Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions

Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Saudi Arabia is a kingdom in Middle East and holy land for Muslim around world. All Muslims who have been able to finance themselves visiting Mecca every Hajj month. They will visit to do prayers as Hajj procession in a month. However, there are some Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions that worth to try as a tourist. Yet a simple guidance for tourist is a must. Because the travel will changes our view about Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia kingdom covers the biggest portion of Arabian Peninsula. The tourist can explore Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions in many provinces. It has about 27 million people by 2007. The land is offering beautiful natural scene and culture. The Masjid Al Haram in Mecca and Masjid Al Nabawi in Medina are essential for Muslim. They became an important symbol of Islam Religion. The local culture is very friendly too. Some sites inside Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions are located outside the mosques. Visitors can explore the historical journey and city tour.

Tourism profile

Saudi Arabia Flag
S. Arabia Flag

The majority in Saudi Arabia is Sunni Muslim. However, the kingdom did not ban other religions. The Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs are secretly practice. It is because the regulation protects them. The name of the country is from its royal family name, Saudi. Since long ago, they were the sheikhs of Nejd. it is an area around Riyadh which is started by Abdulaziz Ibn Saud in 1902. The other country with the name of the royal family is the Kingdom of Jordan. The Saudi Family built Riyadh along with the other provinces in the history.

Big Cities And Modern Building

The capital city is Riyadh. There, visitors can find world class hotels. The city is great for backpackers. They serve the basic accommodations too. However, it has decent services yet a good start to try Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions. The visitor can use the Saudi Airlines the as national airplane service. The kingdom has dozens of important sites. However it is all including the religious and the historical sites. It is because the sites are remote from the city. Thus, the Kaaba is important building for Muslims. It is the direction for Muslim prayer around the world.

Riyadh is a metropolis with sky scrapers. However, the visitor will need a good preparation such as local language. The currency is Saudi riyal that worth 3,7 Riyal for 1 USD. For the dialing code, Saudi Arabia use +966. By the year 2015 the population hits 31.54 million. The hotel list in Riyadh is now available online. However, the visitor better start exploring the capital city with modern view. The best way visiting Riyadh is with minimum gear.

Heritage sites

The national airport is the first point of Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions with historical background. The majority site is covered by Muslim Culture. In conclusion, the special month of Hajj is not a great choice for visiting. Since the country will welcome millions of visitors. Consequently, there are some tourist attractions near the airport. As the result, some sites like heritage, cultural, historical, and the culinary are located near it.

Top rated place is in Medina is the Masjid an-Nabawi. It is the burials site of the prophet Muhammad that near big city. However, some visitors are calling Riyadh as a shopping center. Rather than as a religious site, Riyadh is a commercial site. As a result, Riyadh welcomes the tourist from outside Islam and not restricted for western culture. The heritage sites often mentioned in the tourism guide are Rock Carving Sites and Dumat al Jundal.

There are many sites constructed by nature with rocky site. Therefore, it is an archaeological site with beautiful carvings. Some mysteries about the carvings explain people in the ancient times. Probably, the visitors want to learn more about the culture too. The second site Dumat al Jundal is located in the province Al Jawf.

The tourist can reach the place with car in 37 kilometer from the city. Thus, the site looks like a castle that often named the Fort giant. It is explained why the site called Dumat al Jundal. The words related to the words “Dumah of Stone”. In conclusions Dumah means the ancient place where the ancient Arabian live. The height of the site is proximately at 2000ft. It is a great place for historians around the world and photographers.

Natural Attractions

The valleys of Saudi Arabia are perfect for nature lovers. This mountain is one of the most famous Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions. Some people believe that in Mouse’s story, the real mountain is Jabal al-Lawz. The mountain located in northwest Saudi Arabia, near the Jordan border. It is 2580 meters above sea level. The visitor can find it above the Gulf of Aqaba. It is also famous as the mountain of almonds. Maybe the color of the stones that looks like almonds from far away is the reason.


The other natural resource is the holy water. The name of the water is Zamzam. We can find it inside the Masjid al-Haram. But we can also get it outside. Since the well is near the Kaab the tourist are restricted to go inside. It is precisely about 66 ft east of the Kaaba. Zamzam believes as the miracle in the story of Abraham too. Zamzam never stop flowing and it started sprang thousands of years ago. The name came from the phrase stop flowing or Zomezome. Maybe, the phrase depict a command repeated by Hagar Abraham’s wife that finding the source.

Typical Food and Cuisine

Finally, the interesting part of Saudi Arabia is the dishes. Some people love the food because it is healthy. Most of all, the typical food is base in wheat. The way people eat with their hand is part of the Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions too. It offers tourist with combination of local grown food. Maybe visitors can try the lamb, yogurt, and dates. We can find rice, potatoes, and halal meat easily. In conclusion, most of the food is OK for western tongue. It offers great experience and recommended for cross culture understanding.