Pho, Vietnamese Fresh Noodle Soup

Pho, Vietnamese Fresh Noodle Soup

One of the best country in Southeast Asia that are famous for its culinary trip attractions is Vietnam. And every morning you can see a lot of people busy cooking a dish, which not only regarded as the national dish of Vietnam but also a dish that gives strengths to people for the whole day. Pho, is the name of this Fresh Noodle Soup dish of Vietnamese.

Not only loves by the citizen of Vietnam, Pho is also one of the best Vietnamese culinary tourist attraction for its freshness. It is a dish that traditionally cooked for breaskfast menu in Vietnam, but you can find restaurants in other country around Asia that serves this dish at any time.

Originated from Hanoi, this Fresh Noodle Soup is heavily influenced by Chinese spices and the idea of cooking beef that came from the French colonialist during the 19th century. For the people in Vietnam, beef was not considered as cooking ingredients before the French came. Then local people observing the way that French cook, and came up with the idea of making a meat dish with Asian flavour. Then they get idea to make pho, one of many best Vietnamese culinary attractions.

Vietnamese Culinary Attractions

This Vietnam Fresh Noodle Soup has a fresh taste of beef broth, and then flavoured with other ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, fish sauce and many more. Thanks to its great taste in the morning, Pho has become menu that makes many people fell in love with it.

Basically Pho is a noodle soup from Vietnam consisting of broth, rice noodles or people use to call it banh pho, then some meat as well as another addition of a few herbs. Usually the meat to make this dish is either chicken or beef meat. But you can also find any other meat as variation to this dish. If you visit Vietnam then you can find this Asian food all around the country, it is also popular as street food, with many street vendor in every corner of the street.

There are two kind of Pho, the saigon style and the Hanoi style. Both of them has different noodles size, broth and the choice for herbs. But both still has the main ingredients of this Fresh Noodle Soup. Originally, Pho sold by street vendors at early dawn everyday. They use mobile kitchen and bring all of the ingredients as well as bowls and packages for order to go. Since its freezing outside in the morning, the seller usually wear something like a hat called mu pho, to keep their heads warm while selling it. Because of its unique and fresh taste, Pho has became the best food tourist attraction for Vietnam.

Serving Vietnamese Pho

Real foundation of this best food in Souteast Asia is the stock. Broth has rich flavour from 18 hours of boiling beef bones and the addition of meat cuts like the cheek part, shin or even oxtail, which making the beef broth rich in flavour. It is deep and rich but it is also a clear broth, bringing freshness and heavenly smells to awake your appetite.

If you love to cook, then you can also try its healthy recipe at home with ingredients that you can find at the market. Most of the ingredients are easy to be found, and you can also experience with adding your favorite meat to it. Beside having a great taste, Pho is also fairly easy to cook. For the garnish, Pho usually has a lot of herbs, greens as well as vegetables to it. Other addition that you may find are hot and spicy paste, dipping sauces, and some lemon or lime juice to enhance its freshness. Pho can also be serve with hoisin sauce.

Pho is a famous dish for Asia culinary attraction, many other country has it on their restaurant menu. But if you really want to know the original taste of Pho, then visit Vietnam and enjoy their amazing nature while having a bowl of Pho. You may as well try them to see which one that you like the most of this Asia food tourist attraction variation. Although you can have this food tourist attraction dish at any time of the day, but it is better to try it for breakfast menu.

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