Pad Thai, Excellent Flavor Dish From Thailand

Pad Thai, Excellent Flavor Dish From Thailand

Travelling all over the world is very exciting, not only because you will get to enjoy variety of different culture and beautiful scenery, you can also find numerous local dishes that will capture your appetite. One of the best country that you can visit for its food is Thailand. This country is famous for its food as well as street food that you can find almost everywhere in the city.

Pad Thai has become Thailand Food Tourist Attraction for its unique and delicious taste. Many country had adopted its yummy recipe and make their own Pad Thai, because it is fairly easy to make. You can also make one at your house with ingredients that you can choose. That’s why Pad Thai is one of the best Thailand culinary attraction. If you pay a visit to a Thailand restaurant in Europe or United States, you will likely to find Pad Thai on their top recommendation dish.

This Asian Food, Pad Thai, cooked with fierce heat, it is necessary to bring the right flavor as well as the scorched flavor. They also cooked it in big batches around 10 servings at once. There are many version that you can find for this dish, but the ordinary Pad Thai usually has fried shrimp and dry rice noodles being cooked first. As the sauces and oils heat up, the noodles are done quite quick. After this, there are more ingredients to toss to the pan such as bean sprouts, baby shrimp, tofu, leeks and also more ingredient depends on the version that you order.

Finally, the dish is complete with egg cracked in there. Not only taste good, but this healthy recipe is also a great choice if you are looking for good and healthy food.

One of the many reason why Pad Thai is become food tourist attraction is that they don’t serve it as it is if you choose to bring it home. Just like a gift that has wrappers on it, they also has the option to wrap the food into a styrofoam box with another fancy addition which is beautiful wrapper before served, making the food looks more fancy.

Although when you eat it at the place, they will serve it on plates as it is. One of the version of Pad Thai is Pad Thai Haw Kai Goong Sot, or Par Thai that wrapped in egg. This version has jumbo prawns on it packed inside an egg wrapper complete with perfectly cooked noodles. For the final touch, you will likely to find pepper as well as cilantro for the garnish. If you want to make this yummy recipe on your house, you can also add some lime, chilli flakes or crushed peanuts as well.

The main ingredient of this best food in Southeast Asia is noodles. Regardless of what version, Pad Thai comes with slightly sweet taste of noodles that cooked perfectly with big fire. The fire gives some kind of roasted flavor to it, and it is essential to use charcoal for cooking it. the addition of the lime juice balanced all the other ingredients so you will have a flavorful dish for your dinner time.

Beside Pad Thai that wrapped in egg version, you can also find Pad Thai with juices head of jumbo shrimp. This Asia tourist attraction dish might not sounds too appealing from the descriptions, but if you are a fan of seafood dish, then this version is worth to try. Different with Pad Thai with egg wrapper, in this version you will find the egg scrambled and mixed rather than use as wrapper. Although you will still find the same smokiness hint like the egg wrapper version.

This variety of option also play a big part of why Pad Thai is one of the best Asia food tourist attraction. If you visit Thailand, don’t forget to taste its other wonderful dish through out the country and you can also find many dish that has become Asia culinary attraction. Although you might find Pad Thai on other restaurant around the world, but you might not have the original taste that you can find in Thailand.

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