Sihanoukville; The Striking Heaven for Backpackers

Sihanoukville; The Striking Heaven for Backpackers

Sometimes, the best tourist destinations are not the one that has exclusive services. Most of the time, the virgin beaches or a fabulous island with its natural beauty wins the heart of tourist. Sihanoukville is that kind of place. It does not look too pretty but the coastline is fabulous. For so long, Sihanoukville has been the favorite of backpackers.

When it is lovable for backpackers, it means that the town is truly beautiful. If not for the modernity and classic beauty, the town is still inviting for its white sand and beaches. Additionally, the sun drenched islands have become the most happening destination of Cambodia. Backpackers from all over the world flock in this very town to take a rest. They drop by the town before leaving for other destinations. They will party through the night and enjoy their moment in this place.

The Urban of Sihanoukville

Also known as Kampong Som, Sihanoukville is coastal city in the South-West of Cambodia. This city has a river that is functioned a transportation. The town has a number of islands with a small number of people. The city has developed a moderate development in recent years. That makes it so comfortable for solo travelers to enter the city. Young students also love to spend their time in this place. And it is heaven for backpackers.

The city was named after the honored Norodom Sihanouk. It has approximately 89,800 populations in total. The urban center is crowded because almost 70% of the populations live in the urban center. Despite the new administration, this city’s construction progress is parallel to other cities in Cambodia.

Sihanoukville owns many beautiful beaches which are the home of many seaside resorts. The visitors of the resorts increase steadily since the late of 20th century.

How to Prepare Flawlessly for Sihanoukville

Visiting the place can be our main destination. Besides, we can also include it in our itinerary plan when visiting Cambodia. Therefore, the preparation can be similar to both tour packages. The first preparation relates to visas and cash. The visa is an obligatory except for US residents. It is not so hard to get the visa. Tourists need to only pay $20 and give passport sized photos. They can get it upon the arrival.

Do tourists need to change the currency?

This is a good question. Cambodia uses Riel as currency. However, the economy is hard in this country. Therefore, when we plan to visit Sihanoukville or other destinations in Cambodia, many amenities and departments prefer US Dollars. Therefore, it is good to keep dollars instead of changing the currency and lose some amount of money in the process.

The next preparation deals with the temperature. Cambodia is part of South East Asian countries with their hot and intense sun. Therefore, it is important that tourists get ready with proper clothes. In addition, tourists need to bring a small bag to carry sun glasses and water all the time. Besides, they need to bring hats and sun screen. Even, it is important to also bring spare T Shirt.

The Best Time to Visit

Many would advise tourists to avoid the rainy season. The fact is that the rain will not be bothering at all. Rainy season is different from monsoon season. It possibly rains every single day. However, the rain can last for some minutes.

Things to Do in Sihanoukville

Besides partying all night long, tourists can do various activities in this town. There are several destinations to visit here.

  1. Wat Leu
    Instead of just spending our time by the beach, we can visit Wat Leu Temple. Cambodian’s temples are absolutely must see. The temples designs are stunning. All of the temples own their dramatic architecture. Angkor Wat has the green-tinged color while Wat Leu has a pointed rood and colorful details.
  2. Beaches
    Sihanoukville’s beaches have premier resorts. Tourists can now only enjoy a beach with the white powdery sand but also a terrific view. Tourists will love to see the Gulf of Thailand from the seashore. The atmosphere is calming as well. Three best beaches in the town are Otres, Ochheuteal, and Serendipity. Backpackers can gather with other people and local tourist to enjoy mid-afternoon cocktail parties of the beach bars.
  3. Water Sports
    Sihanoukville is definitely the best location for adventures and water sports activities. Tourists can submerge in the ocean and get amused by the superb view of the sea with Scuba Diving tours. For those who do not want to go deeper, snorkeling devices are ready to rent. After that, people can enjoy the beach sky by kitesurfing at a higher rate. Meanwhile, people can get relaxed and enjoy the stream of the sea by kayaking (read also: types of kayaks).
  4. Cooking Class
    When the beach adventure is over, tourists can join a cooking class for a cheap rate. Asian cuisine lovers must try it. Learning to cook Khmer culinary will be so much rewarding. Even, just to learn the signature ingredients and spices will be a good way to spend a trip in the town.

The Popular Destinations in Sihanoukville

Besides all of those fun activities in this city, tourists can open the online tourist portals to check some other popular destinations.

  • Kbal Chhay Waterfall
    While visiting the town, it will be refreshing to also visit this waterfall. It is worth venturing due to the short distance from the city center and the cheap rates. It is only 7 km from the city center and tourists can reach that by tuk tuk.

  • Handcraft Shopping in Sihanoukville
    Along the beach resort, we can find bounties of local products. Tourists can find sarongs, shoes, bags, and many other goods. Besides, jewelry and souvenirs are also available. In addition, farmers’ market is ready to serve dragon fruits, lychees, and many other products.

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