United Arab Emirates Tourist Attractions

United Arab Emirates Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – You might have already known about BurjKhalifa, haven’t you? Yes, it’s the highest landmark in the world which located in Dubai and very popular among travelers. However, you can expect for more tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates that ready to complete your journey in this region. From new landmarks, natural and heritage sites, to culinary trip that worth to try can be found here. Check them out!

United Arab Emirates Tourism Profile

United Arab Emirates Flag
Emirates Flag

UEA or just called as Emirates is a dessert dream. What is that mean? Although from the outside Emirates is only look like a desolate dessert, but it saves a great gem inside. What kind of treasure is that? UEA is known for having one of the largest oil reserves that support the country’s revenues. Moreover, who know that Emirates dessert can be turned into extraordinary modern and dynamic country which almost similar with Western infrastructure looks? Not only in the city, but this country is also blessed with its natural gifts where the blue Persian Gulf seas meet the dessert. A perfect place to enjoy the best sunset view!

Natural Attractions

Be ready to discover the beautiful of sandy dessert and blue of Persian seas. For those who look for more challenging or relaxing moments, you can choose one or more destinations in the following:

Desert Trip

There are several options to choose when you are looking for sand-dune expedition in UEA. Desert trip from Dubai is quite popular, but Abu Dhabi and Fujairah also offer the same sightseeing to adventurous streak in the desert. From only enjoying camel treks like what Arabian do, you can also do a very high sand boarding, sand hiking, and spur up your heartbeat with dune-buggy journeys with professionals. Even, you can get an experience of stay a night in the middle of the desert in a 5-stars hotel to enjoy the sunrise.

Hajar Mountains

The Hajar Mountains look like arid mountains in the middle of the desert but showing greater charms when you get closer. This dramatic mountain range is ready to provide you with several adventurous attractions. You will start your journey with rocky and twisting roads along the way with spectacular views. For travelers, you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, off-road exploration or simply trekking along wadis or dry riverbeds with picturesque in every side.

Beach Gateways

There are plenty of white-to-golden sand beaches with different charms in Emirates. If you want to enjoy beaches with high buildings as background and crowd situations, beaches along Dubai’s coast are the best place. You can enjoy many water activities from snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and much more. Meanwhile, if you are looking for quiet beach gateways, beaches in Abu Dhabi and Jumeirah can be the best choice. However, you might discover that there are some beaches private-owned by resorts or luxury hotels, but some offer to the public yet with decent facilities. For public beaches in Dubai, you can visit Jumeirah beach or Umm Suqeim Park Beach for sunset catch. Move to Abu Dhabi; you should visit best public beaches like Al Bateen Beach, Saadiyat Beach, Yas Beach, also Corniche beach.

Heritage Sites

United Emirates Arab has six world heritage sites which tell you how amazing their history and culture. Here is the list of open heritage sites that you should visit at least once.

Al Ain Oasis

It is the largest oasis located in the city of Al Ain or also known as the Garden City of the Gulf, precisely located to the east of the Al Jhali district and north of Al Mutawa’a district. Al Ain Oasis is famous for “falaj” or underground ancient irrigation system to bring water from boreholes to the farms. You can enjoy the peaceful walks under the green date palm trees through the wells and falaj. You can also visit Al Ain National Museum and Al Ain Palace Museum to close your trip here.

Hili Archaeological Park

Only located 10 km from Al Ain, you can find Hili Archaeological Park which highlights ancient monuments of Al Ain from 2,500BCE. Hili Grand Tomb is the center of attraction here where 12-meters diameter tomb located decorated with beautifully engraved reliefs in the entrances.

Getaway Destinations

To complete your journey, you should visit these recommended places. There are some breath-taking gateway destinations in Emirates still worth to visit, including:


Once you mention Uni Arab Emirate or Dubai, no one can forget about BurjKhalifa. This iconic sky-high landmark is very popular as the current highest building and tallest freestanding structure in the world. To reach the observation deck at the top, you can take an elevator that able to bring you in no more than 1 minute to pass 124 floors. Once you get on top, be ready to be awed. You will witness the best panoramic views across Dubai that even looks more beautiful during sunrise. You should never miss this sightseeing highlight of UEA.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The mosque located in Abu Dhabi has incredible modern-blended-with-ancient style design which show-off its beauty of Islamic architecture. The interiors are using a lavish amount of gold decorated with new beautiful mosaic tiles, marble, and glass works. Meanwhile, the exteriors use white stone that looks dazzling contrasting under the blue sky.

Sharjah Art Museum

Don’t forget to visit Sharjah Art Museum to see the most diverse art collection in Emirates attractions. Not only various Arabic artists, but European artists who known for their Arabian world painting are also displaying their pieces here. If you are lucky, you can visit here during exhibitions which held throughout the year temporarily.

Typical Food

During you long journey here, you should try these traditional foods of UEA.

Al Harees

Made up of meat and wheat, you can enjoy the exotic taste of Al Harees. Commonly served during Ramadan or special feasts, you can enjoy this simple dish on a flat plate with additional local ghee topping.


You will find it everywhere across the country. Like a kebab, you can enjoy the mix of lamb or chicken with veggies and sauces in an Arabic roti wrap. However, you might find different appearance in various restaurants. Usually, the dish also served with hummus, a dip made from chickpeas, to provide a perfect appetizer.

Stuffed Camel

Have you ever eaten camel meat? It’s quite amazing dish in this region. Usually served in elite families during wedding ceremonies, you can look how the whole camel stuffed with various ingredients including chickens, fish, eggs, and rice then grilled.

After your journey in Emirates, you might realize that this region is truly an oasis in the desert that worth to explore. Since there are plenty of things you can choose and do from several tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates, your trip will be unforgettable.