Asia Historical Sites

There are many wonderful heritage sites in world, some of them are in Asia. The differences attractions behind each historical stories of tourist destinations on these continent countries will never be boring to learn. Get more knowledge about history by traveling around Asia during enjoy many wonderful sceneries.

But before, make sure to know that Asia divided into 6 regions by geographical area. There‚Äôre South, East, West, Southeast, North, and Central regions of this continent. Which between one and the other has a different unique attractions, summarized as follows… continue reading Heritage Sites, Learn Through Historical Journey

A Luxurious Railway Cruise with Trans Siberian Train

Trans Siberian Train is a railway that connects some parts of Russia. It is a network that connects Moscow and Russian Far East. The length of the railways is 5,772 miles. No wonder, the railways are the longest railway line in the entire universe. Besides the networks to many places in Russia, this railway also […]

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Taiwan National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Taiwan is one country in Asia that has many kind of culture, tradition and long history. Some of the civilization relics explain that this country has become a tourist destination and often visited by tourists. One of them is Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. This Taiwan tourist attractions builded to recall the services of Chiang Kai-shek. […]

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The Hagia Sophia, Top Istanbul Attractions

Turkey is one of countries in Eurasia which has a very advanced civilization and tradition. Historical legacy of hundreds years to prove that Turkish civilization has survived until today. One part of civilization also a famous tourist destination is Hagia Sophia. The building has a long history of changing functions related to religious rituals. In […]

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Israel Dome of Rock with historical attractions

Dome of Rock, temple mount jerusalem – Israel is the largest Jewish nation in the world with a population of 7.5 million. However, in Israel there are also various ethnic groups belonging to minorities and having religions like Muslims, Christians, and others. Civilization in this country has a long history that also affects tradition and […]

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Great trip to Cambodian Killing Fields at Choeung Ek

Cambodia, Phnom Penh killing fields – Cambodia has many tourism potentials to visit. One of the countries in Southeast Asia has a tropical climate and excellent natural conditions. A popular tour to visit in Cambodia is Choeung Ek. The location used as a place for mass graves of the victims of the Khmer Rouge. Number […]

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Trip to Elliq Qala, Uzbekistan Top Historical Spots

Uzbekistan is one of the countries in Central Asia. This country has many landmarks with the character of Islamic architecture with very different sizes and materials. The territory of Uzbekistan also consists of many deserts and temperatures that are quite hot. The number of deserts in this country is wide enough. This will usually affect […]

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Best trip to Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar

The region of Central Asia considered a central part of various ancient cultures and civilizations. In this region there are also many historic inscriptions and heritage with a very high value. One of the countries in the region is Tajikistan which has tourist attractions with impressive history and inscriptions. The country surrounded by many mountains […]

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