Nasi Goreng, Famous Rice-Based Dish From Indonesia

One of the best country that you can visit for its food is Indonesia. This country is famous for its food as well as street food that you can find almost everywhere in the city. Who doesn’t love a great country with nice people and beautiful scenery? Especially with various dishes that you can choose. Nasi Goreng is the most famous dish in Indonesia, and it has become Indonesia food tourist attraction for years now.

Nasi Goreng literally means fried rice or can refer to as pre-cooked rice mixed with various other ingredients. Most people use oil to cook Nasi Goreng, but there are some who prefer margarine for a better taste. Since it has simple ingredient that you can easily find at the market but also rich in taste, this dish has become one of the best Indonesia culinary attraction.

Other ingredients that you may choose to have are prawns, chicken and also egg. Beside the extra ingredients, Nasi Goreng mainly spiced up by adding sweet soy sauce, garlic, shrimp paste, shallot, and the most important addition to make this dish complete is chilli. The spiciness of the dish is very important because it brings the true taste of the dish. One other variation of Nasi Goreng that you can find is Nasi Goreng with salted dried fish, this variation is also very popular among citizen across the country. Beside serves at the restaurants with a more expensive price as well as more variation, you can find street vendor who also sells this Asian food at every corner of the street, particularly at night.

Nasi Goreng also described as Indonesian stir-fried rice, although you can find this dish is very popular in other country such as Malaysia, Siangapore and Brunei Darussalam. But the one that you find in Indonesia has its own unique taste as well as unique aroma that you can only find in Indonesia. You can find it is different from any other version from other country by its aroma, smoky flavor, mixed with caramelized sweet soy sauce and completed with chilli and powdered shrimp paste. With another addition of spices, the taste of Nasi Goreng is much spicier and rich in flavor compared to any other rice-based dish around Asia. That is why Nasi Goreng is the best food in Southeast Asia.

There are many dish that has been called as the national dish of Indonesia, and one of them is this Nasi Goreng. It is a common menu that you may find in dinner parties, buffet tables, restaurant to a roadside food stall. It is a usually cooked in small batches of two or three portions. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, practically any time of the day. But most people will choose it for their dinner menu. It is also because most of street food stalls are serving it at night. If you have spices and left over rice at your house, you can also cook this easy recipe to avoid wasting any rice.

Most of its ingredients are easy to find at the market, and it is better because you can have a lot of variation for this dish. You may add vegetables, sausages, any kind of meat, and even seafood such as shrimp, crab and many other. Because of its unique taste, Nasi Goreng has become food tourist attraction for many years.

If you don’t have the spices or any ingredients neede, you can still make this Asia tourist attraction food with instant seasoning that you can find in supermarket or many convenience stores. There are also many brands that you can choose, each of them has their own unique taste of seasoning, you may as well try them to see which one that you like the most of this Asia food tourist attraction variation. To cook it is simple, you only need to fry the rice and then add the instant seasoning then mix it well, if you choose the powder one. There are also instant seasoning paste that you need to fried it first for a few seconds then add the rice to the frying pan. All this unique taste making this dish as one of the best Asia Culinary Attraction.