Palestine Tourist Attractions

Palestine Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Palestine is a country which is struggling to defend from the conflict that they are facing. But, we do not talk about it. Aside from the conflict that is happening in Palestine, this country has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions which may be you do not know yet. Palestine is rich in cultural places, holy shrines, fascinating historical sites, etc. Therefore, we have already listed below some tourist attractions in Palestine that you have to visit someday.

Palestine Tourism Profile

Palestine Flag
Palestine Flag

This country is divided into two territories which are the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The Gaza Strip region includes Gaza, North Gaza, Khan Yunis, Rafah, and Deir al-Balah. Meanwhile, the West Bank territory includes Jerusalem, Hebron, Jenin, Bethlehem, and Jericho. All of those territories are under controlled by Israel. Although, in Palestine, you can find numerous holy sites because this is a holy land where the three major religions of the world live together which are Islam, Judaism, and Christian. Also, Palestine is a meeting place for various cultures and ideas which were shaped the world that is now we know. It is because this country has an essential role in the human civilization such as developed literature, alphabet, religions, the place to settle, and much more.

Natural Attractions

Palestine is a beautiful place in Middle Eastern which means the desert is its heritage where you can go hiking or biking. This country has many natural attractions that you can visit have an experience of Arabian life. The below are going some places of natural attractions that you can find in Palestine.

Mitzpe Jericho

It is a place where you can see a small community of Jewish live which is only around 400 families. Named Mitzpe Jericho because it means Jericho Lookout which is the observation deck or spot to look out the Jericho ancient city from up there. Because of there was a fatal accident which was happened to one family that wanted to reach this place, the operator of Mitzpe Jericho built a hill which has a safer trail to the private car to reach a place to have outstanding panoramic views from the new spot. From up there, you see the ancient city of Jericho, Dead Sea, and Jordan River.

EinGedi National Park

It is a wellspring which in the Judean Mountains. You better to visit this national park with family because this place has clean pool water and safety trails which make this place as a fun nature reserve. In this wellspring, you can splash around and enjoy this site’s vegetation such as Egyptian balsams and acacia trees.

Heritage Sites

Palestine is a heaven for historians since this place is well known as holy land which means Palestine would be expected has a lot of sacred and heritage sites in it. Yes, it is true that this country has abundant of heritage sites.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

This site is a religious and sacred site which is undoubtedly known by the world. The holy stone is covered by the golden dome that we can see from outside. The sacred stone is believed for either Muslims or Jewish which has its story. For Muslims, this place is where the Prophet Mohammed was ascending to heaven. While, for Jewish, this place is where Abraham prepared his son to be sacrificed. What a holy place that has such those history! Keep in mind that non-Muslim is no allowed to enter to Dome of the Rock. You can still enjoy its beauty from outside while having its history.

The Church of the Nativity

It is another heritage and holy place, especially for Christian because this is a place of Christ’s birth. In this Church, you can see the Door of Humility which is a small entrance to the church. It was built to force whoever wants to enter the church have to stand on their feet without any vehicle to respect the purity of the church. Also, you can see where exactly Christ’s birth which is marked by a silver star on the floor. In this spot, there is Latin inscription which explains that this is where Virgin Mary Jesus Christ was born in 1717. On top of this place there are 15 lamps which are hung above.

Getaway Destinations

Speaking of getaway destination, Palestine also has some places to relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. You can pamper yourself with the beauty and uniqueness of the getaway destinations in Palestine. Here are some of them. Mineral Beach, Judean Mountains If you want to experience the actual Dead Sea, this is the perfect place for you. In Mineral Beach, you can have therapeutic benefits from natural mud that you have to apply on your body from head to toe. You can also relax in here by floating around the Dead Sea, and take some photos.

Land of Olives and Vines

It is a breath-taking landscape that full of olives and grapes. The land of olive trees is located in northern and central districts, while the land of vines is located in southern regions. There are watchtowers and stone terraces in the two places of landscapes which can you use to look out the beauty of landscape full of color. Also, you can buy some souvenirs from there which are commonly handicrafts.

Typical Food

Something is missing if you go travel to Palestine without tasting its average food. The cooking style of Palestinian food is different in each territory. Also, Palestinian desserts are usually filled with dates and sweetened cheeses. Here are some typical foods which can make you addicted.

Musakhan Bread

It is a traditional dish of Palestine which is one part of the chicken meat and some herbs and spices such as olives, sumac, and onion are served on top of round bread. It is usually eaten by hand without any cutlery and soup for complementary.


This dish is made of cracked wheat and filled with meat and some Middle Eastern spices. It is usually shaped into balls and be baked. Kibbeh also can be stewed in broth or be served raw. This dish is not only popular in Palestine, but also other countries in the Middle East.

That is all some tourist attractions in Palestine that will give you some new experiences. Palestine is a holy land for who want to dig in the treasure of history. So, what are you waiting for to discover some new knowledge while traveling in Palestine?