Thailand Tourist Attractions

Thailand Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Thailand is a royal state in the center of Southeast Asia. Thailand or Muangthai, is also famous as The White Elephant State. Muangthai is taken from the name of one of the tribes there, the Thai tribe. Thailand itself means a free country or a state that is never colonized.  Every year, about 6 million foreign tourists visit this country, which is incredible.

Thailand is home to the world’s longest hotel, the largest crocodile pond, the longest one-hour suspension bridge, the largest restaurant and the world’s largest golden Buddha. Thailand has a friendly tropical climate, with spring from March to May, and despite the rainy season, but still plenty of sunshine from June to September, and winter from October to February. The hospitality of the people, the culture and the uniqueness of the country, is a specialty of Thailand tourist attractions.

Tourism Profile

Thailand Flag
Thailand Flag

Bangkok is the capital of this country which is a destination in Asia. In 2005, more than 11 million foreign tourists visited the city. Bangkok was once called the “Venice of the East” because the original building stands on the Chao Phraya River. This country is bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. North of Thailand bordering Myanmar and Laos, on the north it is filled with mountainous land and full of vast forests. The eastern part is a high land, and the southern part is a vast alluvium land to the peninsular of Malaysia.

Natural attractions

Thailand is full of history and natural attractions that attempting. Both tourists love the palace and temple, ancient ruins and animals, islands and forests, there are many things to see in this fascinating country.

Pattaya City

In this city you can find various sights. The natural destination you should visit is Pattaya beach. This beach is very beautiful and certainly visited by tourists if to Thailand. Pattaya is a small town along the Gulf of Thailand. Spanning for three kilometers, Relaxing at Pattaya beach provides an area for sunbathing all day and swimming while enjoying a variety of water sports. In Pattaya, there is also Floating Market. According to the public, this is the best and largest floating market in Thailand. The price is cheap and the quality of the fruit is really good.

Mekong River

The Mekong River is the 12th longest river in the world. The river is also categorized as the 7th longest in Asia, flowing through six countries: Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand and Laos. The Mekong River is utilized by Thai people for their daily needs such as in fisheries, transportation, and also as a tourist area.

Heritage Sites

Thailand only has one heritage sites, that is Ban Chiang. It is an archaeological site in the Nong Han district of Udon Thani province, Thailand. Ban Chiang village is awarded with a view of World Heritage sites in the form of settlements and the Bronze Age grave from about 2100 BC. In Ban Chiang found evidence of an important stage in cultural, social and technological evolution of man. This site presents the earliest evidence of agriculture in the region and from the manufacture and use of metals.

When you are here you will return to the archaeological view that existed in the past about technology in ancient Asia. Ban Chiang is an important prehistoric treasure of human civilization and is considered to be very complete and intact ever found in a world located in Southeast Asia.

Getaway Destinations

Bangkok has a lot of place that wait for you. It is one of the favorite tourist city of International people. There are any tourist gateway destinations in Bangkok. In addition to going to Buddhist temples, like Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Bangkok is also famous as a cheap shopping paradise, nightlife, and culinary tour.

The Royal Grand Palace

The Royal Grand Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangkok that built in 1782 and is one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions, and has become a symbol and icon of Bangkok. Building of The Grand Palace has a basement of labyrinth of the royal hall, temples and ancient relics. The most valuable buildings here are Phra Kaeo Wat, the Emerald Buddhist temple. Inside this temple there is a relic of a piece of bone or hair from Buddha.

Madame Tussauds

It’s the same one that you can find in London, or any other cities in the world. It is a wax museum has a diverse collection of waxy statues with similarity levels that resemble real humans.

Wat Pra Keaw Bangkok

This temple is the most important temple in Thailand. Its location is still in downtown Bangkok. When you enter the temple you will get a very nice view and magnificent. There is also a royal museum in the area of the temple. This temple is one of the main attractions of the tourist attractions in Thailand.

Typical Food

Rice is the staple food and Thai cuisine is very spicy or sour. Usually includes many vegetables with fish, pork, or chicken. Fish sauce and chili paste are the main ingredients in Thai cuisine. Tropical fruits are also part of the Thai dish.

Tom Yum

Tom Yum Gung is the most typical food of Thai cuisine. The composition is combination of seafood like crunchy shrimp, and some stuffing that is very tempting. Tom Yum also uses lime juice to taste sour. Not only tart, Tom Yum is salty, spicy, and tastes very fresh in mouth.

Kha Niew Ma Muang

Thai typical food this one is the cover menu aka dissert. Kha Niew Ma Muang is a dessert champion for Thais. So, that tourists often looking for this typical Thai food. Kha Niew Ma Muang is Ketan (sticky rice), it comes with fresh mango chunks and sweet coconut cream. Khao niew ma muang you can also enjoy when you look for snack before finally eat more heavy dishes.

Actually there are still many Thailand tourist attractions. Hopefully some of destination references above may help you when you have a chance to travel to Thailand.