8 Cambodian Street Food to Die for

8 Cambodian Street Food to Die for

Cambodia is definitely one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in Asia. People know that Cambodia is an exotic country. It has excellent culture, Cambodian Street Food, and ancient treasure. This country received huge attention due to the movie Tomb Raider. When Angelina Jolie appeared so gorgeously in the movie Tomb Raider, the world started to admire Cambodia more. The movie was filmed in Seam Rip Cambodia. The movie was a huge success due to the amazing scenery and story. Besides, Cambodia was also listed as number one tourist destination in Asia in 2015.

That fact is enough to invite people to come and enjoy Cambodia. Visiting Cambodia will give people thrilling experience. There are various spots that travelers can visit in Cambodia travel. There is Ta Prohm Temple Siem Reap for both thematic tour natural and historical trip during travel in cambodia. In addition, there’s also Ho Chi Minh Trail as an attractive tourist attraction of Cambodia which is quite popular at local and abroad.

However, if the travelers have not enough time to spend in this country, visiting Seam Rip will be enough. Yet, travelers need to taste the special dish of Cambodia so the beautiful memories of Cambodia will last.

Cambodian Street Food

Popular as the pearl of Indochina during 1950s, Cambodia remains one of the beautiful countries in Asia where culinary richness is unpatrolled. Though Cambodia has passed a dark age when the brutal genocide of Khmer Rouge Regime, it heals gradually really well. Thus, it will be a stunning experience to roam this country right from the exotic streets. We can enjoy the kindness of Cambodians. Besides, we need to taste the Cambodian street foods. Here are some of them.

1. Duck Foetal Egg

In Philippine, this food is called Balut. However, the taste is a little bit different here in street food Cambodia. When people feel tired with white egg and yolks, this will be quite an alternative. We will taste an egg with a fetus inside.

Cambodian Duck Foetal Egg
Cambodian Duck Foetal Egg

For some reasons, it sounds yucky but we need to try it out just to feel the Cambodia deeper. The texture of the egg is just moist. Balut normally comes with a kind of soup inside. But, in Cambodia, the egg is juicy enough to swallow. Cambodian eats it by crushing the entire head, wings, and bones in a mess before adding a salt on it. Do you dare to try it ?

2. Barbecue Skewers

Similarly to other countries in Asia, skewers are offered in Cambodia. We can try it while enjoying the beauty of Mekong River. The humble stick of the skewers will be no problem since the taste is five starred. We can enjoy various barbecue alternatives such as sea foods, shrimps, and fish with the best taste.

Cambodian Barbecue Skewers
Cambodian Barbecue Skewers

It is easy to find this food in the entire place of Cambodia. However, we can enjoy the best skewers in the Central Market.

3. Rice Pork

You might feel that it is only ordinary food to try. However, the taste of the pork is slightly different compared to the other pork dishes in Asian countries. Besides, it is so much wonderful to enjoy this item in Cambodia for our morning breakfast.

Cambodian Rice Pork
Cambodian Rice Pork

This one of cambodian culinary attractions will comes in a plate of rice and some pieces of pork. Next, we can sprinkle some scallion and that will be enough to make your favorite Cambodian Street Food. We do not have to go somewhere to taste this dish. Many vendor ladies sell it in Cambodia streets.

4. Coconut Ice Cream

This is the culinary item to die for when we are visiting Cambodia. In Thailand, we can find similar foods but the taste of coconut ice cream in Cambodia is surely different and way more delicious. The ice cream is served inside a coconut that will taste refreshing.

Cambodian Coconut Ice Cream
Cambodian Coconut Ice Cream

The ice cream combinations are special as well. We will love ice cream with chocolate, coconut, and durian flavor along with palm sugar. It is quite hard to get this fabulous food in Cambodia. We can find only one seller in Phnom Penh, near the Central Market. Another style of this ice cream comes with a piece of bread with peanut sprinkle. For the latter style, we can get it in street sellers who sell it with their humble-looking carts.

5. Lort Cha

This is one of the most famous street foods in Cambodia. This stirred noodles, beans sprout, broccoli, and chives will make all travelers treasure their times in Cambodia. Besides, this dish comes with a red sauce of sweet and spicy flavor. Typically, it has a beef topping and fried eggs. This can be a delicious dinner dish that we want to enjoy in our first evening in Cambodia. Where to find it? We can find it on the streets in the central market; Phnom Penh.

6. Num Pang

For those who want to taste the modern dish of Cambodia, Num Pang is the best choice. This food was originally introduced in the Indochina colonialism period. The flavor will taste similar to the Vietnamese dish with French influence. This amazing snack does look like a sandwich but it has a more various filling. We can bite the delicious bread with pork, ham, and pate. Besides, we will enjoy the dish a lot since it comes with onion, chives, cucumber, and carrots. This tasty snack is offered for as low as $1.95.

7. Bamboo Sticky Rice

It is the traditional dish that we will treasure a lot. It is a typical dish of sticky rice, black beans, coconut, and coconut milk. What is so special with the dish is the bamboo steamer. We can get this unique food along the streets of Siem Reap. The flavor is sweet and salty a little bit.

8. Chive Cakes

Cambodia has the influence of China a lot. This snack is one of the dishes with the China influences. When roaming to enjoy Cambodia street food, we can try this chive cakes with the sweet spicy fish sauce. Cambodians call it Num Kachay.

Those are some of the Cambodian Street Food that we need to try when we visit this majestic country. We will be able to feel the Cambodia as we bite the street foods along the journey.


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