Best Places to Visit in Asia

Places in this continent are the home of exotic beauty, rich culture, and breathtaking natural wonders. Asia has half the world’s population, therefore, visiting Asia places will give the most satisfactions. Travelers can do hiking as well as a day city tour in one country.

Besides, to go camping and shopping is also possible to do in this continent travel destinations. Asia has the unique ambiance that is found nowhere else in the world. This continent that represent yellow ring in the Olympics has excellent air temperature and comfortable weather. For travelers who looking for ethnic tour while conquering a challenging trekking activity, Asia is also the enchanting place to visit.

Ankara; Enjoy A Precious Trip in the Ataturk Glorious Heritage

Turkey is never boring for travelers who love history, art, and beauty. In Ankara, the heritage sites of Ottoman are not the main attractions. However, this city delivers the youthful beat as its main impression. Ankara is a modern city with apartments and colleges. Besides, it is the city of many foreign embassy offices. The […]

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Wakhan Pamir; A Unique Nomadic Life in the Roof of World

Wakhan Pamir, also popular as Wakhan Corridor, is a narrow territory in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. This location extends to China. Besides, it separates Tajikistan from Pakistan. Why is it called Wakhan Pamir? It is called so because of the corridor wedges between the Pamir Mountains to the north. To the south is the […]

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Exploring the Soul-Enriching Tourist Destinations in Tbilisi, Georgia

Invites tourists through its simplicity and elegance. Located at the crossroads of two continents, this city is truly the shine of Georgia. The location is between the Europe and Asia. Thus, this place is busy with trade routes and mixes of both cultures. Tbilisi is also popular as Tiflis. The city was founded in the […]

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Revealing the Prettiest Place in Kabul, Afghanistan

Will it be safe to travel to Kabul?. That is the first questions of travelers when dealing with trip plan on this city, which commonly associated with Taliban attack. Most travelers want to brag their tour experiences. Therefore, some of the passionate travelers are eager to visit a dangerous place only to prove that they […]

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A Luxurious Railway Cruise with Trans Siberian Train

Trans Siberian Train is a railway that connects some parts of Russia. It is a network that connects Moscow and Russian Far East. The length of the railways is 5,772 miles. No wonder, the railways are the longest railway line in the entire universe. Besides the networks to many places in Russia, this railway also […]

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Sihanoukville; The Striking Heaven for Backpackers

Sometimes, the best tourist destinations are not the one that has exclusive services. Most of the time, the virgin beaches or a fabulous island with its natural beauty wins the heart of tourist. Sihanoukville is that kind of place. It does not look too pretty but the coastline is fabulous. For so long, Sihanoukville has […]

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Best Asian Travel Destinations