Revealing the Prettiest Place in Kabul, Afghanistan

Revealing the Prettiest Place in Kabul, Afghanistan

Will it be safe to travel to Kabul?. That is the first questions of travelers when dealing with trip plan on this city, which commonly associated with Taliban attack. Most travelers want to brag their tour experiences. Therefore, some of the passionate travelers are eager to visit a dangerous place only to prove that they are the courageous travelers. Is that a good thing to do? For some reasons, that is not a healthy idea. A journey will be more precious when people do it for the sake of their soul enrichment. Therefore, it is so much necessary that travelers find the essential information before leaving for Kabul. To face the dangerous during a travel will be more manageable as tourists are well-prepared.

Kabul is located in the east part of Afghanistan. Commonly, people get confused with Kabul and Kabul City. Kabul is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. The capital of Kabul is Kabul City. Kabul City is the capital of Afghanistan while Kabul is a name of the province. This Afghan most famous city is populous with 4 million people. Only 20 percent of the population lives in the sub urban area and villages. Therefore, the urban of this province is so crowded.

What to prepare for taking great pleasure in Kabul?

Travelers always need to get prepared. However, for a special city of a war zone, the preparation should be more. The experienced travelers found that Kâbol is not that dangerous. However, there are roaming armed soldiers around all areas of کابل. Tourists with legal documents to visit this city should never feel afraid. Securities are all over the place but they are working for other purposes. Kobul is relatively safe during the day and night. Therefore, tourists can still get pleasure in the evening tours in here.

Rather than to be cautious with what we will face in Kabul, we can just ask some questions before leaving. For instance, we might want to know if we can take photos. Surprisingly, local people are so opened with foreigners. So, we will find many people who are cool with photos. However, if we want to take the photos of military, we will need to get an official permission. Therefore, we have to be very careful with that. The permission is issued by the minister. It will take several days. But we do not need to do that. That is the job of a news maker and journalist.

Next, we need to find the information regarding its security. Is Kabul safe for a woman traveler? Afghanistan is safe for female tourists. However, they have to be cautious. This is so because Afghanistan is a paternal country and a Moslem country at the same time.

What about the visa?

Visa is definitely a must when entering Kabul. If we do not have it from our departure, we can get a visa on arrival at Kobul’s airport. The visa is easy to get in the neighbor countries such as Dubai. To get to Kabol, we can fly from Istanbul or Dubai with FlyDubai or Emirates. The tickets start from 100 USD.

It is quite hard to fly directly to Afghanistan from European countries. The war zone status makes European countries ban all the airlines of Afghanistan. Once tourists arrive at the airport in Kabol, they have to register. However, some travelers find the registration office unattended and cannot register there. Yet, they can still travel to Kabul safely.

The Best Time to Travel

Kabol has a continental climate. That makes the temperature change drastically during the day and night. The best time to visit Kabul is in autumn. During the fall, the weather is dry. Besides, the temperature is warm. During summer, the temperature will be extremely hot. Only the areas of mountains have a lower temperature.

Meanwhile, in spring, the plants bloom but the rain falls frequently. In addition, snow will melt during the spring. So, arrange your tour during autumn in Kabol.

Things to Do and Visit in Kabul, Afghanistan?

  • The Darul Aman Palace
    Darul Aman Palace is the most iconic tourist destination in Kabul. It is only 10 km from the center of Kabul. The palace is not open to the public. Due to the previous war, many precious tourist sites are damaged; one of them is Darul Aman Palace. There is no tour schedule to get inside the palace. Yet, tourists can do something specific such as a bribe to make the guard opened the gate for travelers.
  • Shah Do Shamshira Mosque
    It will be great to visit Kabul for its beautiful mosque’s architecture. Shah Do Shamsira Mosque is located just off the Kabol River. The atmosphere is peaceful with its yellow tone. Travelers can summarize their journey in Kabul by sitting by the mosque. The vibrant look of the mosque appears more fantastic with the pigeon colony. What is unique about this mosque is the changing color due to sunlight. The sun will set the façade and it is stunning just to wait for the right moment to snap some pictures.
  • National Museum of Afghanistan
    The national museum is the opposite of Darul Aman Palace. The museum tickets are as low as 100 Afs. However, we have to pay a double price if we want to take some photos inside the museum. We can visit every day except weekends.
  • Babur Garden
    This garden is totally amazing. It is a historic park and also the last resting of Emperor Babur, the first emperor of Mughal kingdom. This is a special place with a majestic architecture. It is truly the loveliest side of Kabul that travelers have to visit.


Though there are not many places to visit for extravagance in Kabul, travelers can still find great enjoyments in this place. It is a place with beautiful people. Aside from the war zone impact on this country, we will be able to feel the spirit of Afghanistan people. The tourist objects and destinations might be decayed and damaged. We can still find a special journey in Afghanistan if we are pleased to face the stumbles that can occur at any time.

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