Cyprus Tourist Attractions

Cyprus Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Cyprus is a small island in middle-east. This island includes into popular island among international tourist. Tourist attractions in Cyprus are fascinating and offer so much enjoyment. Cyprus is also known as a birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. She is the most beautiful and romantic ancient Greece goddess. Aphrodite supposedly sacrificed his whole life with all suffering merely to protect women. With all the legends and interesting sights, Cyprus becomes the first choice for tourists who want to vacation.

Tourism Profile

Cyprus Flag
Cyprus Flag

Cyprus is located in the eastern of the Mediterranean. The main purpose tourist comes to Cyprus is because of the fantastic beaches and the historical relics. Cyprus also nominated as the most safety country for tourist attraction based on an online survey of Safer Tourist Platform. Many guarantee tourist security. The historical relics are almost scattered throughout the island. They are very well maintained, and the entry ticket is quite cheap. The other beauties are magnificent mosques. Moreover, the traditional village is fascinated and holds the peaceful impression.

Natural attractions

Cyprus is visited by tourist all around the world because of its natural attractions. Here is the most popular natural tourism in Cyprus.

Agia Napa

Agia Napa is a major tourist attraction introduced by Cyprus. It is a travel place located in the east of Cyprus with the beach as the favorite attractions for the tourists. The most famous beaches in Agia Napa are Nissi Beach, the beach overlooking to the eastern of Mediterranean Sea.

Akamas Peninsula

Akamas Peninsula is a reserve area stretching along the west coast of Cyprus. In this forest, you can find sea turtles that storing their eggs; you can also take a picture of endemic lilies that are only on this island. Akamas Peninsula is home to over 150 bird species. Also, you can start tracking, camping, and hunt wild birds.

Cyprus Nature Trail

Cyprus Nature Trail is the right choice for tracking lovers. Cyprus provides two kinds track that can be trough by, depends on the difficulties. Konnos can be chosen for a beginner. By walking around Konnos area, you can enjoy the view of the ocean from the cliff. But there is a hard track, Troodos forest, which is the highest mountain in Cyprus. In winter, this mountain will be covered with snow, making it the most popular ski destination.

Heritage Sites

Cyprus has at least three places which nominated by UNESCO as heritage sites. All these places can be options for you when visiting Cyprus.

Paphos Town

Paphos town is believed as the city where Aphrodite born. This city keeps several historical sites such as Sanctuary of Aphrodite. A sanctuary is a holy place for the people who believe in ancient Greek mythology. Another place is you can go to the Paphos mosaic, in there you can find the ruins of a Villa or folk houses which have an artistic mosaic floor. This mosaic is enamoring and wonderful. Most of the mosaic depicted the Greek mythology scenes.


Coirokitia is the remains of permanent residential of the first folk in Cyprus. It located in Valley area named the Maroni. Choirokoitia is stretched at the foot of the hills of Troodos massif. In present days, Coirokitia is reconstruction the ruins of the building.

Troodos painted churches

Troodos painted churches are located in Troodos massif. In here, you can see the beautiful and enchanting villages with many artistic painted churches. You can try entry one of churches named Archangelos Michail, and you will feel amazed with all the painting. The painted wall, ceilings, floors, and other elements are high-valued and captivate.

Getaway Destinations

If all those places not enough to fulfill your curiosity about Cyprus, the other getaway destinations below may help you to find an interesting place.

Cape Greco

This place is the best choices for you who want the escape from the crowded. From here, you can enjoy the panorama of Agia Napa. So, for you who visited Agia Napa or Nissi beach don’t forget to come here to take a picture with a beautiful view.

The Ancient Salamis

This place is glorious with all the high marble pillars. It located in the northern of Cyprus; it is not difficult to be reached from Nicosia (the capital city of Cyprus).

Cyprus Museum

Cyprus Museum collects many old things. You can find hundreds the statues from the Aphrodite sanctuary. You also will see the mosaic floor which hangs on the wall of the museum. There is a library in the museum, functions to studying more about the collection in the museum.

Typical Food

The typical foods in Cyprus are meze and halloumi. Meze is known not only in Cyprus, but also in the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, to Eastern Europe. Halloumi is not just ordinary cheese, but it’s still taste delicious. It’s one of the national pride in Cyprus.

  1. Meze is an appetizer or vegetarian snack from meat and fish. It served with vegetable salad, plus feta cheese (soft cheese) and sweet bread, eaten with four kinds of sauce plus black olives and raw salted squid pieces. Almost all restaurants in Cyprus offer meze as one of their menus.
  2. As told before that Halloumi is not ordinary cheese. White cheese that is not damaged texture when exposed to high temperatures. Halloumi is unique because it does not melt when cooked, like any other cheese. There are various ways to enjoy halloumi, which is fried, baked, or cooked a la barbecue. Then, can also add halloumi on vegetable salad.

Thus all the tourist attractions in Cyprus are mesmerizing and attempting to be visited. Besides, this island is very safe for tourists. Cyprus Government tightens the limits of alcohol use for new drivers. This policy is expected to reduce the number of accidents caused by careless drivers due to drunkenness. During the holiday season, Cyprus puts many ambulances in the tourist areas that crowded with visitors both day and night. Moreover, lifeguard working hours also added especially during the busy summer holidays.