listings from Myanmar Tourist Attractions.

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Myanmar Flag
Myanmar Flag

The country which is a Republican state was once known as Burma or Bima. The change of name from Burma to Myanmar was carried out by the junta’s government on June 18, 1989. The military junta changed the name of Burma to Myanmar so that non-Burmese ethnic groups can feel part of the country. However, this name change is not fully adopted by the international community, especially in British. The Unitary Republic of Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia with an area of 680 thousand km². The country has been ruled by a military government since the 1988. The country is a developing nation and has a population of over 50 million. The capital of this country was previously located in Yangon before being transferred by the junta government to Naypyidaw on November 7, 2005.

Natural Attractions

Myanmar provides a lot of choices for Natural Attractions, and here’s two of natural atrractions that you should visit when you come.

Inle Lake

If you want to visit Inle Lake, come especially in October and September because in those two months there is Festival Hpaung Daw U or Buddhist festival. The highlight of this festival is the footballs racing as well as the royal gold barge parade. In addition, these waters are known as fishing areas that become the main livelihoods of local people. Uniquely, the fishermen are rowing their boats with legs used as paddlers while catching fish. Visitors are charged $ 10 to get into the lake area.

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach has a coastline that stretches about 3 kilometers. Located in Rakhine State District, in front of this beach the tourists will be able to see the ocean that waves calm with the color of the blue sea rather green. A location called Bay of Bengal can also be explored when it comes to Ngapali Beach. There are many things to do on this beach as well as in the surrounding area, such as sunbathing, walking around the beach, wooden boating to wade waters along with local fishermen who can sometimes be guides. If interested, local fishermen will take you to explore the small islands in the Bay of Bengal opposite Ngapali Beach. Visitors only need to pay for $ 5 thousand to be able to enjoy the beach with a million of this charm.

Heritage Sites

When you come to Myanmar you can travel and learn at the same time by visiting some of heritage sites. Here’s the lists of heritage sites in Myanmar

Began Tample

Bagan is known as a temple area in which there is an ancient palace with many pagodas. Because the location is quite large, it will make you tired when having to walk on foot. Therefore, do not hesitate to hire a cart or horse to accompany you in exploring the region. There is also a hot air balloon that can also be climbed in order to be satisfied around in this area so that all the ancient relics can be seen from above. Visitors are charged a fee of $ 20 to be admitted to visit the various pagodas within it, $ 5 if visiting the archaeological museum and for visitors interested to enter the Bagan Tower charged $10.

Kakakku Pagoda

Kakakku pagoda is a place that has the charm of thousands of pagodas. From Inle Lake, tourists only need to travel for 2 hours to be able to reach this one location. In this complex is known there are about 2,400 pagodas extraordinary. If you want to know more about the history behind the pagoda, please hire a guide to accompany you to explore the complex. Because not too crowded visitors, then this place is fitting for those who want to vacation in a quiet place but has a beautiful panorama. Visitors are charged an entrance fee of $8.

Getaway Destinations

Getaway in Myanmar will become a good choice when you know the good place to visit. This the recommendation place when you want to get some vacation in Myanmar.

Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Hill is located in the northern part of Mandalay whose peak is known to have a height of about 230 meters above the plain. When it reaches its peak, visitors can feel as much as the beautiful city of Mandalay, lakes below and  the perfect panorama of the vast Mandalay Palace complex can be captured by our eyes. If you are interested to make a documentation, it would be beter if you come on a sunny day, especially after the rain to get good results. From this place the tourists can also watch the sunset as long as it comes around 5 pm. Visitors are charged $ 5 to be able to spend time at this Mandalay Hill.

Golden Rock Pagoda

In Burma, there is an interesting pagoda for tourists to visit, the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or better known as the Golden Rock Pagoda. Because it is located at the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo, the pagoda is named after the name of the mountain. This one tourist object is reputedly perched on a Buddha hair. Its uniqueness can certainly be seen, its equilibrium equal to against gravity. Visitors are charged $ 6 to visit this place.

Typical food

When you come to new country, you will want to taste the typical food from that place. Here’s the list for typical food from Myanmar.


The first typical food from Myanmar that you should try when you come to visit this country is Mohinga.This dish is touted as Myanmar’s unofficial national dish. Usually eaten as breakfast, the form of soup with fish broth is served with warm, so it is not too hot to eat.


The other typical Myanmar food to be tested while visiting is Ngapi. Ngapi is a fermented fish or shrimp widely used in the southern and western regions of Myanmar. Ngapi this can be used as a spice or can be mixed with rice. Like most dishes, there are regional version of this food. And you should understand that each location has different taste and shape of ngapi.

That is all about Myanmar Tourist Atracctions, hope this can help you when you want to come Myanmar. Enjoy your Trip!