Israel Tourist Attractions

Israel Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – You might wonder what kind of tourist attractions in Israel, but get ready to be fascinated by its tourism gateways. From the capital city of Jerusalem to the coast of Tel Aviv, you can discover the hidden beauty in every corner of the country. Check the following list below.

Tourism Profile

Israel Flag
Israel Flag

The tourism becomes the primary revenues of this country which offer various natural, religious and historical attractions. The museums in Israel have the highest number per capita in the world which attracts the tourists over the world to come. Despite the conflict which often broke, the tourism in Israel only shows a spur in numbers in latest years.

Natural attractions

From beach, mountainous, national park, greenery to even greater natural attractions can be found in Israel. For nature lovers, your trip won’t end up in disappointment after checking all the list of Israel’s natural attractions.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the most famous beach in Israel which becomes the main attractions for domestic or foreign tourists. Not only simply a beautiful beach, but you can also enjoy the authentic markets that show you culinary and hand-crafts highlights between the diverse societies in the region. The vibrant nightlife also worth to try where you can walk around to enjoy street art, admirers, street food bar, even Gay Pride Parade or the Purim Street Party, a traditional water fight in Israel.

Golan Heights

Golan Heights is a mountainous landscape with wonderfully natural and historical attractions which perfect for a family trip. Especially during spring, you can see the flowers bloom beautifully, and the whole field becomes green. Meanwhile, during winter, you can enjoy skiing in the Herman Mountain. For hikers, you can also enjoy a variety of natural paths with different difficulty levels.

Ramon Crater

In Negev desert, Israel, you can find the largest erosion crater in the world which created almost 220 million years ago, or also called as makhtesh. This unusual hole goes to 40 km long that have a unique shape like an enlarged heart. This area also forms the largest national park in Israel called Ramon Nature Reserve. You can enjoy the whole view of fascinating makhtesh from above through the Negev. You can also choose to take a ride by bicycle or car, or take more adventurous trip to hike to learn deeper about the history and science of this landmark.


In Masada, you can look at the Dead Sea from this high mountain fortress. This isolated rock plateau was having the tragic history where keeping the story of the mass suicide of thousand people who don’t want to surrender to Roman empires. From Snake Path to the top of Masada, you can get a challenging hiking experience. However, you can take a faster route with a cable car.

Heritage Sites

For those who look for world heritage sites, Israel offers lots of them. From religious, history, to natural heritage sites is all breath-taking landmarks that worth to visit.

Negev Incense Route

It is a 2,000 kilometers passage of spices routes and incense roads that run through the desert area and four towns. Negev incense route has been the main route since 3rd century BC to 2nd century AD for trading centered in Petra, the capital empire in Jordan. The remnants of the towns left sophisticated skills of ancient people on how they could build such qanat irrigation systems, caravanserai, and fortresses during those harsh conditions of Negev.

Tel Beer Sheva

You might ever hear about Bee Sheva in the Bible which today becomes the sixth largest city in Israel. In Tel Beer Sheva, you can find 200 tales or historical settlement mounds that inscribed as one of the world heritage in Israel. Its substantial connections with Bible, attract visitors to learn how people were living in the old times. This national park of Tel Beer Sheva also covers 180 dunams of land.

Bahá’í Shrines and Gardens in Haifa

Israel has become the home for several Baha’i holy places including the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa and the Shrine of the Bab in Acre. Beside to become a religious pilgrimage, it also offers charming gardens established with Iranian architecture. There is 19 colorful Persian terraces ascend in the backyard before it reaches the gold-domed Shrine of the Bab.

Getaway Destinations

Still, want to visit more places in Israel? Don’t worry! You still can get better options in this following travel list in Israel.

The Old City of Jerusalem

As the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem keeps lots of exciting moments to be discovered. In a spiritual side of the city, Jerusalem old town is one of the most sacred cities in the world, especially in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Telling the story of Ottoman period, you can see the old feeling in every stone wall that built the city. Here, you can find several holy sites such as Western Wall, a holy place to Jews, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is very popular in Israel because its specialty of making no one can sink due to the overly salty sea with rich mineral content. This water attraction is isolated by the Great Rift Valley cliffs that make this place, even more, increase the curiosity to visit at least once.

Beit Shean

Discover the ancient life of Byzantine and Roman town through the remaining of a building like theater, bathhouse, and the street. You can learn through the ruins by strolling the streets and imagine how the cultural life of Roman city was playing in the past. For those who love to know more about history, this place is worth to visit.

Typical Food

Taking a full route to Israel’s attractions won’t be complete without trying a bite of their traditional dish. While satisfying your eyes with beautiful landmarks, you should also be satisfying your belly with these recommended foods in Israel.


Shakshuka is one of the most favorite breakfast menus in Israel. You can find an amazing taste from the combination of tomatoes, coriander, pepper, and other ingredients that topped with an egg. Served directly in the frying pan, you might remember huervos rancheros.


Looking for something light meals before lunch? You should try Jachnun, a traditional dish that usually only served on Saturday morning. Made from rolled dough and margarine that cooked overnight, Jachnun is best eaten with grated tomato and hard-boiled egg.

Israel’s typical foods have the same roots in the Arabic culture. So, you can find natural foods such as hummus, tahini, shwarma, falafel, and much other more which might also locate in another region of Middle Eastern.
There is no end in traveling around Israel. Several fantastic tourist attractions in Israel are always ready to welcome your visit. So, have you booked your flight to Israel?