Turkey Tourist Attractions

Turkey Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Who doesn’t know Turkey? It is almost all people around the world exactly know this county. Turkey is familiar with several things, such as its kebab, fabrics design, the buildings, celebrities, drama series (Asi Turkish Show, one of the most famous), and beautiful destinations.

For the international market, Turkey is famous for its carpet products, prayer mats and other fabrics with the exclusive design from European style, Middle East, and Asia combinations. This unique design is a reference to design and model of similar products around the world. Turkey is also known for its handsome and beautiful celebrities if you are fans of its TV series. The luxury and fantastic tourist attractions in Turkey are also unquestionable. All this stuff makes Turkey is unique; here is the detail information for you who want to go to Turkey.

Tourism Profile

Turkey Flag
Turkey Flag

Turkey has a lot of historical sites that are then used as tourist attractions. The building’s empowerment and maintenance system is excellent. The buildings in Turkey have the uniqueness of the combination between Europe and Asia. Many of them have a history of Islam. Also, Turkish public transport is highly developed and well maintained, such as underground metro and a cable car. Turkey’s state transportation system is also very regular and on schedule. And most importantly, public transport vehicles in Turkey are almost entirely clean and well maintained. These all fascinations and facilities make Turkey as top choices of a destination for many tourists.

Natural attractions

This one of middle east country has many natural attractions, for example, a lot of clean beaches with white sand, precisely in the Aegean and Mediterranean areas.


One of the main tourist destinations in Turkey is the city of Goreme in Cappadocia. The scene is like a fairy tale. The contours of the ground and the rock formations in this place are unique, resembling the surface of the moon. If you want to see all the natural beauty of Cappadocia from above, you can fly with Hot Air Balloon whose tariff is between 90-250 Euro. To get to this tourist spot, you can ride the bus for a distance of about 12 hours from the city of Istanbul.

Blue Lagoon

As I told before that in Turkey there are a lot of beautiful beaches, one of them is Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon has always crowded visitors during the summer. You can do activities such as various games and water sports. You will be treated to views of the quiet beach and beautiful views of the lagoon.

Heritage Sites

Turkey is a rich country because of its culture, and all historical relics are comely because it is well cared by the Turkey government. In fact, some historical relics are successfully entered in the list of UNESCO heritage sites.

Pamukkale Cotton Castle

Pamukkale Cotton Castle is a name for a vast expanse of white cotton or snow looks which located in Pamukkale City. Pamukkale is a favorite hot spring bath in Turkey. Here you will be treated to stunning views of the pool. At first glance, the pool will look like snow, but the white color in the pool turned out to be a hardened calcium metal


City of Selcuk is located in Izmir, for you who love ancient Greece and Roman history, lucky for you, because in this city you can see Atemis Temple, Library of Celcius, and also The Great Theatre. The latter is a large theater that can accommodate up to 25,000 spectators.


Safranbolu is an old city with the Ottoman Empire’s characteristic. You can enjoy views of the entire city from the top of the hill by visiting the bright yellow Historical Museum of Safranbolu or visiting Hidirlik Hill. The architectural style of buildings and roads in the neighborhood was created based on the standards of urban architecture in the imperial period, typical wood-frame buildings and whitewashed walls, and with irregular contours of the land.

Getaway Destinations

After all natural attraction and the fantastic heritage sites above, let us move to other getaway destinations in Turkey. There are a lot of stores or new outlet in Turkey; here I show you some of them.

Istiklal Street

Travel shopping always managed to be a significant role for the traveler. The favorite shopping spots in Turkey are Istiklal Street which is located in the city of Istanbul. Spanning 1.4 km, you can find many kinds of items such as clothing, books, and chocolates. There is also a nightclub, cinema, restaurants, and much more entertainment venues.

Galata Bridge

Unique thing about this bridge is that this deck consists of 2 levels. The upper part of the bridge is used for transportation of vehicles and pedestrians, while the lower level is filled with cafes and restaurants. This bridge connects two cities, the old and new Istanbul in Europe. The bridge also offers a beautiful sea view.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque has ceramics covering the walls and dome with blue color. If you want to go to the mosque, you are required to wear a fitting dress and for women are needed to wear hijab. Blue Mosque is a magnificent mosque in Turkey that has uniqueness and stunning beauty.

Typical Food

Why many tourist come to Turkey is because of their regular food. During this period, people know that Kebab is the most delicious food from Turkey, but the fact is there is other good food from Turkey. Here is the example.


A traditional dessert often served during Ramadan. It is a snack with a unique texture made from bread dough mix with milk and also rose water. The special ingredient is pomegranate seeds.


Known as Turkish Delight is a chewy and sticky dessert with a variety of flavors and contents and is often given a refined sugar on top. Excellent to eat when new so because the ready to eat stuffing lighter and more sugar, so it makes it dry faster.

Mant Manti

It may remind you of ravioli in one view, but this traditional Turkish food has unique flavors and textures. The beef or lamb dumplings are boiled or fried and served with yogurt or butter. Often also comes with various spices.

Tourist attractions in Turkey are fantastic and spectacular when you come here and try all of this fun ?