South Korea Buffet, The Korean BBQ

South Korea Buffet, The Korean BBQ

Nowadays, Korea has already reached its popularity. Start from their best nature attraction, their shopping mall, their entertainment to their cuisine. People all over the world are starting to enjoy everything from Korea. Moreover from South Korea, since it is not easy for us to go and visit North Korea.

People often call the Korea’s popularity all over the world as Korean Fever. It is where everyone loves every single thing about Korea. And this is where we get a chance to understand more about Korea. A lot of people come and visit Korea because of the Korean culinary attraction. Are you one of them? It is inevitable that South Korea has a top score for their culinary. And this article is going to introduce you to the best Korean dish that you would love!

Who does not like buffet? Or have you ever heard anything about so called buffet’? Buffet is the term refer to where you can eat all the foods that are served in the restaurant, but only require to pay once. Usually, you are required to cook your own meat in the buffet restaurant. This is how Korean BBQ works. There are a lot of seasoned meat in the restaurant, but you still need to cook the meat yourselves.

Besides the meat itself, there are a lot of side dishes served in the restaurant. It depends on how the restaurant serves it. For example, you can also enjoy a tteokbokki and gimbap in the Korean BBQ restaurant. They also serve different kind of drinks. Lemon tea, hot water, tea, soft drinks and many more. The price is also quite affordable for you to pay. This is why Korean BBQ is popular among the people. Best food with an affordable price.

Preparation and Steps to Cook

Some Korean BBQ lovers might wondered how to make their own Korean BBQ. But actually, it is pretty easy to prepare it. We can even prepare it 100% based on our preference. What should we prepare to enjoy such a Korean BBQ in our home.

The meat

You might want to prepare bacon, pork belly, chicken breast, beef and many other meat that you wish to enjoy. You do not need to worry. If you think it is impossible to season all the meat nicely, you can buy the seasoning itself from Korean supermarket. They usually sell a bottle of seasoning for your Korean BBQ. This way, you do not have such a trouble to prepare your own Korean BBQ.


Kimchi is very common for all the Korean dish. This is a necessary side dish that you need to have. Again, you do not need to make it yourselves because it would be too much to handle. You can just get one box of kimchi easily from Korean supermarket.


So, Korean actually has their own way to enjoy their Korean BBQ. How is it done? After your meat is cooked, you will need to put the meat onto a sheet of lettuce, and wrap the meat with the lettuce sheet. After that, you eat it at once. This is how Korean usually enjoy this dish. You can also add grilled enoki mushroom in your lettuce wrap.

Those three main dish are the most common thing that should be there once you are decided to have your own Korean BBQ at home. But usually you will get to spend more money than when you go to the restaurants. So, it is suggestable if you first count it properly how much will you spend to have your own Korean BBQ and to go to the restaurants.

Asia Food Tourist Attraction : Because of the affordable price and the unlimited amount of food that we can have, Korean BBQ is one of the most popular Asia food tourist attraction. You do not need to worry. Now, you do not need to go all the way to South Korea to enjoy Korean BBQ. There are a lot of Korean BBQ now available in some different countries. Go get yours now and try how tasty this dish! Please do remember that you need to empty your stomach before you go to Korean BBQ. Cheers!

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