Qatar Tourist Attractions

Qatar Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Qatar is one of Middle Eastern Countries which is rich of Islamic buildings that are visited as tourist attractions in Qatar. Besides, in this country, you can find some tourist attractions such as desert dunes, museums, mosques, and much more. Doha as its capital city which is also can be an exciting destination. There are a lot of beautiful places that you can find. In some destinations, you can also do some challenging activities like desert safari, camel racing, and there are story to tell about that.

Country Tourism Profile of Qatar

Qatar Flag
Qatar Flag

This country is located in West Asia, which most of its territories is bordering with Saudi Arabia and surrounded by the Persian Gulf for its rest areas. This country has world-class capital city which is Doha. There is also Museum Islamic Art which is a cool place. In Qatar, you can enjoy the beauty and sophistication of future, but it does not leave the past which full of history. From the glamour restaurant until the desert full of camel ridings is all the overwhelming of Qatar. The below are the destinations in Qatar which can complete your vacation.

Natural Attractions

Since Qatar is one of Middle East countries, this country surely inherits some beautiful natural attractions such as deserts and beaches. Also, there are some exciting activities that you can do in there. Here are some natural sites you can visit.

Desert Safari, Doha

Something is missing if you come to Qatar but do not have a try to Desert Safari in Doha. This adventurous attraction gives you choices whether you go with safari jeep driven by an experienced desert driver or quad biking. You will be picked up from your stay to the wilderness. After you see the huge dunes of sand, better to tighten your seatbelt and be ready to experience an adventurous bumpy ride. You can take a full day trip in a desert which possible you to have a camp in the desert, and enjoy the barbecue time when the sunset comes.

Al Thakhira Beach

In this beach, you can meet some local tourists that want to relax their body while sunbathing and reduce their stress of the city. If you do not want just do some relaxing activities, you can do explore the area of Al Thakhira beach. In there, you can find some mangroves and birds which are perfect for the bird watchers that are also supported by striking sceneries like dessert and shoreline. Keep in mind that you have to bring water shoes and wear them because if you wear a flip flop, it can be trapped in the muck and it will difficult to walk.

Heritage Sites

Qatar also has some historic heritage sites to look more the past of Qatar. Some heritage sites in this country are commonly castles or towers. So, the following below are some of them that you can have to try to visit.

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers were built purposely as watch towers which you see an unusual landscape like the sea from up there. This tower has three levels which you can find some greenery, animals, and palm trees behind of it. This tower used to be a watchtower to keeping track of moon when Ramadhan month came. In Barzan Towers area also you can find a mosque which is used for praying and madrassa for teaching Quran to children who want to learn.

Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings

In this place, you can find a lot of rock carvings which are located in rocky ridges that will require you to go hiking to go there. It will be fun when you go travel to a historical and mysterious place like this. You can see the carvings which depict a fish, a boat, and much more which are believed by some people that those sculptures are used to be an old board game. This place is supported by the beautiful scenery of rock ridges which is better to be visited in the morning or late afternoon to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Besides, go exploring on noon will be more exhausting and will burn your skin too.

Getaway Destinations

Speaking of breathtaking destinations in Qatar, there are numerous that you can find in there. You can visit new places or ancient places, or maybe both of them. It is up to you. Here are some fantastic getaway destinations in Qatar.

Doha Corniche

Since Doha is a world class city, it has various shapes of modern architecture buildings. Once you enter this place, you will forget that you are in one of the countries in Middle Eastern. Along the Corniche street, you can go sightseeing and have two different views. You can see a hectic modern life on one side, while the other hand shows you a relaxing azure sea landscape. What an interesting place!

Katara Cultural Village

Having a significant difference from the previous one, this place is for you who prefer an ancient traditional place than the modern one. This place is full of arts, traditions, and cultures, of course. It is a place to do or see some artistic activities such as concerts, exhibitions, or plays which in there you can find some theaters. Also, the art of cuisines you can find in there which you can have a try various kind of famous cuisines in different restaurants and cafes.

Typical Food

After a long way of travel from one place to another location, you must be craving for some delicious food. Qatar provides you various traditional foods which can pamper your tongue and belly. Here are some of them.


It is a vermicelli and egg omelet dish which is usually eaten when breakfast, or it can be a dessert too. The vermicelli is cooked with cardamom spice until it is crunchy and served with egg omelet on top of it. This dish has a sweet and salty taste at the same time.


It is a kind of custard dessert which made of ground rice milk. This dish of Qatari is usually infused with rose water or orange blossom to add the taste. When you have a bite on it, you can taste a smooth, sweet, light pudding of it. That is so delicious!

Qatar is the interesting place to visit. In there you can find the beautiful of modern life and ancient past life at the same time. There are also some adventurous activities that you can do in tourist attractions in Qatar. Do not forget to have a taste to its delightful foods to complete your journey in this country.