Iraq Tourist Attractions

Iraq Tourist Attractions

Many places in the world are pretty due to its ultra modernity and fanciness. Some others look great because of the heritage sites. But tourist attractions in Iraq are interesting because of the scars of wars. The smoky battlefields are not a sweet thing in all travels. But it Iraq, the damages after the previous war can tell a lot about the struggle of this country. Besides, the charging tanks and the remains of the battles make this place like a huge graveyard.

However, the serene and creepy look of Iraq is the main point for a tour in this country. Iraq might be still struggling with a political strive. But, the world will never forget that this place is the core of Cradle of Civilization.

The mighty Euphrates and Tigris rivers flow in Iraq beautifully. The winding waterways are the centers of ancient Mesopotamian cities. There is no doubt about the glory of the cities in the past. It was a famous place for the advanced innovations. It developed a city through science.

In addition, it had wonderful literature. Medication and law were so superior at that age. And it was a city that ruled with a superb law. Also, the theology that Iraq has developed through the history is something that the world always admires.

Iraq Tourism Profile

Iraq is never dull because it is gorgeous in a very mysterious way. Indeed, it is the home of Babylonia. The trace of a great palace of Alexander the Great was right in this place. It also delivers the beauty and mystery of Ottoman relics. We should never forget that Iraq is a country with Islam religion and culture domination. It has the beautiful mosques in the world. In between, tourists will lose their breath to find the gorgeous canyons. It is truly a hidden heaven inside the ruins of Iraq. After that, it is time for a visit in the fertile plains of Kurdistan farming area.

Located at the north end of the Persian Gulf, Iraq has the beauty of Middle East ambiance. The border is Iran to the east. It is Kuwait to the south. Meanwhile, Jordan is to the west border. We can also see how the culture of Iraq is so close to Syria and Turkey due to the close locations. Besides, Iraq was the origin of Assyrian ethnic.

Iraq tourist attractions’s highlights the heritage sites. However, it is also nice to walk the countryside. The social life of Iraqi will show up the different sides of Iraq. Besides, it is also cool to hike the mountain and inhale the fresh air.

Despite the safety status, Iraq is relatively safe for foreign tourists. The locals welcome foreign tourists well. Yet, some cities are still dangerous for a tour. Backpackers need to select the cities with good security. And it is also important that Australians take the travel warning seriously. There are some sensitive issues that Australians have to pay attention to.

Natural Attractions in Iraq

The first impression that we get from Iraq is a neglected country with the wonderful mountain. Outdoor travelers can go hiking and enjoy the view. Besides, people can take the chance for relaxing in the resorts by the mountain. Iraq with the dark side can look so fancy while tourists spend a day or two in the resort.

Next, Iraq offers an extremely virgin waterfall. Tourists will need to walk to reach the place. Even, they have to walk barefoot to the seating place. The waterfall spots are a real outdoor place without any luxurious food courts. There will be no restaurant. The only comfort that tourists can do is to eat their own foods by the spectacular waterfall.

Besides the natural wonder, Iraq shows the beauty of its natural landscape through gardens and parks. Also, some lakes are breathtaking in different districts in Iraq.

Heritage Sites

The most popular feature of Iraq tour attractions is the heritage site. We know that the history of Iraq is long and precious. But, we need a true place that can illustrate that invaluable story. Iraq has a citadel that is old enough to give the brilliant ambiance that tourists are looking for.

Besides, tourists can learn the wonderful age of ancient civilizations through the famous rivers. Also, the massive castles with the charming designs will enrich the heritage tours of Iraq. Tourists will never expect that a ruined country like Iraq can preserve the castles that wonderfully.

Additionally, museums are never wrong. The museums cannot hold many artifacts due to the last war. The chaotic situations in Iraq must have ruined the collections of the museums. Yet, it is still worth the time for visiting one essential museum in Iraq. After that, tourists can visit the textile center with amazing collections. Iraq is definitely one special place in the world with precious heritage.

Iraq Typical Cuisine

Besides the heritage sites and natural wonders, Iraq is warm through the local cuisine.

Iraq is the home of ancient human civilization history. Almost all spots in Iraq show a deep history. Even, Iraq has a long history in the culinary richness. Tablets told us about ancient recipes for a special festival dated back 10,000. It is surely the oldest recipe book in human history. Today, we can easily get the recipe online. Yet, Iraq had found a way of making culinary that amusing since thousands year ago. That is simply awesome!

Today, we can find tasty traditional foods of Iraq easily. Iraq knows how to work on the culinary art for so long. Thus, it serves the foods amazingly. The foods are mainly influenced by the inheritance recipes from Iran, Turkey, and Syria.

The foods include appetizers, main course with organic ingredients, and special desserts. The unique flavor of Iraq foods will surely make tourists feel like home. Maybe, it is because of the long history behind the cuisine.

Tourists attractions in Iraq are all admirable. Iraq is indeed the most dangerous country to visit. But definitely, it is not the worst place for a traveling.