Syria Tourist Attractions

Syria Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Asia certainly is a perfect place for the holiday. Like West Asia and Southeast Asia, several countries in the Middle East now also become favorite places for tourists. Syria is one of leading countries in West Asia that offers many unusual places to enjoy. Beaches, historical sites, street markets, and other great attractions can be found in Syria. Besides, some good food attractions in Syria are also worth to try. So what are you waiting on? Let’s make a new journey in Syria by visiting these breathtaking tourist attractions in Syria!

Syria Tourism Profile

Syria Flag
Syria Flag

Syria recently becomes a popular country in West Asia. This country has thriving land, high mountain range, and large sand. Various religions and ethnics live in this country. Almost half residents here are Sunni Muslims, and the rest are Shia Muslims, Druze, and Christian. Syria itself is divided into some cities like Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, Latakia, Hama, Raqqa, Qamishli, Sayyidah Zaynab, Al-Hasakah, and Deir ez-Zor. In Syria, Arabic becomes an official language here; however, French and English are also spoken in Syria as the second languages. For accommodation, Syria provides four international airports in Aleppo, Kamishly, Damascus, and Lattakia. You can also use trains in Syria to go around this country.

Natural attractions

Natural beauties of a country commonly become something that many tourists looked for. Syria has a lot of natural attractions that offers magnificent views. Every city in Syria has its natural beauties; here we provide you natural attractions in Syria that must visit!

The Blue Beach

Blue Beach Tourist Attractions in Syria
The Blue Beach, Syria

Located in Cote d’Azur Rd, The Blue Beach becomes the greatest beach in Latakia. The clean blue water here certainly will make you enjoy spending your day here. It’s a truly wonderful beach for summer. Around the beach, there are also several resorts that are great to stay.

Al-Samra Beach

Al-Samra Beach Tourist Attractions in Syria
Al-Samra Beach, Syria

Al-Samra or commonly known Kessab Beach is one of the fantastic beaches in Syria. It also becomes one of the most magnificent beaches in West Asia. Located close to Kessab village, Al-Samra beach offers a very breathtaking view. It has clean blue water, beautiful shore, and bright sand. Several hotels near Al-Samra Beach also become a perfect place to stay.


Waterwheel Tourist Attractions in Syria
Waterwheel, Syria

The waterwheel also becomes an excellent place to visit when having the holiday in Syria. This beautiful waterwheel is located in Old Hama, and it becomes the best waterwheel in town. The sound of its wooden wheel is so peaceful. It is worth to visit. Al-Sabeel Garden Al-Sabeel Garden is an Aleppo urban park which offers the great view. Located on King Faisal Street, Al-Sabeel Garden has a fantastic water fountain in the middle of the park. Here, you also can see several animals. It is a perfect place for you who like walking, jogging, or relaxing.

Heritage Sites

Speaking of its heritage sites, Syria has so many places that worth visiting. These historic sites have the great view and beautiful architecture. Here are heritage sites in Syria that worth to enjoy!

Old City in Damascus

Located near Khalid Street, this heritage site becomes one of the favorite old cities in Syria. This oldest city has lots of historic places like mosques, old hotels, churches, markets, and others ancient stuff and buildings. Here, you can enjoy walking through the old alley and seeing the great Romanian castle.

Site of Palmyra

This Roman ruin in Palmyra becomes the great place to visit while in Syria. Unlike other Roman ruins which commonly so crowded of tourists, Palmyra is still quiet of people so you can explore this area day and night. Enjoy walking through the archway near the building.

Dead City of Serjilla

When visiting Aleppo, make sure to spend your day in this historic place. This ancient ruin becomes the landmark of Aleppo. This abandoned city offers the great view and it also good for sunrise photos. Here, you can see some old arches, unusual carvings, and stone buildings.

Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo Citadel is one of the amazing architectural buildings in Aleppo City. It offers the breathtaking view of Aleppo City. Here, you also can enjoy the magnificent castle and feel the tense atmosphere.

Getaway Destinations

Syria is truly a great country to visit. Several good places can be your getaway destinations. If you do not like much being in historical and natural areas, Syria still has lots of destinations to enjoy!

Busra Coliseum

Need something new to feel historical atmosphere? Go to Busra Coliseum and enjoy the gorgeous architecture there. Have yourself a little adventure like you are in Romania. This authentic place is worth visiting.

Umayyad Mosque

Syria has lots of great religious sites to enjoy. Several mosques and churches can be great getaway destinations. Umayyad mosque is located in Damascus. Here, you can learn some histories of Muslims and Christians. The architecture of Umayyad Mosque is also very magnificent. The quiet atmosphere will make you feel peaceful being here.

Souq al-Hamidiyyeh

If you like shopping, you can list Souq al-Hamidiyyeh as you getaway destinations in Syria. It is flea markets which portray the old lifestyle in Syria. You shop traditional clothes, different stuff, food, souvenirs, and others.

Typical Food

One important thing that must to do while visiting other countries is trying its common foods. Syria has great regular food to taste. Here we provide you list of Syria particular food that is worth trying.


Fatteh is commonly served for breakfast or as the primary food. This food is made of chickpeas combined with oil and yogurt. It is generally served with flatbread or toasted bread. This common food is very popular in Egypt and Levant such as Damascus, Jordan, Palestine, and Beirut.


Another Syrian delicious that is worth trying is Kibbeh. Made of minced lamb combined with bulgur, Kibbeh has a lot of varieties. In Syria, there are over 15 Kibbeh like Kibbeh summāqīyah, labanīyah, qrāṣ, nayyah, and others.

Kebab bil karaz

Kebab inevitably becomes unique food in many countries in the Middle East. Like other Kebab, this is also made of fresh minced lamb that is shaped like meatballs. The delicious taste of Kebab comes from the combination Middle East spices like cinnamon, parsley, cardamom, and others.

Those are Tourist Attractions in Syria that is worth trying. Syria indeed becomes the beautiful country to spend your holiday. Every heritage places in Syria offers its history, and its natural sites give the superb view. A lot of delicious foods are also actually worth to taste. Your holiday will be so meaningful and unforgettable.