Laotian Larb, The Best Meat Salad From Laos

Laotian Larb, The Best Meat Salad From Laos

If you happen to visit Southeast Asia, then one of the great country you may want to visit is Laos. Laos has natural beauty views all across the country, and they also has great spots for your adventure needs and you can also visit many place that offers you great nature views. And you can also enjoy their various type of dish from meats to vegetables. One of the dish that has been considered as Laos culinary attraction is this Laotian Larb. It might sound weird but it has great taste and full of flavor.

Laotian Larb is something close with meat salad, and it has been regarded as one of the best national dish from Laos. There are other country too who serve this Larb dish, but each of them has their own ingredients and unique taste. Most country who has this dish are from Lao ethnicity like Isan region and Thailand, that’s why they share the same recipe. Laotian Larb is also regarded as Laos food tourist attraction for its great taste that you can only find in Laos.

A Wealth of Laotian Larb, Meat and Herb Salad

Different from Kao Piak (other laos typical food), This dish is mainly made with various kind of meat. Mostly it is either beef, chicken, pork or fish with another addition of mushrooms. The meat is flavored by other ingredients such as lime, fish sauce, fresh herb and many more.

The meat for this Asian food is either cooked or raw, and you can choose which one that you want to eat. All of the ingredients above then mixed with the meat as well as additional ingredient like chilli, mint and various kind of vegetables. Another very important addition is the ground toasted rice. If you find most of the dish are served in a hot condition, but this dish is different because it is served at room temperature. And you can find other food like raw vegetables and also sticky rice as a side dish.

Like any other dish around Asia, Laotian Larb is one of the spicy dish from Southeast Asia. If you visit Laos and you like spicy dish, then this dish is the best choice that you should try. It is a great yummy recipe as menu for lunch or dinner time. Laotian Larb is the best meat salad dish from Laos, and it has the unique and balanced combination taste of sweetness and saltiness. You can also smell the herbs and spices to make this dish. It is also a very good choice of menu to eat on a summer day, because it is light and has various of healthy ingredients.

Best Salad From Laos

Even if it doesn’t sound too appealing from its name, Laotian Larb is definitely the best salad from Laos. There are also other dish that almost has the same taste as this one in other country, but they also has their own unique taste. So come to Laos if you want to try on of the best salad that exist in the world.

Because of its unique taste, Laotian Larb has become food tourist attraction for many years. What makes it unique is that this salad is different from any other kind of salad which only has vegetables. This Laotian popular dish is made mostly with vegetables and chicken, but you can also find various kind of variation to it like beef or duck meat.

Its full of fresh flavour and you can feel its bitey blend of mint with coriander. You can also make your own version of this dish at home with ingredients that you can find easily at the market. With this healthy recipe you will want to splurge on the fresh herbs, which make this Larb’s unique taste with amazingly fresh flavour.

One more ingredient thatyou might find strange or unfamiliar in this Asia tourist attraction is this toasted sticky rice powder. But it actually not a very hard to find ingredient, you can buy it from any Asian market or big supermarket that sell various kind of seasonings and ingredients for dishes. All this unique taste making this dish as one of the best Asia Culinary Attraction.

There are also many variation of this dish as mentioned earlier, so you can choose which of them has the best unique taste. You may as well try them to see which one that you like the most of this Asia food tourist attraction variation.

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