Timor Leste Tourist Attractions

Timor Leste Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Are you looking for a tropical adventure destination? Then, Timor Leste is the most perfect place. Timor Leste is a fascinating destination with its beautiful beaches and rich culture. So, you can feel an exclusive vacation when you come to the country that ever joined with Indonesia.  Here’s the lists of Timor Leste tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

Tourism Profile

Timor Leste Flag
Timor Leste Flag

Timor Leste, formerly Timor-Timor, once colonized by Portugal in 16th century. It is a small nation that had joined Indonesian in 1976. However, BJ Habibie that was president at that time granting a referendum Secession to Timor Leste. As the result, they choose to separate from Indonesia and create its own state. On 20 May 2002, the State of Timor Leste was formally established. A few months later on 27 September 2002, Timor Leste was accepted as a member of the United Nations. It makes Timor Leste become the youngest countries in the world. Even this country still holds tight to Indonesian and Portuguese influence.

Natural Attractions

Timor Leste provides a lot of natural attractions that you can’t reject. There are some the most natural attractions that you can enjoy in Timor Leste. Below are recommended natural attractions for you.

White sand beach

This beach is called white sand beach because of its white sand. The location was not far from the statue of Cristo Rei. Here visitors can take a bath and enjoy the beauty of the beach. You can also hang out while quality time with friends and family. Similar to other destinations, white sand beach is the most visited during the holiday season.

Dolok-oan beach

When we are at the top of the hill of the statue of Cristo Rei and look eastward, there is a beach with white sand, trees and beautiful landscape. The beach is Dolok Oan beach which are not much different from the white sand beach. The clear sea water on this beach is perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Heritage Sites

Colonized by Portugal makes Timor Leste has many heritage sites. For the tourists who want to know about the history of this country, they can come to visit these places. Here’s the lists of some of heritage sites in Timor Leste.

Cristo Rei (Statue of Christ the King)

The statue was inaugurated on October 15, 1996 by President Soeharto. It is the 2nd highest statue of Christ in the world with 27 meters high after Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. It was built in 1996 as a symbol of East Timor’s integration into Indonesia, a 27-meter high statue symbolizing the entry of East Timor into Indonesia’s 27th province.

The Christ the King statue was built in Timor Leste considering that most of the people of East Timor were Catholic. In addition, to functioning as a place of worship, this location also stands on a hill with a stretch of white sandy beach. It makes visitors feel at home for long enjoy the beauty of Cristo Rei.

Pope John Paul Statue

Pope John Paul had visited East Timor on October 12, 1989 before the country became independent. To commemorate his arrival, the government of Timor Leste made a replica of the statue of Pope John Paul II in 2007. In addition to serving as a place of pilgrimage, this location is available as the tourist attraction because the location is close to the lake Tasi Tolu in Dili.

The old city of Baucau

In the Portuguese period, Baucau City was named as Vila Salazar according to the Portuguese dictator’s name which controlled Baucau named Antonio de Oliviera Salazar. Formerly, Baucau Town was the center of activity of the Portuguese government in the amasa. Here you can find some colonial buildings in Portuguese times, such as market and hotel. Baucau is also the second largest city after Dili. The beautiful scenery is accompanied by the public and private infrastructure of the Portuguese government.

Getaway Destinations

There are some of getaway destinations in Timor Leste that can be an option for the tourists to visit. Here’s the lists of getaway destinations for your next trip.

Jaco Island

Jaco Island is a small island located at the end of Timor Leste, precisely in the district of Lautem. To go to this island, the visitor should pay US $10 per person by boarding a fishing boat. Cool, clear water, breezy sea breeze, and its soft white sand grain makes visitors comfortable on Jaco island. Here visitors can freely swim and enjoy the beauty underwater of Jaco Island. Various fish species are colorful and turtles live naturally on this island.

Mount Ramelau

Mount Ramelau is in the district of Ainaro, which is the highest mountain in the State of Timor Leste. Besides having extraordinary beauty, at the top of Mount Ramelau there is also a statue of Our Lady. The average temperature is 18.1 degrees and maximum up to 22.8 degrees.

Typical Food

The typical of Timor Leste food is heavily similar with the Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic and Chinese. It makes the typical meal which is rich in taste. So, when you come to visit Timor Leste, never misses to try the  delicious food there. Here’s the list of the foods that you shouldn’t miss!


It is typical of Timor Leste cuisine. It is usually famous as the red nuts. This cuisine, among the Timorese themselves, is very famous. Almost the people in Timor Leste  can cook it because this cuisine are tasty and nutritious. The price for one portion of Koto is very cheap, only Rp 10,00,0- per portion. It is including with one Koto bowl and a plate of rice.

Carne Assada

Carne arsada is a typical Timor Leste food derived from buffalo meat that is roasted. Sweet taste sour generated from these foods make the taste of this food to be unique. Although it has a lot of fat content, but this culinary is quite nutritious. So, it would not hurt to cheat this meal during a visit to Timor Leste


Caldeirada is a food not to be missed during a visit to timor leste. The taste will make you want to try it again and again. Caldeirada is a stew from beef or goat with tomato sauce that can be a choice when you feel hungry in your vacation.

That is all about Timor Leste Tourist Attractions. Timor Leste can your holliday destination because many places are here to explore. Don’t forget to visit all of the places when you have one chance to come to Timor Leste.