Laos, the Journey, and Khao Piak Sen

Laos, the Journey, and Khao Piak Sen

The best thing from a trip is not the sweet luxury we experience but the warm experience that we learn. Each journey has to give us some improvements in life and personality. For those who have been through many travels and holiday plans will know that the most luxurious experience can come from the smallest thing. What are precious in a journey are an extraordinary experience with local genius, culture, and any experience that can tell us better life values. Keep read! especially, if you looking for sen sen ingredients from Kao Piak, one of laotian popular culinary.

Therefore, we need to pick our travel destination wisely. We have to pick a wonderful place like Laos to learn various beautiful sites in Laos journey. Temples of Vientiane, Luang Prabang Tours, and Khao Piak Sen are only some of the attractive spots and/or things in Laos.

Top Attractions and Things To Do in Laos

When visiting a unique destination, we might want to check what kinds of enjoyments we will face ahead. However, sometimes it is good to let it flow. That way will be surprised with what are going to happen. Yet still, we need to get informed with some crucial cases in order to give us comfort when traveling. When visiting a warm country such as Laos, we need to check the tour packages that we will love. This is so because Laos offers various different tour packages to give travelers satisfactions.

Laos, the Journey, and Khao Piak Sen
Laos, the Journey, and Kao Piak Sen

The prettiness scenery of Laos, the majestic culture and religion exposures, and the tasty cuisine are some of the gorgeous sites of Laos. For those who want to spend their superb morning with a big bowl of Khao Piak Sen, Highlight of Spicy Laos Package 7 days will be a great tour package to get pleasure in. This tour gives travelers chance to taste the delicious Laos’s cuisines and culinary products. The journey combines wonderful travels to many stunning destinations and many visits to famous restaurants to taste the cuisines. Besides, travelers will get the chance to make some dish.

If we plan to enjoy the warm experience while visiting an Asian country, to get pleasure in a signature dish of that very country is a must. In Laos, Khao Piak Sen is on the top list. Similarly to other Asian countries, tasty foods with spicy flavor are all awesome to try. This signature cuisine of Laos will say much about this country beauty and exotic impression.

Khao Piak Sen

Literally, Kao Piak Sen is a rice noodle soup. This is one of the traditional cuisines of Laotian. Thus, in some areas, this cuisine is also called Lao Khao Piak Sen. This will be a perfect dish for a cold day. However, since there is no particular cold day in Southeast Asia, this cuisine will be great for a morning dish or breakfast meal. Besides, during a cold rainy day, this noodle soup (commonly called Sen Sen) can be delicious as well.

Many might guess that this famous dish is made with super complicated ingredients. Some Asian cuisines are popular for its special taste due to rare ingredients; or complicated ones. But, this Kha Piak Sen is totally different. This menu is special in a simple way despite its chicken and other possible toppings. It does not require too many ingredients.

Laotian Khao Piak Sen served
Laotian Khao Piak Sen served

However, travelers who taste this dish for the first time will be surprised to enjoy this amazing food. It tastes perfect and genuine through simplicity. From this simple ingredient case, we can see that Laos is a humble country with a unique taste.

How to enjoy Kha Piak Sen?

Served mainly as a breakfast meal, it will be great to enjoy this meal with some people together. In Korea, we have seen a group dining with barbecue as the main menu. In Laos, this Sen Sen noodle soup will be worth trying.

The chef usually served this rice noodle soup in large bowl to eat with a large group of people. So, it is common for Laos people to go eating out together and order this menu. The side dish for this menu is pork belly. To combine the tasty Sen Sen soup together with grilled pork belly are not so new for some East Asian countries also serve it. However, it will be totally different if we enjoy it in Laos, with its amazing culture and people.

Lao noodle soup calories

Basically, Kao Piak Sen is a homemade chicken noodle soup. Therefore, the taste will be warm and homey. It reminds us of a simple dish that made Anton Ego sit still while recalling the moment of eating his mom’s homemade meal. The feeling will be quite the same.

We can cook this dish with chewy noodles with chicken broth as the topping. When the weather is cold, as we want to get comforted by food, and when we feel a little under weather, we can enjoy this food and feel relieved. Even, this meal is considered one of the hearty meals of Laos. Check recipes below for Lao noodle soup calories.

How to Cook Sen Sen of the Kao Piak

Sen Sen Ingredients

  • rice flour: 1 pack (16 oz)
  • tapioca starch: 21 oz
  • boiling water: 2 cups

First of all, we have to mix one package of rice flour with the tapioca starch. Next, slowly add 2 cups of boiling water and stir well. After that, we have to kneed the dough for several minutes. This will be the tough part of the recipe. We have to patiently wait for the dough to get ready for about 10 minutes. Next, we can roll the dough using rolling pin out to 1/8 inch. The last step is to cut the thin dough into 1.4-inch noodles. To prevent the noodle from sticking, we need to dust it with tapioca starch.

Steps for cooking Khao Piak Sen

Khao Piak Sen will not be so delicious before we make the chicken broth. Here are the steps:

  1. roasted chicken: 1
  2. water: 12 cups
  3. lemongrass: 1 stalk
  4. galangal: 1 piece
  5. kaffir lime leaves: 3 pieces
  6. fish sauce

It will be as easy as cutting up the chicken and place in a pan. Next, we can add some water and other ingredients. After finishing the chicken broth, we can start cooking the noodle with basic sen sen ingredients of soup and serve it with the chicken broth.

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