Nasi Lemak, the Malaysian National Dish

Nasi Lemak, the Malaysian National Dish

Malaysia has become one of the great country to enjoy your vacation, not only because you will get to enjoy variety of unique culture and beautiful scenery, you can also find numerous local dishes that will capture your appetite. Nasi Lemak is one of the dish that has become Malaysia Food Tourist Attraction for its unique and delicious taste. It is also one of the best dish that has become Malaysia culinary attraction.

Citizen of Malaysia usually eat Nasi Lemak any time of the day whether it is for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You can also easily find it in every corner of the country, from street corner to the most famous restaurant. This is why Nasi Lemak has become Malaysia “National Dish”, eventhough there are no authority or any part of the national agency that officially announce it.

Secret behind savory taste of Nasi Lemak

This one of Malaysian National Dish is a great Asian food choice if you are travelling around Asia and looking for a unique taste of local dishes at every country. Nasi Lemak is actually rice that simply being cooked and soaked with coconut milk, gives creamy texture to the grains. To add some fragrance, you might find some knotted pandanus leaves, lemon grass or ginger mixed with it. You can also make this yummy recipe at home if you want to, because all of the ingredients needed is fairly easy to find. But if you want to taste the real taste of it, you may also pay a visit to Malaysia. There are also many version of it, from chicken and beef even to some cuttlefish.

Its creamy, crunchy, nutty taste, Nasi Lemak can be eaten for breakfast, second breakfast, supper, dinner, practically any time of the day. This dish is also a great choice to try if you like hot and spicy food. The mingling flavor as well as unique texture will make you want to eat it again and again. That is why Nasi Lemak is one of the best food tourist attraction.

There are some essential ingredients that you can find in Nasi Lemak, and also some extras that you can choose to add or not to add. The essential ingredients are anchovies, cucumber, fried peanut, boiled egg or fried egg, and the most important part is sambal. Sambal are commonly find on various dish through out Southeast Asia. The extra ingredients you might choose to have are rendang, or commonly known as chicken curry and beef curry, chicken liver, fried chicken, fried cow lung, dried prawns sambal, and stewed kangkong or water spinach.

In Malaysia, where this dish can be found ?

There are ways to serve Nasi Lemak, the best food in Southeast Asia. As mentioned before, there are many street seller who serves this Malaysian National Dish, as well as famous restaurant. If you visit some street vendors you might see that they usually set up tables on the street and placed various pots as well as plastic containers or some order to go. There is a large tub or plastic pail where they put the rice and other ingredients such as sambal, rendang, various kind of curry and eggs. You can pick what would you like to eat with your Nasi Lemak, and then the vendor will packed it for you. The more you choose extra ingredients, the more you need to pay for it.

Another way that you may find Nasi Lemak served is Nasi Lemak Bungkus. Bungkus in Melayu Language that means “wrap” or “pack”. With this, you will get pre-packed Nasi Lemak, with standart ingredient like sambal, fried peanut, fish, cucumber and also boiled egg.

The last way that this Asia food tourist attraction served is a la carte. This version of Nasi Lemak you will likely found it on restaurant as well as hotel eateries. It has almost every ingredients that you find on street vendors, but with a more expensive prices. The price is almost twice as expensive compared to street vendors. But you can as well pick any ingredients you want to eat with your Nasi Lemak by yourself. But Nasi Lemak is still the big Asia tourist attraction from Malaysia. And this dish is at the top of the list of must try Asia culinary attraction menu.

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