Asian Cuisine

Many people may think about curry, sushi, and noodles when talking about asian culinary. Yes, that was Asian famous foods that successful popularized by hollywood. There are 43 countries in this continent regions, you don’t really think that Asian foods is just curry, sushi, and noodles isn’t it ?. Asia is continent with rich spices, there’re many different foods just in 1 country, and for each made with various of ingredients and recipes.

Not only the biggest continental area in the world Asia also blessed with plentiful attractions. In so, what else can distract your journeys other than foods, especially for cuisines which mostly characterized with high spices ?. If you are going to get Asia culinary trip, make sure that to try cuisines mentioned below… continue reading The Culinary Attractions of Asia

8 Cambodian Street Food to Die for

Cambodia is definitely one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in Asia. People know that Cambodia is an exotic country. It has excellent culture, Cambodian Street Food, and ancient treasure. This country received huge attention due to the movie Tomb Raider. When Angelina Jolie appeared so gorgeously in the movie Tomb Raider, the world started […]

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Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singaporean Delicious Dishes

Don’t forget to stop by in Singapore when visiting Southeast Asia. There are a lot of things for people to visit this country. Start from the attractions, shopping centres, and also foods. Singapore is known best as one of the best countries in Asia for foods hunting. There are many different type of dishes served […]

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Laos, the Journey, and Khao Piak Sen

The best thing from a trip is not the sweet luxury we experience but the warm experience that we learn. Each journey has to give us some improvements in life and personality. For those who have been through many travels and holiday plans will know that the most luxurious experience can come from the smallest […]

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Indian Butter Chicken, Top South Asian Culinary

When you are decided to go to South Asia, Do not forget to come and visit India. This country is the best place for you in South Asia to entertain yourselves. Start from the nature, the scenery will guide to their culinary attractions. India has their own typical taste, such as curry. This is why […]

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Pho, Vietnamese Fresh Noodle Soup

One of the best country in Southeast Asia that are famous for its culinary trip attractions is Vietnam. And every morning you can see a lot of people busy cooking a dish, which not only regarded as the national dish of Vietnam but also a dish that gives strengths to people for the whole day. […]

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Satay, Best Grilled Dish in Indonesia

When you have decided to visit the Southeast Asia, Indonesia you would better not to miss the culinary. Why? It is because Indonesia is well known as one of the best Southeast Asia countries that serve you a lot of different kind of foods. Moreover, Indonesia has 33 different province. This makes Indonesia has a […]

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