Egypt Tourist Attraction

Egypt Tourist Attraction

Asia Tourism – Egypt is very popular with ancient and magnificent civilization attractions where ancient Egyptian civilization is in the northeastern part of Africa. Egypt not only has a tourist attraction in the form of buildings or ancient monuments. Some of them are included into the most beautiful scenery in the other world. Below are the list of Tourist Atractions in Egypt.

Tourism Profile

Egypt Flag
Egypt Flag

In 6,000 years ago Egypt is a country that has a civilization. They knew it as Agypte or kingdom Fir aun. Based on astronomical location, Egypt is located between 22 ° LU-31,5 LU° and 25 BT° -36 BT°. While geofrafically, Egypt is located in the northern part of the African Continent between the red sea and the middle sea and has an area of ​​± 1,500,000 km2. Egypt is a country in Africa which has the second most populous population after Nigeria. In 1991 the number of Egyptians ± 54,451,000 inhabitants with an average population density of 140 per mile with a population growth rate of 3%. Most of the population lives in the Nile basin and 4% live in the city. Most of the Egyptian population is Muslim and others are Christian. The people also call the Christian as Kopta.

Natural Attractions

Visit some natural attractions to fresh your mind from the daily routine is a good choice. And you can come to Egypt to see the natural attractions there. Here’s the list of natural attractions:

Red Sea

The Red Sea is a bay west of the Arabian Peninsula that separates the Asian continent from Africa. From the scientific explanation says that the red color on the surface appears due to the growing Trichodesmium erythraeum.

Egypt, The Red Sea
The Red Sea

There is also an explanation that his name comes from a mountain rich in minerals in the vicinity and red. Here you can do diving or snorkeling. The waters of the Red Sea have a stunning panorama. It has a vast stretch of coral reef that becomes home to a wide variety of marine biota.

Nile River

This river has been in Egypt since ancient times. The Nile bears witness to the history of Egyptian civilization, almost all Egyptian cruise ships crossing this cozy and beautiful river to reach the cities of Egypt. If you want a different sensation in adventure exploring the Nile, you can ride the Felucca Ship.

Egypt, Nile River
Nile River

This ship is a kind of sailing ship that has been used since thousands of years ago. Although not as comfortable as traveling with luxury cruises, but traveling with this ancient ship provides new experience and sensation.

Heritage sites

When you come to Egypt, there will be a lot of heritage sites that can be your choice to visit. Here’s the lists of heritage sites in Egypt.

Egyptian Museum

The building has two floors with a collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities that reach 120,000 pieces. Looking on the ground floor you can see a collection of coins made of different metals including silver, gold, bronze and papyrus in various languages spoken by the ancient Egyptians. As for the collection on the first floor there are artifacts from the Valley of the Kings and the artifacts from two generations of the ancient Egypt are also there. There is the tomb of Tutankhamen and royal mummy room whose contents are 27 mummies from the time of the kingdom of Pharaoh.

The Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Giza are famous for their beauty in the world. Its location is on the southwest bank of Cairo. This one tourist place never escaped the tourist visits and became one of the must-visit locations when on holiday to Egypt.

This pyramid was built for 3 generations. The Khufu pyramid reaches a height of 139 meters or 455 feet as the first developtment stage. This pyramid became the largest pyramid building in Egypt.

Geaway Destinations

It is not enough to just visit heritage sites and natural attractions in Egypt because there are still alot of choices place to visit when you come to Egypt.


Dahab is a small village on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Previously, Dahab was known as the Bedouin Tribal fishing village and this place is an isolated coastal village, located approximately 85 km north of Sharm El Sheikh in the Gulf of Aqaba. Since 1980, Besides popular as a place to surf, Scuba and Snorkeling. This location becomes a place to relax and hang out hippie. A wide range of activities that we can do when traveling to Dahab include camel riding, windsurfing, and adventure with a jeep ride.

Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square is a large public square in downtown Cairo, Egypt. The square was originally named Midan Ismaileyya. After the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, the square became increasingly known as Tahrir Square or freedom. But it did not officially change its name until the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 that transformed Egypt from a constitutional monarchy into a republic. There was a protest against President Hosni Mobarak on 25 January 2011. As the result, the square symbolize as the historical part of the contry. There were at least 50,000 people who protested gathered in Tahrir Square.The square is the northern end of Qasr al-Ayn Street, the western tip of Talaat Harb Street, and Qasr el-Nil Street whose direct southern access passes through the Qasr al-Nil Bridge that crosses the Nile.

Typical Food

Like other eastern foods, Egypt has a salty taste with strong spices. But for desserts, Egypt prefers a sweet taste. This are some typical Egyptian foods that you should try when you come to Egypt.

Isyh Bread

Isyh bread is the staple food of Egyptian society because it is cheaper. It tastes like fresh bread, just denser and more tasty. Isyh which has a diameter of 15 cm has a cheap price. A plastic bag containing 10 breads is only 1.5 – 2 Egypt Pounds. When you eat this bread in restaurant, you will get it free. Just like any other bread, you can eat the Isyh bread in many ways. This dish has a flavor that tends to bland and slightly acidic and soft texture.

Fatir Bread

This bread is usually enjoyed at breakfast for Epyptian. The flavor of this bread can be very tasty and sweet. Plus it has a crisp texture on the outside and soft inside. You should try Fatir bread with several choices of black honey sauce, including honey, and a kind of peanut butter. It will make the bread tastes salty and rich of flavors. What’s interesting about making this fatir bread is the stove. They make it from stone and has large size.

That’s all the recommendation about Egypt Tourist Attractions. Now, you know where to go and what to eat in Egypt. Hope this can be a good recommendation.