Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions

Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Several countries in Central Asia certainly highly recommended for traveling, for instance are things in Uzbekistan facts. The Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan offers breathtaking natural beauties, unique historical places, fun getaways spots, and typical mouth-watering food.

All of those Uzbekistan tourist attractions undoubtedly will make your trip full of extraordinary moments! Every destination in Uzbek will lead you to a brilliant journey. Relax your body and mind with its natural attraction, learn its culture from its historical sites, and get enjoyable time by visiting its getaway places.

Tourism Profile

The Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the incredible countries in Central Asia with over 448,978 square kilometers land area. Here, several ethnics like Uzbek, Tajik, Russian, Tatar, Kazakh, and Karakalpak are live in this beautiful country. Uzbekistan people commonly use the Uzbek language for daily life. This language is also a known as Uzbekistan national languages.

However, other languages like Bukhori, Kazakh, Russian, Turkish, Parya, and so forth also utilized in some region. About more than 32 million people live in Uzbek, and most 88% of them are Muslims, 9% are Orthodox, and others are 3%. The climates here are commonly desert-continental, hot summer, cold winter, and semiarid.

Natural attractions

When it comes to natural attractions, Uzbek actually has limited places to visit. But, do not worry because there are still some natural attractions in Uzbek that worth seeing! While in Uzbek, do not miss you big time visiting these three amazing places!

Charvak Reservoir

While in Tashkent – capital of Uzbekistan, make sure to spend your time in Charvak Reservoir to get the peaceful sensation. It is a truly perfect place to see beautiful Lake of Tashkent. If you like something more adventure, you can enjoy hiking or trekking into mountain around the lake. Otherwise, you also enjoy a dip in the fresh water of the lake during summer. On winter, it is better to bring warm jacket due to low temperatures.


This place is so perfect for you who love ski and snowboard. Have an unforgettable Uzbekistan capital city trip in Tashkent by visiting Chimgon. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of Chimgon Mountain here from the cable’s car. Also, you can find some wildflowers in this area.

Alisher Navoi National Park

Park can be a perfect alternative to see the nature in Uzbek. In the Alisher Navoi National Park, you can take pleasure in its beautiful lake and wonderful plants. Several lovely fountains also add the attractiveness of this park.

Heritage Sites

Traveling to heritage sites in Uzbek is a never ending journey! Uzbek has loads of stunning historical place that offers amazing architecture and histories! Do not miss your time enjoying these top 5 of heritage sites in Uzbek!

Tash Khauli

Tash Khauli or commonly known as the Stone Palace is placed in Khiva. This ancient palace has the large area with some excellent parts in it like Harem. The architecture here is so amazing with beautiful design, great carvings, and multicolored ceilings.

Ismail Samanid Mausoleum

There is actually some Mausoleum that worth enjoying in Uzbek. However, in Ismail Samanid Mausoleum you can find both great architecture and landmark in Uzbek and learn about its history as well. This famous Mausoleum is located in Bukhara and becomes a gem in this area. The great architecture of this Mausoleum is influenced by Zoroastrian.

Itchan Kala

There are lots of ancient ruins that can be found while in Uzbek, and Itchan Kala is the lovely place to visit. Located in Khiva, you will see lots of beautiful collection of the ancient building like house and mosque. The architecture is truly astonishing with Russian influence on it. Feel the fairy tale atmosphere here.


This famous monument in Samarkand is always crowded with tourists. Enjoy the magnificent tombs or some eras and magnificent architecture in Shah-i-Zinda. It is surely a gorgeous place to visit.

Ark Fortress

It is one of the most related historic sites in Bukhara. This Fortress is very exciting to explore. Here, you learn so many histories of Bukhara from the historical stuff inside. The wall architectures of this fortress are truly stunning as well.

Getaway Destinations

Not only having incredible natural beauties and stunning historical places, but Uzbek also has amusing places to visit! Talking about getaway destinations in Uzbek, make sure to visit these four great destinations! It surely will make your journey great.

Karakalpakstan Museum of Art

There are a lot of museum that highly recommended visiting in Uzbek, includes The Karakalpakstan Museum in Nukus. There are lots of ancient artifacts with lots of histories here. Besides, you can enjoy the local arts of Uzbek as well.

Central Bazaar

This street markets in Samarkand can be the perfect getaway destination in Uzbek for the shopping lovers. Here, you can find lots of interesting stuff of Uzbek. Many local farmers sell fresh veggies and fruits. Some local snacks and sweets are also can be a perfect choice for the gifts.

Navoi Opera Theater

Enjoy seeing some great shows in this ancient theater. This one of Tashkent theater becomes one of the masterpiece because of the stunning architecture. There is some great Russian performance that worth seeing here. The Russian ballet is a perfect one!

Uzbekistan State Museum of Applied Art

This art museum is situated in Tashkent. The Uzbekistan State Museum is actually a small museum, but it has lots of great artworks to see. It also often used for several exhibitions of new artworks. Here, you can enjoy seeing brilliant handicrafts, old artistic stuff, costumes, jewels and others.

Typical Food

Don’t you ever dare to leave Uzbek without trying these unusual foods! Just like other countries in Central Asia, Uzbek also has lots of full of flavor cuisines that worth trying. Here is the most delicious typical food in Uzbek very recommended tasting!


Typically known as eggplant salad. In Uzbek, a meal traditionally begins with salad as its appetizer. Bademjan is made of fresh eggplant which is sliced slightly and then seasoned with peppers and radishes. Some greens commonly sprinkled over it.

Chuchvara Soup

Dumplings are certainly so famous in Asia countries, included in Uzbek. Chuchvara is kind of small dumplings soup that is cooked with bouillon and some seasonings like onion, pepper, tomato paste, and a few of sour cream.


Lagman is commonly called as the Central Asia ramen. It is actually the combination of soup and ramen. Lagman is made of handspun noodles which cooked together with veggies and few lamb. For the spicy food lovers, this is a must!

Achichuk Salad

Uzbek food is truly modern of its vegetarian food. There are lots of salad variants here. Achichuk is made of slightly sliced tomatoes combined with onions. Those then seasoned with special spices.


While in Uzbek, do not miss your time trying this delicious flatbread. Made of deep-fried flatbread that seasoned with special spices makes Kutabi is so tasty. Kutabi commonly filled with veggies or meat.

Uzbekistan facts are inevitably becomes one of great Central Asia countries with numerous amazing places. The Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan truly can make everyone who visits this country will feel like home. The peaceful natural attractions can make everyone came here feel in serenity. The incredible heritage places all set to tell its histories. Also, lots of attractive destinations are ready to light up the journey.