Armenia Tourist Attractions

Armenia Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – You might not too feel familiar with the name of Armenia and don’t ever consider it as travel destination. For those who love to stroll around the country to discover the old story of Eastern European life, Armenia is the best place you have. Take a look at this list of tourist attractions in Armenia. It might change your mind as soon as possible.

As a part of a former Soviet state, Armenia still struggles for years to build the economic sector. However, in 2012, the number of European and Middle Eastern tourists increase which affect the volume of inbound tourism in Armenia then soon followed by foreign tourists.

Tourism Profile

Armenia Flag
Armenia Flag

Interesting facts about Armenia tourism profile is their declaration as christian country made the religious value of various Armenian heritage sites being more attractive. Here, you can find many monasteries with its beauty. Moreover, the background of Mount Ararat gives additional charm to this small country.

Natural attractions

If you are the one who loves to become one with nature, Armenia natural attractions won’t disappoint you. Not only the beauty of the Mount Ararat as the background of this country but when you travel around, and you will find these beautiful places too.

Dilijan National Park

From 4 national parks in Armenia, Dilijan National Park is considered as the most beautiful one. Established in 2002, you can find several important cultural attractions in this park such as Goshavank Monastery, Haghartsin monastery, Matosavank Monastery, Akhnabat church, and also JukhtakVank. You can also get to learn that this park is known for its water springs that contain with rich mineral water.

Lake Sevan

Due to its magnificent lake, the town of Sevan is very popular among tourists, especially in the summer. Lake Sevan is also called as the Pearl of Armenian nature. This lake is located at 1,900 m that look like the waters are about touching the sky. It is the reason why it is considered as one of the highest lakes in the world. You can enjoy some activities during your visit here like take a cruise on a catamaran or yacht, BBQ party, order delicious fish dishes or just walk around to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Symphony of Stones

When you visit a beautiful canyon called Garni gorge in Kotayk region, you can find its unique basalt columns. Due to geological processes, the cliff walls formed natural, symmetrical columns called as the symphony of stones. If you look at the canyon from afar, you can see a beautiful cliff walls sound like a natural giant organ.

Heritage Sites

Armenia is a home for a plenty of heritage sites that serve a deeply religious and historical story. Get a broader knowledge of Armenian history by visiting these sites.

Tatev Monastery

In the Syunik province, you can get to visit an ancient monastery in the mountain perch, Tatev monastery. It used to be the fortress then housed for 100 monks before turned into a tourist attraction. To reach this place, you can go through a rock gorge riding the longest cable car or a gondola to get the more scenic route. Once in the peak, you can see a fantastic view of the valley and mountain ranges from all directions.

Karahunj or ZoratsKarer

Still, in Syunik region, there is another beautiful heritage site called as Karahunj or ZoratsKarer. It is an army stone that known as one of the oldest megalithic sites in Armenia which have a fascinating shape. Located at 1,770 m on a plateau, you can discover more than 200 stones that on each stone have 5cm-diameter holes. Karahunj now also becomes the best observatory spot for star watching.


Located at the Mount Ararat foot, KhorVirap offers a spectacular view of the surroundings very near to the mountain. This Monastery is the most visited pilgrimage site in the country. However, this site has been experiencing several renovations and expanded over the years since the first built in 642 AD.

Getaway Destinations

Don’t want to finish your trip in Armenia yet? There are more places to explore here.

The City of Yerevan

If you love to stroll around the city, Yerevan is a great antique city to explore more. As the largest town in Armenia, you will find a genuinely historical attraction in the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Levon’s Amazing Underground World. Or climb to Cascade, a giant stairway in Yerevan to see a monument that keeps the story of Soviet victory of Second World War. There is also Hrazdan gorge, an aqueduct bridge, to cross the Hrazdan river. More to know, Yerevan is also known as the City of Cafes which the best place to sit while enjoying a cup of coffee. Then, visit Vernissage flea market is worth to buy some local handicrafts.

Jermuk, the Spring Town

Jermuk is another place that worth to get a visit in Armenia. In this town, you can find more than 40 thermal spring that offer healing mineral waters. In Gallery of Water, you can even get a taste of the mineral waters for free. Don’t miss Jermuk Waterfall, the second largest waterfall off in Armenia with 70m in height.


Echmiadzin is a city located 20 km away from Yerevan. For those want to learn about Armenia’s religious history, this town is the central home for Christianity since 301 AD. The main attraction is Echmiadzin Cathedral that built to commemorate the first adoption of Christian in the country.

Typical Food

Complete your journey to get a taste of Armenia’s best dishes. Their authentic foods show how strong the influences of history in their culinary. Don’t worry; your stomach won’t be left empty.


Dolma or tolma is one of popular traditional food in Armenia which must-learned by Armenian girl before getting married. The look is unique because it is wrapped in grape leaves. In every bite, you can taste the mix of minced meat with various veggies and herbs and rice then served along with white sauce from mats and garlic. There are two types of dolma include summer dolma, a dolma with meat, and pass dolma, a meatless one. In every 16th May, there is a festival of dolma where the chefs compete to make this dish, and you can taste them as you wish.

Gata bread

When you make culinary trip in Armenia, you will find big round bread with unique decoration on it called Gata. This Armenian dessert is usually served along with coffee or tea. The sweet taste from the sugar filling inside its soft dough is the perfect dessert for those who love sweetness. However, there are various types of Gata like the circular Gata from Garni or rhombus Gata from Sevan region. Enjoy the festival of Gata in October!

There are still lots of popular Armenian typical dishes such as churchkhela, fruit lavash, khorovats, khash, spas, and many more to treat your mouth.

Armenia is a small country which has different hidden beauty inside that worth to explore more. There are no single tourist attractions in Armenia that will disappoint your holiday trip. So, book your flight ticket to Armenia now!