Turkmenistan Tourist Attractions

Turkmenistan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Since Turkmenistan as one of the countries which are main points of trade in Central Asian, this country has a big possibility to expand its tourism aspect. Tourist attractions in Turkmenistan have grown rapidly in the latest years. Avaza is the place where Turkmenistan has started the construction of national touristic zone which costs the multi-billion dollar. In Avaza, there are numerous world class hotels and resorts which can accommodate the tourists while they are in their vacation in there. Other than that place, Turkmenistan has many more tourist attractions that you can try to explore. These are the further information about Turkmenistan tourism.

Tourism Profile

Turkmenistan is one of the countries which are in central Asia. But, this country almost becomes a landlocked country because most of Turkmenistan border is other neighbor countries. Except for one side which is bordered by a coast which is the Caspian Sea. Because of that, the Caspian Sea becomes one of the most popular destinations in Turkmenistan. Even though Turkmenistan is like North Korea that is everything is under its government control, but you are very welcome as the tourist to visit all the Turkmenistan tourist attractions. But, you have to remember, it is allowed since you do not talk about its politics and other kinds of stuff.

Natural Attractions

When it comes to natural attraction, Turkmenistan has some of them which mostly in a desert. You will see the breathtaking natural attractions such as Derweze crater and Yangykala canyon. These are the further information about those destinations.

Derweze Crater

This natural attraction is near Derweze village which is also well known as “Door to Hell” because this is a 20 m gas crater which has hundreds of fire flames. Because of the flame is so harmful to the villagers, they moved, and the hole became so mysterious and more interesting in people of Turkmenistan sight.

Derweze Crater
Derweze Crater

Fire flame intense is the most attracting thing for the tourist around the world to visiting this natural site while they are in Turkmenistan. If you want to see the magical and dreadful this Door to Hell, do not forget to prepare for the meal and other private kinds of stuff, because you can find the nearest shop in 90 km which is so far away.

Yangykala Canyon

If you visit Yangykala canyon, you will feel as if you are in a magical fairy tale because the view from up there is so beautiful. The rocks can change the color depends on the light that illuminates them. If you come to there in the afternoon, the rocks will have bright white color, while if you come to there when the sun sets, you will see the glowing red rocks on that canyon.

Yangykala Canyon
Yangykala Canyon

That is why Yangykala canyon is also known as fire fortresses. Except you can take so many beautiful pictures on there, you can also, tenting, camping, hiking, and jeep racing.

Heritage Sites

Speaking of heritage site in Turkmenistan, you will be taken to the past by the heritage sites in Turkmenistan. Here are some of the heritage sites which are full of history.

The Ancient Nisa

Nisa is an old city which is located 18 km on the west side of Ashgabat. You can see the ancient ruins in there which were temple and palace buildings. UNESCO has declared Old Nisa as a World Heritage Site in 2007 which proves that this heritage site is worth to be visited. If you are visiting the Old Nisa, you can find three interesting places in there. The first is a big tower which you can see the whole area of Old Nisa from up there. The second is the vast ruins where you can find the greatest room that has Parthian kings statues. And the third is 17 m diameter of Circular Hall.

The Ancient Merv

This is another ancient city in Turkmenistan which is used to be popular in its era. This area also used to be the famous area in Silk Road for the trade and politic matters in 9th – 10th centuries. In Merv area, you can find some ruins of ancient monuments because Merv is used to be a huge megacity which became the most important stop place on the Silk Road. This place is also the place of great philosophers, poets, and scientists were created which supported in awarding the title of “Mother of Cities.”

Getaway Destinations

Turkmenistan has plenty of leading getaway destinations aside from its magnificent heritage sites. The below are some of the getaway destinations in this country.


This is the most popular getaway destination in Turkmenistan which is national touristic zone. Avaza is located at the east side of the Caspian Sea which will pamper you with the sandy beaches, azure sea, and liberal sun view from its plenty of hospitality. You can come with family, friends, or with loved one to rest the days in this magnificent touristic zone which will offer you a set of qualitative services. There are also three amusement parks which are Jadyly kenar, Alemgoshar, and Deniz merjeni which of course become today’s favorite places in this country.

Independence Park in Ashgabat

This park is the symbol of the spirit of modern Turkmenistan which is one of the city’s attractions. You will be pampered by its beautiful features which are marble stairs, flowerbeds, groomed paths, and comfortable benches. There is also the Museum which has beautiful architecture.

Typical food

Turkmenistan typical food is very similar to the other central Asia countries. And, here are the typical foods in Turkmenistan.


This dish is kind of stew which consists of meat and vegetable soup. Chorba is very famous soup as the appetizer for people of Turkmenistan.


This dish is small dumpling which is filled with lamb. Manty can be cooked either in the steamer or frying pan. If you want the puffy one you might have the steamed Manty, but if you want the crispy one you might like the pan-cooked Manty.

That is all about tourist attractions in Turkmenistan and also the cuisine. Turkmenistan attractions offer you relaxing and past trip. It depends on you what will you choose, one of them or both to complete the experience in Turkmenistan.