Azerbaijan Tourist Attractions

Azerbaijan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Talking about traveling, Azerbaijan has lots of things to offer. There are loads of great Tourist Attractions in Azerbaijan are ideal to visit. Bordered with Mt. Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is very rich of its natural beauties. The historical places in Azerbaijan are also worth visiting if you are interested in learning its cultures and histories. Otherwise, several getaway spots are ready to complete your trip. While having the vacation in Azerbaijan, make sure to taste its particular food. It surely will make your trip unforgettable!

Tourism Profile

Azerbaijan Flag
Azerbaijan Flag

Azerbaijan is the biggest country in the region of Caucasus. It has about 86.600 kilometers area with the population around 9 million people. Azerbaijan consists of 77 cities, and Baku is the largest town in Azerbaijan with over 2.000 million residents. In Azerbaijan, people here commonly speak in its official language, Azerbaijani. However, some languages of ethnic minorities like Armenian, Avar, Kurdish, Russian, Talysh and so forth still used in several regions. Here, for the religion, almost 97% people are Shia Muslims, and Sunni Muslims and the rest are Christians.

Natural attractions

Natural attractions in Georgia are fantastic to visit. It offers stunning landscape and peaceful atmosphere. Here we provide you the four big natural beauties that highly recommended visiting while in Azerbaijan!

Lake Göy göl

Göy göl Lake, Azerbaijan natural attractions
Göy göl Lake

If you need something wild and peaceful at the same time, try to visit Lake Goygol in Ganja. This wildlife area offers superb nature and landscape. Enjoy a more fantastic view of this beautiful lake from the veranda of nearby restaurant or sightseeing tower. This place is very crowded on weekends, so visiting this place on weekdays is a great option.

Mud Volcanoes

Volcanoes Mud, Azerbaijan natural attractions
Mud Volcanoes

In Azerbaijan, there are over 250 mud volcanoes that can be enjoyed in this beautiful country. This mud volcano located in Qobustan. Here, there are lots of varieties of clay with different size and shape. The mud here has the cold and soft texture which is safe to touch. Not only enjoying mud volcanoes, but you also can enjoy seeing the magnificent of Caspian Sea from the hill.

Yanar Dag

Yanar Dag, Azerbaijan natural attractions
Yanar Dag

Yanar Dag is legendary geological sites in Baku. This place has an amazing view that will hypnotize everyone who sees it. This burning mountain has the fire that always burns for decades. It truly an exclusive phenomenon of Baku that must be visited!

Hunot Canyon

Hunot Canyon, Azerbaijan natural attractions
Hunot Canyon

Located in Nagorno-Karabakh this place is ideal for the hikers. Hunot Canyon offers a very peaceful atmosphere of its incredible nature. Enjoy swimming in the waterfall, or camping near the canyon.

Heritage Sites

When traveling in Azerbaijan, make sure you learn something new of its culture. Through heritages sites in Azerbaijan, you can get both knowledge and fun at the same time. Many heritage sites in Azerbaijan highly recommended visiting, here is some of it!

Palace of the Shirvanshahs

This old castle is situated in Baku. When it was built in the 15th century, this castle had impressive architecture with elegant design. Here, you can learn lots of things from its exquisite artifacts. It is great walking around the palace.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

For you who are interested in textile, design, or craft, this must be on your to-do list! This amazing carpet museum offers lots of information about Azerbaijan carpets history. Here, you also can see people making carpet using their hands in real! This place is a bliss of Azerbaijan carpets!


This famous fire temple is located in Baku. There is a fire which always burning for many years. Here, you can learn a mixed history of Zoroastrian. This temple was used by Zoroastrian to worship the fire.

Sheki Khan’s Palace

This place is so ordinary from the outside. However, you will find amazing architecture as you are walking inside this palace. It has truly breathtaking designs, especially for its multicolored window. When visiting this place, it will be so much better to have the tour guide.

Getaway Destinations

Besides offering pretty natural beauties and amazing historical places, Azerbaijan still has some great places to complete your journey! These places below can be the perfect getaway destinations in Azerbaijan!

Baku Boulevard

Baku Boulevard becomes one of the landmarks in Neftchilar. You can learn about Azerbaijan cultures from its old architecture. It is really perfect for walking in warm and windy weather. You also can enjoy cycling, jogging, or roller-skating here. Otherwise, you can enjoy sightseeing of the Caspian Sea and Flame Towers.

Flame Towers

Flame Towers is another famous touristy place in Azerbaijan. It is located in Mehd Huseyn near the Baku Boulevard. This place has the greatest view at night while it has beautiful and colorful light.

Tatik u Papik

A getaway destination with the unique name is Tatik or Papik which means Grandmother and Grandfather. This monument becomes a symbol of Nagorno Karabagh or Free Artsakh. Built in 1967, this statue becomes independence symbol in Azerbaijan.

Baku National Stadium

For the sports lovers, Baku National Stadium can be an alternative destination! This sparkling stadium has the stunning architecture with modern design. If lucky enough, you also can enjoy some football match here.

Typical Food

Your trip in Azerbaijan will not be perfect without trying its unique food. Do not miss your big time without tasting typical food in Azerbaijan! These delicious Azerbaijan foods must be on the list!


Halva becomes one of famous dessert in Azerbaijan. There are two kinds of halva actually, the grain flour and nut butter. Here, halva is commonly made of chopped nuts. It is made of a wafer then it dripped with honey.


Piti is special soup in Azerbaijan which is made of mutton. This traditional soup is cooked together with some veggies and cherry plums. The delicious taste of Piti comes from Azerbaijan special spices, saffron, and dried mint sowing.


Just like other kabab in some countries, Lyula-kabab is grilled minced mutton. The mutton is seasoned with special spices then shaped just like a sausage. Lyula-kabab typically served together with onions and veggies.

Kufta bozbash

Another soup that must be tried while in Azerbaijan is Kufta bozbash. It is pea soup that is made of lamb meat and poached potato. What makes it different is the lamb that combined with rice then it shaped into the meatballs.

There are actually lots of Tourist Attractions in Azerbaijan that worth visiting. Azerbaijan inevitably becomes a great country for a holiday and learns something new at the same time. You can be blissful, get knowledge, and satisfied in this beautiful country.