Ankara; Enjoy A Precious Trip in the Ataturk Glorious Heritage

Ankara; Enjoy A Precious Trip in the Ataturk Glorious Heritage

Turkey is never boring for travelers who love history, art, and beauty. In Ankara, the heritage sites of Ottoman are not the main attractions. However, this city delivers the youthful beat as its main impression. Ankara is a modern city with apartments and colleges. Besides, it is the city of many foreign embassy offices.

The government’s hard work has made this dusty city improved. It is now a place of modern venue of international events. This city shows the success of Turkey in economic sectors. Today, there are many tourist attractions in this country capital city. Restaurants with tasty menus and designs are ready to serve. In addition, Kavaklıdere offers what the so-called fancy food courts. People can simply go to Kızılay’s sidewalk cafes for a more dynamic atmosphere. Ankara is the perfect city for students, businessman, and travelers. Yet, senior tourists will love it as well.

For a short trip to Turkey, Ankara’s streets are enough to give the enjoyment. However, travelers need to also feel the gorgeous view of this city. There are two more places to include on the list. Museum of Anatolian Civilisations is one place that will leave visitors in awe. It is a perfect site for tracing back the history of Ataturk, the modern founder of Turkey. In addition, Anıtkabir is another recommended place for history fans. Morover, Turkey has many others famous destinations, learn Hagia Sophia Facts before come to this one of exotic ancient Asia destinations. Those who want to taste the colossal view of this city need to visit this place.

Exploring the Urban of Turkey Capital City

Ankara is a large city with lively characters. It has different towns and neighborhood. Tourists will fall in love with the main attraction of long Ataturk Boulevard. The boulevard runs from north to south of this one of asia countries capital city. We will pass Kizilay, Kavaklidere and then Çankaya while walking down the boulevard.

Besides, we can spend some time in Ulus. This town is the center of the historic area of this city. This is an old city with many museums. Besides, it is the home of ancient Ankara castle. Yet, this town is now a mess. It is no longer charming. Additionally, the neighborhood is now crowded. But at least, visitors can go to Hamamonu District. It is a place where old Ankara houses are restored. Travelers can walk through narrow streets. They will find a comfortable traditional coffee shop. In this area, foods are cheaper. Yet, the taste is not recommended.

The Perfect Season for a Cup of Hot Coffee in Ankara

Being in the Anatolian highland, Ankara has the continental climate. Winters in Attaturks land are cold. Sometimes, it can be snowy. The temperature can be freezing. It reaches below zero in the coldest months. During nighttime, the temperature will drop the most.

In Ankara, summers are more comfortable compared to other coastal regions of Turkey. The temperature is around 30 degrees to 35 degrees. In spring and autumn, the weather is wet with much rain. Yet, it will not be bad to do a tour in both seasons.

The Transportation in Attaturks land

Ankara is a modern city with a good public transportation. So, tourists can do the city tour via public transportation. The Ankara Municipal Buses serves extensive bus network.

The bus operates with a smart-card of Ankarakart. Tourists can get it in the card processing center. Also, the Ankara Suburban Railway is the alternative. It consists of one line with 37 km long. It has 26 stations without subway stations.

Here is the list of wonderful places to visit in Ankara:

  • Museum of Anatolian Civilisations

    It is a complex source of Turkey history. Additionally, it has interesting items from every essential place in Anatolia. Ancient housing is some of the wonderful collections. The central houses exhibit the reliefs of Anatolia. Meanwhile, the halls will make the visit more unforgettable. Tourists can learn the history of various ages in the museum.

  • Anıtkabir

    It is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. This place is also a museum. The constructed finished in 1953. This museum is dedicated to the Majesty Ataturk. Thus, The Museum of Ataturk and War of Independence are opened in this area. Besides, it keeps memorabilia of Ataturk. Turkey people show a great respect to Ataturk. Millions of local visitors come to this museum. International tourists should also join the tour while spending a holiday in Ankara.

  • Citadel

    This quarter of thick walls presents the design of 9th century AD. However, the inner walls are from the 7th century. This place is the most interesting part of Ankara. Despite the old design, this place stands proudly without significant damages.

Visiting a place with a great history like Ankara will give a great value in life. Sometimes, people need to stop and look back to the past to reach a better success. Therefore, it will be crucial to visit some museums. A holiday should be that precious for our life. Besides, we need to treasure each moment in Ankara.

In conclusion, Ankara is not a bad city at all to visit. We can make Istanbul the priority in our itinerary. Yet, we can include Ankara for learning about Ataturk King history. Also, this capital city of turkey is secured. In almost all parts of the city, alcohol is forbidden. So, the atmosphere is peaceful.

Extra Things of Ankara

Ankara is easy to reach with many airlines from all over the world. It is also comfortable to roam by bus. Ankara is like a jewel that shines in the middle of modernity. It keeps the precious heritage and runs a modern function of a city at the same time.

Besides those places, tourists have to try the local foods. There are many cheap restaurants to hunt in Ankara. Visiting this place as a backpacker will do. The locals are relatively kind. In addition, they always warm to foreigners.

Ankara is also a place with a hidden beauty. Only people who know the priceless wonder of cities will know about it. Ankara with the Ataturk glory has the royal impression in a unique form. In addition, it is a place that highlights the genius culture. So, this city is a superb place for every tourist.

Tourists do not have to worry about criminals. The security is good in Ankara. Also, the street view is amazing. People can even find fruits with cheap rates along the street.


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