Afghanistan Tourist Attractions

Afghanistan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Want to go to the new place for your holiday? You may visit Afghanistan. There are so many places to go which will make you feel greater than ever. However, Afghanistan is one of the most of dangerous country in the world. At this rate, the tourist statistics was down since the increasing of wounded tourist. However, there are some places which are safe to go in Afghanistan. There are some Afghanistan tourist attractions which are still safe to go. The FCO (The British Foreign and Commonwealth office) has a recommendation for the safe route. You can fly into Kabul and then to Herat or Bamiyan. It will be safer for tourists.

Afghanistan Tourism Profile

Afghanistan which is in Central Asia is one of the most dangerous country in the worlds. Specifically, it is in west and north of Pakistan, south of Turkemnistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, and in the east of Iran. For the languages, there are more than 30 languages and each of them has different accent. For the official language of Afghanistan are Pashtu and Dari which is an Afghan Persian. In tourism profile record of Afghanistan, there are 9 main ethnic group in Afghanistan which are Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, and Baloch.

Natural Attraction

Afghanistan is known as the most visited tourist since there are some unique landscape and trademark. There are more than 5 natural tourism in Afghanistan. You can choose some of them for your trip or just visit all of them.

Ancient Buddhist Sites

For the first natural site  in Afghanistan is the Ancient Buddhist sites. Thing that makes it more attractive that there is a giant Buddhas of Bamyan. It is unusual because most of Afghan is moeslim.

Remmannts of Greek

Secondly, you can also go to Remmannts of Greek. For you who want to know more about the influence of Alexander’s Asian campaign, this is the right place.

Heritage Sites

After that, you can continue your journey in Afghanistan by visiting some heritages sites of Afghanistan. You cannot say that you already visited Afghanistan if you did not come to these places. There are other two places that are includes as the heritage place in Afghanistan

Minaret of Jam

For the first place to go is Minaret of Ham as one of the world heritage site in Afghanistan. It is in the mountains of Afghanistan which is near the Hari River. Minerat is like a building which has tall more than 200 feet and has unique interior.

Bamiyan Valley

Bamiyan Valley is a cultural landscape of Afghanistan. It becomes one of world heritage since this pace represents the religious and artistic developments from the first to thirteenth century.

Getaway Destination

For another option, you can also arrange your destination in Afghanistan from getaway destination. Actually, there are so many places that will blow you mind. There will be no the end for your holiday in Afghanistan if you want to go around more in Afghanistan. So, here are the best recommendation for destination in Afghanistan.

Darul Aman Palace

Darul Aman Palace is only ten miles outside of Kabul, which is a unique palace. This place must be the historical site in Afghanistan since it has been rebuilt for some reason. It was firstly built in early 1920s. However, the construction was stopped in the middle of its process for some political issue. After that, the building of Darul Aman Palace was set down on fire in 1969. Then, it continued as a house of Ministry of Defense in 1870s to 1980s. Unfortunately, the building was set on fire again in the Communist coup of 1978.

Herat National Museum

Actually, Herat National Museum firstly was Citadel of Alexander as the oldest building in 330 BCE. In comparison with the Kabul Museum, it will be the smaller one. However, you will get more feeling of unique and architecture vibes.

Kabul Zoo

Kabul as the center city of Afghanistan is attractive lately. For the precise location, the zoo on the bank of Kabul River which is one way with the Aziz GulSaqeb. In 2010, the record stated that there are more than 280 animals in Kabul zoo which includes 36 species of fish and species of mammals and birds. Lately, Kabul Zoo had took four white lions which were rescued from an animal smuggling attempt.

Tora Bora

Actually, Tora Bora is a cave complex. It is part of White Mountain. There were some mythology about this place. However, this place might be not safe enough for tourist since it was ever for a military engagement. This historical moment was taken place in 6 December 2001 to 17 December 2001. Tora Bora might be the famous one since it is a place where the military tried to capture Osama Bin Laden but it was failed.


After walking around the destinations in Afghanistan, you have to take some meal for reenergized your body. Then, you have to try the best Afghanistan culinary food. There are so many types of culinary that will satisfy your desire.


Afghanistan is a country that produces a lot of rice. There is chalau which is a fluffy white rice which eaten with korman. Then, there is also Kabuli pilao which contains of nuts, carrots, raisins, ground cardamom, spiced lentils rice, and a slow-cooked meat. The cooking process is very long because they cook it gently.


There is also a dumplings. It must be the common dish but it is the most important food. There will be an event when people in home were busy to make dumplings. Unfortunately, the tourist need to wait to eat this dish because it is available in special occassion.

Chicken and Lambs

Lamb kebab, Chapli kebab, and also a bee mince patty are the most delicious chicken and lamb food from Afghanistan. Meat dishes is special recommendation for tourists who are enjoying days in Afghanistan.

So, there are four Afghanistan tourist attractions that should be on your list. For the first is the natural attraction which are Ancient Buddist Sites and Remmannts Greek. Secondly, you can also look at the world heritage sites in Afghanistan which are Minaret of Jam and Bamiyan Valley. Thirdly, there are so many getaway destination as your holiday destination. Last, don’t forget to take some special meal so it will give you more bless.