Satay, Best Grilled Dish in Indonesia

When you have decided to visit the Southeast Asia, Indonesia you would better not to miss the culinary. Why? It is because Indonesia is well known as one of the best Southeast Asia countries that serve you a lot of different kind of foods. Moreover, Indonesia has 33 different province. This makes Indonesia has a lot of traditional dishes or unique dishes that you can only find it in Indonesia. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the best Indonesian food. Satay.

Satay is one of the most popular food tourist attraction from all tourist. Start from the local, and international. It is because Indonesian satay has its own unique taste and you can only find that kind of taste in Indonesia only. For the types of satay, there are some different types of them. Such as, chicken satay. This is the very common one which you can find it easily and everywhere all around Indonesia. Next, there is beef satay.

Satay is only available in several place, such as in Sumatra and Java. It would be harder to find beef satay than to find chicken satay. The other kind is lamb satay, this is also the common one. More common if its compare to beef satay. But please do remember that lamb satay can cause a high blood pressure. So, for you people who have a hypertention, it would be best for you to discuss it with your heath care or doctor for further information. If not, by eating lamb satay, it will cause death for hypertention people.

Other type of satay is rabbit satay. Yes, fluffy bunny that we usually see, pet, and love because of their cuteness, you can find them on your plate in Indonesia. They have already turned the fluffy bunny into rabbit satay. For the satay itself, they usually come in two different flavour. The first one with peanut sauce, and the second one is with sweet soy sauce. Which one do you prefer?

To take note, in Indonesia, people usually enjoy the satay at night. Why? It is because they do not enjoy it in restaurants. The people who sell satay, usually offer their satay with their tray. It is a very common thing that happens in Indonesia. But you do not need to worry, if you think it would be hard to find one, you can just make your own satay. There are some easy recipes that you can follow. For example, you do not need to have a grill equipment just to have a plate of satay. You can use your teflon to make your own satay. After that, you need to choose which satay that you need to make. The easier one is chicken satay with sweet soy sauce.

Steps to cook

  • First, what you need to do is to dice all your chicken. Usually we use chicken breast.
  • After that, you need to season the chicken breast with garlic, pepper, salt, sweet soy sauce, and lime. With all the ingredients, you need to soak all the diced chicken into it. Let it be for 20 minutes.
  • Then, use the skewer, put all the diced and soaked chicken into the skewer and spread a margarine, sweet soy sauce, and lime while you are grilling the chicken on your teflon. If you see that your satay is cooked enough, you can turn off your stove. But if you want it to be more cooked, you can keep grilling your satay on your teflon.

You can enjoy your own satay just the way it is, or you can also enjoy your satay with a plate of rice. It will make you feel fuller. So people, are you ready to make your own satay?

In the end, satay is known best as Indonesian popular dish. People who are visiting Indonesian often look for restaurants that sell satay. You can get a plate of satay for about $1.50+. Pretty cheap, isn’t it? Get your cheap and delicious Indonesian satay only in Indonesia! You might find some restaurants overseas that also sell Indonesian cuisine, such as this one, satay. But you need to make sure whether the chef is Indonesian or not. Because, if the chef is not come from Indonesian, the taste of the food would be totally different. And also you will get a plate of Indonesian satay overseas more expensive than when you buy it in Indonesia.