Oman Tourist Attractions

Oman Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – When it comes about traveling, people commonly choose to spend their trip to Europe or America. However, several beautiful places in Asia now are started to grab tourists’ attention. In West Asia for example, there are a lot fantastic tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by visitors. Oman is one of the big countries there that has many beautiful places to visit. There are so many popular tourist attractions in Oman such as Khasab, Masirah Island, and Sohar which are very worth to visit. All places like natural attraction, heritage sites, recreation areas, and shopping destination can be found in Oman! The tourist attractions in Oman surely will make your journey complete.

Oman tourism profile

Oman Flag
Oman Flag

When planning for the trip in Oman, it will be so much better if you know first about its tourism profile. Oman is one of the enormous countries in the Middle East. This country is divided into some provinces like Ad-Dakhiliyah, Ad-Dhahirah Utara, Al- Batinah, Al-Buraimi, Al-Wusta, Ash-Sharqiyah, Dhofar, Muscat, and Musandam. Just like other Middle East’s countries, Oman also has dry summer and sandy climate. In Oman, there are over 2 million total populations of Omanis and Dhofar residents. Omanis are commonly Ibadi Islam, Sunni Islam, and Shia Islams. Here, Arabic is a primary language that is spoken in Oman.

Natural attractions in Oman

Talking about its natural attractions, Oman offers lots of great and amazing places to visit. These sites offer the gorgeous view that surely will make you feel calm, happy, and relax. Here are several natural attractions in Oman that worth to visit!

Al-Mughsail Beach in Salalah

Salalah is one of the favorite cities in Oman. It is the capital, Dofar that has many natural attractions to enjoy; Al-Mughsail Beach is one of it. It is a favorite beach in Salalah that offers a stunning view. Al-Mughsail Beach is still rarely visited by tourist, so you will feel like you are in private beach. Feel the warm weather and the clean water here!

Daymaniyat Island in Muscat

Muscat becomes a famous city that tourists mostly visit. It has so many great places to visit like Daymaniat Island. Daymaniyat Island becomes a popular destination in Muscat for tourists. The clear blue water here is very perfect for you who like snorkeling. The sea offers you magnificent corals and amazing colorful fish to see. Moreover, you also can dive here in The Aquarium and spend your time by seeing cuttlefish, leopard shark, or feed the cute turtles. The beauty of Daymaniyat Island makes people called it a beautiful paradise.

Wadi Tiwi

In Oman, you can also be adventurous but also relax at the same time. Wadi Tiwi is a great place to visit. If you want a relaxing journey, you can drive between the massive rock walls inside the Wadi. However, if you need something wild, leave your car and have a little adventure by walking among the palm trees and rocks to Wadi Bani Khalid. You also can climb the rocks and then jump into stunning natural lake

Bimmah Sink Hole

This beautiful place is located in Hawiyat Najam Park within Dibba Al Bay Ah. Here, you can enjoy swimming in Emerald green water which is very clear. You also can swim with a lot of small fishes. This incredible sinkhole is encircled by caves. It is great places for refreshing

Heritage Sites in Oman

Not only offering natural beauties, but Oman is also known for the historic trip. There are a lot of heritage sites in Oman like museums, mosques, Fort, and others. Here are some heritage sites that must visit while having trip in Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat

Here, tourists can enjoy the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque that has a very wonderful architecture. This Grand Mosque also has a large beautiful garden to enjoy. You also can rent abayas here at the counter. However, if you are interested in visiting this mosque, make sure you dress appropriately. For the male, make sure to wear long pants. Moreover, and for women, wear long sleeve shirt, long pants or skirts, and do not forget to wear the head scarf.

Jabrin Fort

Jabin Fort is one of a famous fort in Oman that well worth to enjoy. It is located in A’Dakhiliyah. This large Jabrin Fort offers very wonderful landscape from the rooftop. You surely will be amazed by the gorgeous architecture inside the fort. It is the best fort in Oman that highly recommended visiting. If lucky enough, some local events are often held in this fort.

Al Alam Royal Palace

In Oman, several palaces or castles are also worth visiting. Ras Al Hadd Castle, Al Alam Royal Palace, Taqah Castle, Khasab Castle, Al Hazm Castle and Sultan’s Palace are very popular heritage sites that mostly visited by tourists. Al Alam Royal Palace is situated in Waterfront. It is a truly beautiful building. Although this place is not allowed to entry, you still can walk around the Palace. Also, there is access to the Waterfront from Qasr al-Alam Street so that you can see the excellent Muscat Harbour.

Bait Al Zubair in Muscat

Located in Al-Saidiya Street, Bait Al Zubair is the modern museum that frequently visits by tourists. This museum is very perfect for you who are interested in Oman’s culture. Here, you can get lots of information on Oman traditional clothes, stamps, money and histories.

Getaway Destinations in Oman

Bored with natural beauties or heritage sites of Oman? Do not worry because Oman still has a lot of Getaway Destinations. Let’s check this fun Getaway Destinations in Oman.

Old Muttrah Souk

Located in Corniche, Old Muttrah Souk is a kind of historical place, street markets and also a landmark in Oman. Here, you can Oman’s personal traditional stuffs. You can find souvenirs, traditional foods, old pieces of stuff, species, and others. People here are also friendly, so you can get the best deal while shopping here.

Qurum Natural Park

Qurum Natural Park is located in Quartier de Qurum in Muscat. This very peaceful garden offers magnificent views. You can do a lot of things here like bird watching, morning jogging, and other things that can relax your body and mind

Wahiba Sand

Oman is very famous countries with a sandy area that now becomes the tourist attraction. Wahiba Sand offers the fantastic view and some wild animals. Here, you can do camping and enjoy the wonderful night sky.

Typical food in Oman

Having the trip in Oman is not complete without trying its exceptional food. Every country certainly has its food attractions. In Oman, there is lots of Oman’s typical food that worth to try. Just like other Asian foods, a common food in Oman also made of the combination of spices.


Madrouba is a must try while in Oman! It is kind of porridge which is made of soft rice and also spices and then served with chicken. Unlike other porridges, Madrouba has the yellow color. This food is delicious and has a strong taste of spices. Maqbous Maqbous is another thing that also worth to try while in Oman. This food is made of rice which is flavored with saffron. To make it more delicious, Maqbous is cooked over the meat which has the very spicy taste.


If you like something sweet, you can try Sakhana. This very regular food is usually consumed during Ramadhan. Sakhana is a kind of soup with the thick texture. This soup is made of dates, fresh milk, and molasses.


Kebab is commonly very popular in Turkey; however, this food is also famous in Oman. Kebab is almost similar to sandwich and burger. It is made of meat then served with veggies, sauce, and tortilla.

Oman recently becomes a country that often visited by many tourists. Lots of amazing natural beauties are ready to complete your trip. Tourist Attractions in Oman, without the doubt, will make your day unforgettable. Every place and every day you spend in Oman will make your journey full of memories. Feel a new journey in Oman, because Oman has all you need for the voyage.