Yemen Tourist Attractions

Yemen Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Traveling recently becomes something that many people love to do. Even today, some people do it as a hobby. Talking about backpacker and traveling, several countries in West Asia now become the favorite destination for tourists; moreover, Yemen is one of it. A large number of Tourist Attractions in Yemen are surely very breathtaking and worth visiting. Furthermore, native foods in Yemen are also actually great to tarheaste. In Yemen, you can learn about its histories through the heritage sites. Otherwise, if you like exploring the natural beauties, Yemen has lots of beaches to visit.

Tourism Profile

Yemen Flag
Yemen Flag

Yemen which is situated in West Asia becomes one of largest countries around Arabian Peninsula. Here, over 26 million people live in this country. Sana’s becomes the capital city and also the largest one in Yemen. Just like other desert countries, Yemen has dry summer and desert climate; rainy season is rarely happen here Similar with other West Asian countries, oil resources become the biggest income for this country. In Yemen, a tourist is helped with the accommodation here. The airport, taxi, and other transportations are available. Also, several car rentals are also can be found here so that people can go from one place to others quickly.

Natural attractions

Every country surely has its natural beauties, and so Yemen. The natural attractions in Yemen surely will make your heart moving. Yemen has many beautiful natural attractions to enjoy. Let’s check these natural attractions in Yemen that are worth visiting.

Socotra Island

This beautiful island is the most amazing places in Yemen. Make sure to free your time and visiting this island while in Yemen.

Yemen, Socotra Island
Socotra Island

Located in Aden, this site offers a very breathtaking taking view. You can see unique flora and fauna here. This Pirate Island also becomes safe destinations for children. Also, many accommodations are available to reach this superb island.

Qalansiyah Beach

Yemen has many beaches that offer very exotic views. Qalansiya Beach becomes the most fantastic beach in Yemen.

Yemen, Qalansiyah Beach
Qalansiyah Beach

This exotic beach has white sand and pure blue water. It also has a magnificent lagoon. It makes Qalansiyah Beach are good to enjoy the romantic sunset.

Wadi Dirhur Canyon

Another natural attraction in Yemen that must be on the list is Wadi Dirhur in Socotra Island.

Yemen, Wadi Dirhur Canyon
Wadi Dirhur Canyon

This canyon offers the excellent natural pool for swimming. The palm trees around add the beauty of this canyon. Feel the fresh water here, and you surely will fall in love being here.

Archer Beach

Socotra Island certainly has magnificent natural beauties to try just like Archer Beach. The amazing dunes make the view of Archer becomes more beautiful. It is surely an exotic beach! The crystal blue water surely will make your heart moving.

Yemen, Archer Beach
Archer Beach

Archer Beach also often used for camping and picnic. That is why this place commonly so crowded on weekend and holiday.

Heritage Sites

Speaking of Yemen heritage sites, there are a lot of them that worth visiting! Just like other West Asia countries, Yemen also has many histories to share. Here are the lists that must be visited.

Old City of Sana’a

Yemen has a lot of old cities, but this one actually needs to visit! Lots of people call this place as the most magnificent ancient ruins on earth. This significant place has very stunning architecture, and it is surely a lovely building. No wonder this old city called as the masterpiece of Yemen.

Dar al-Hajar

Besides old city or forts, Yemen also offers great castle to enjoy. Dar al-Hajar is situated in Wadi Dhahr in Sana’a city. This castle is so wealthy of Yemen histories. The superb architecture here makes people cannot imagine how to build this fantastic castle.

Sira Castle

Sira Castle also becomes the oldest castle in Yemen. Sira was built in 11th century with hundreds of stairs. Located in Creater, Aden, this amazing villa offers the exotic view from the top. However, you need to step through hundred stairs to see the amazing Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Aden from the upper part of this castle.

Getaway Destinations

Bored of historical places? Keep calm because Yemen still has lots of pleasurable getaway destinations to visit. Some mosques, mall, and parks can be your getaway destinations in Yemen. Let’s check this enjoyable place.

Al Saleh Mosque

Al Saleh Mosque is one of a famous grand mosque in Yemen. This beautiful mosque is located Sana’a and becomes one of the landmarks of this city. You can feel the peaceful atmosphere here with magnificent Islamic architecture and design. This astonishing mosque will make your trip unforgettable.

Aden Mall

Just like other larger countries, Yemen also has the shopping mall. Aden Mall is a great place for the shopping lovers. Here you can find anything you need like foods, clothes, electronics, and so on. All of them have the entire global brands. Moreover, Aden Mall also surrounded by the sea makes this place has the exotic view of the sunset.

Shajarat Al-Ghareeb

This place is located in Duqm Al Ghurab in Taiz. Here, you can see a huge tree with the unique shape. People in Yemen say that the age of this tree is around 2000 years old.

Typical Food

While traveling in one country, make sure to taste is traditional and exceptional food. Speaking of its culinary, there are a lot of average food in Yemen that worth tasting. Here, we provide you some lists of Yemen common food that worth trying.


Saltah is one of ethnic food in Yemen. Every region will have its variant of Saltah. This food is made of maraq, Turkish stewed meat cooked with sahawig sauce. This food is commonly served with scrambled eggs, rice, potatoes, Yemeni bread or veggies.


Mandi or commonly known mandy, mandee, or mindi is the typical food in Yemen that becomes a favorite. It is made of lamb meat that is cooked with Yemeni spices in tandoor. Mandi commonly served with basmati rice. However, these days some people change the lamb meat with chicken.


Ogda in Yemen means combining all the ingredients into one. Every region has different types of Ogda. Some of it cooks this dish with lamb, but others make it with fish or chicken. The meat is commonly combined with veggies like carrot, zucchini, tomato, and so forth. All of the ingredients is cooked together just like soup. Traditionally, Ogda is served together with Yemeni bread.

Tourist Attractions in Yemen surely a must visit. Yemen will make your trip entirely memories in every place you visit. Moreover, the delicious food in Yemen also will complete your journey. Feel peaceful of its natural beauties, and learn something new of its cultures and historical places. Make sure you have the greatest adventure ever in Yemen.