Sushi, The Japanese Most Popular Dish

It is a common knowledge for most people in the world that Japan is one of the best country to visit. Start from the scenery that Japan has, the nature, the culture, the theme park, and not to left behind, is the culinary. All the Japan things is so much different compare to other countries. We can even easily tell if a culture or a food is from Japan or not. It is because Japan has their own unique identity which make people all over the world can tell them apart easily.

Japan food tourist attraction would be the most common thing that has already happened. A lot of people want to visit Japan to taste their foods and also enjoy their attraction. The first thing that comes would be a rolled rice wrapped with a sheet of seaweed and filled with variant fillings and definitely this one is come from Japan. Who does not like to eat sushi? Sushi is one of the most popular foods all over the world. Almost every different country has their own Japanese restaurants that serve sushi. Of course it is because the sushi’s popularity. In results, we do not need to go that far, all the way to Japan to enjoy a plate of sushi. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants around us.

On the other hand, sushi itself comes in two different types. The first one is the cooked one, and the second one is the raw one. Why? Because some people enjoy to have a raw fish for their sushi. But there are also some people who prefer to eat cooked fish for their sushi. But raw fish in sushi is already popular enough among the sushi lovers all over the world. Sushi fillings come in different fillings as well. There is veggies, chicken, crab, salmon, tuna, prawn, beef loss, eggs, fish eggs and many more. But typically, sushi’s fillings come with any other seafood fillings. For you people who are allergy with seafood, you do not need to worry. Sushi filled with veggies, chicken and eggs are still available for you to eat! They are as tasty as the seafood one.

Maybe most of you have already taste how delicious a sushi is. But do you know that actually it is pretty easy for us to prepare our own Japanese sushi? Well, of course it would be different compare to the Japanese restaurants that we have already visited. But that does not mean we cannot make our own delicious Japanese sushi. Moreover, it is very easy to get all the ingredients to make such a Japanese sushi.

Japanese Sushi ingredients

  • 1 cup of rice
  • 1 sheet of seaweed or nori
  • 1 cucumber (cut it vertically)
  • 1 carrot (cut it vertically)
  • Crab stick (you can add based on your preference)
  • Soy sauce alternately
  • 1 cheese block (dice or cut it vertically)

If you have already prepared all the ingredients, now you are ready to make your own Japanese sushi. This is what you need to do after you get all the ingredients.

Steps to Cook

  1. Using the maskishu (the equipment to roll the sushi), put the seaweed on top of it, and the cover the sushi’s surface with the rice.
  2. Put the cucumber, cooked or uncook (based on your preference) carrot, cheese, and the steamed crab stick onto the rice.
  3. Roll the maskishu. After that you can slice your sushi into pieces.
  4. Your Japanese sushi is ready for you to eat. You can dip your sushi into the soy sauce.

For the filling, you can change it with anything that you like. For example, salmon, tuna, chicken, more veggies, eggs any many other fillings based on your favorite. This recipe is very easy and does not require a long time to prepare. So, you can use this recipe whenever you want if you think you do not wish to spend more money to buy sushi. Because now, you have already known how to make your own Japanese sushi!

Now you know some things about Japanese sushi. And also you might have already known how popular the Japanese sushi is. But now, you even have already figured out how to make your own Japanese sushi. The price is very different between the sushi that you buy in the restaurants and the sushi that you make yourselves. So, which one do you prefer to have?