Georgia Tourist Attractions

Georgia Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Traveling to other countries always becomes an exciting activity. When it comes to traveling, people commonly will pick Europe countries as the destination. Georgia which is situated in Eastern Europe offers great places to visit. It is a heaven to the magnificent view of natural beauties and amazing architecture of historic places. Also, loads of delicious Georgian culinary surely worth trying! You indeed will fall in love with beautiful Tourist Attractions in Georgia!

Tourism Profile

Georgia Flag
Georgia Flag

Georgia becomes a country which is familiar with its amazing natural beauties. Precisely, Georgia is situated in Eurasia, yet some it is more attractive as the part of Eastern Europe countries. You surely fall in love with Georgia where it is shaped by rivers, meadows, mountains, forests, and also valleys. Georgia itself is divided into several regions like Kartili, Rioni, Kakheti, Northwestern and Southwestern Georgia, and Samtskhe-Javakheti. Those areas consist of some cities i.e. Batumi, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Borjomi, Mtskheta, Telavi, Gori, and Sukhumi. In Georgia, over 3.7 million people live in this beautiful country. People here mostly speak in Georgian in their daily conversation. However, about 7% of them can make a speech in Russian.

Natural attractions

When having the trip in other countries, people typically visit its a nature attraction. Georgia which is very famous of its natural beauties has lots of unusual places to visit. Here are breathtaking natural attractions in Georgia that must be on the list.

Mount Kazbek

On winter, this amazing mountain is covered with snow which makes the view of it more wonderful. It is a perfect destination for the hiking and outdoors lovers. Located in Stepandtsminda, Mount Kazbek gives the beautiful view of pristine glaciers and limitless horizons. Make sure to spend your time climbing the Gergeti Church and glacier while visiting this place.

Lake Rica

Situated in Abkhazia, Lake Rica offers the peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the astonishing natural beauty of the lake and trees here. There is also Valley which offers Seven Lake Valley attractions. Not only seeing the beautiful Lake Rica, but you also can dip in its clear water.

Batumi Botanical Gardens

Explore the magnificent Batumi Botanical Gardens in Mtsvane Kontskhi! This natural beauty in Georgia is an ideal place for people who bring kids while holidaying. It is a great place to see the pleasant landscape. Enjoy excellent different varieties plants and a fabulous view of the vast black sea. Furthermore, you also can stay here in the camping area.

Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave is one of the excellent geological sites located in Kutaisi. It has loads of stairs which are about 1.5 kilometers. You can see the astounding view from the top. Here, tours in Georgian and English are available.

Heritage Sites

One thing that is a must to do while traveling is learning its country’s cultures from its historic places. There are loads of heritage sites in Georgia that worth seeing, below are some of it.


Several ancient ruins are very great to see in Georgia, one of it is Vardzia. Placed in Borjomi, this becomes one of the oldest cave which is still in fine condition. There is an ancient old inside that worth seeing too.

Uplistsiche Cave Town

Uplistsiche Cave is situated in Gori and it becomes one famous place for tourists. It offers the nice view of a river, and it also has an old church at the top. However, you need a little bit hike to reach it. The view over the meadow and river is so fantastic.

Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery

It is a perfect option for you who want to do the religious and historical trip at the same time. Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery located in Kutaisi. This place is famous for its stunning architecture. Here, you can get both historical information and peaceful feeling. It also becomes the great place to see the wonderful view of Caucasus Mountain.

Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble

If you are interested in the military, this historic home must be on the list! Situated in Georgia Military Highway, this ancient castle offers a full symbol of Georgian histories. The castle itself made of thick walls with classic design and great carvings. Here, you also can take the picture while wearing the Caucasian uniform.

Getaway Destinations

Tired of something related to history? Do not worry because there are still lots of fun thing to do in Georgia. Here, several exciting places can be an alternative to your getaway destinations in Georgia.

Old Town in Tbilisi

Old Town Tbilisi can be perfect alternative things to do in Georgia. It is one of popular tourist destination in Tbilisi. You can take pleasure in walking all day long in the little streets that full of history atmosphere. Along the streets, there will be several bars, cafes, and restaurants with classic architecture.

Dolphinarium in Batumi

Dolphinarium becomes one of the most affordable destinations in Georgia. Here, you can enjoy the great show of smart and funny dolphin. Also, you can try swimming together with the dolphins. It is a really great attraction for all ages.

Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

Enjoy watching the show in the popular theater in Tbilisi! There are a lot of exclusive shows that is worth enjoyed here. The high building with classic and vintage interior surely makes everyone fall in love with it. English subtitle is available for the show.

Typical Food

While in Georgia, trying its unique culinary must be on your to-do list. Main dish, desserts, appetizers in Georgia has its own distinctive taste. Make sure to try these typical foods in Georgia!


It is kind of traditional cheese bread in this country. Actually, it looks more like pie rather than bread. In Georgia, there are loads of versions of Khachapuri based on its region. Khachapuri imerul has cheese inside the bread, megruli has cheese both inside and out, and acharuli served with melted cheese and also egg.


Salad becomes favorite appetizer in Georgia. The basic salad here typically looks like Greek salad. It is made of cucumbers and tomatoes. There are some varieties of salad here just like Qatus Salati, Salata, and others.


Khinkali is almost similar with Chinese dumpling. In Georgia, Khinkali is made of flavored meat of beef, lamb, or pork cooked with onions, garlic, and traditional herbs. For the fillings, Khinkali commonly filled with mushroom, cheese, or potato.


Lobio becomes typical side dish of Georgian. It has thick and creamy texture and commonly served in tiny mud jar.

Tourist Attractions in Georgia indeed becomes a paradise for travelers. Every place you visit in Georgia always has the new story to tell. You can bless God’s creation from the natural attraction in Georgian. Otherwise, learn something new about Georgian culture of its historic sites, and entertain yourself of its getaway spots. Also, the Georgian special culinary undoubtedly will memorable for your journey.