China Ci’en Temple & Great Wild Goose Pagoda

China Ci’en Temple & Great Wild Goose Pagoda

There are many historic relics, artifacts, and high-value items that found in China. Moreover, China also has a lot of knowledge about many things. Tradition and culture held in China can still maintained without influenced by modernism. Various tourist attractions that visited also reached very easily. Visitors can also make China Ci’en Temple & Great Wild Goose Pagoda as an excellent choice.

This historic place is an ancient building that continues maintained and a shrine for many Buddhists in China. This building also still has a traditional architecture with the best material and a very large size. The surrounding land of the building is also very spacious and has an impressive background. This building is included in the list of world heritage that will get protection until the maintenance periodically. The parks, temples to the environment are still good to be an important consideration to visit this place.

Historical attractions of Ci’en Temple

Ci’en Temple is in the southern part of Xian which is about 4 km from the center of China. This temple is one of the many temples for Buddhists famous in China. The name of this temple has the meaning of grace and kindness for everyone. This is why many Buddhists and tourists from various places come here to pray and ask for better blessings. This temple is one of the most famous ancient buildings because it is a supporter of the school of character Faxiang.

In this temple there are statue storage, Buddhist relics, holy books and others. Ci’en Temple first built Tang Dynasty which led in the year 618-907. At first, this temple used to be a temple often used by the emperor. The size of this temple area reaches about 267 thousand meters. In those days, the temple had only 3 pages that were not very wide with the support of nearly 1900 rooms for Buddhist followers. However, only one page can survive in the ruling Ming Dynasty in 1368-1644. After that, other parts of this temple continue built with broad support up to 12.5 hectares.

Ci’en Temple has a box on the south and north side of the entrance. Each of these entrances has 4 statues of lions made in the Qing Dynasty. The tourists will get a very impressive view through two towers located at the entrance of this temple. One of the towers called the Bell Tower which is at the eastern entrance. This tower has a large bell that has a very loud sound. On the west side of the entrance there is a Drum Tower which will bring a soothing sound to the visitors.

Great Wild Goose Pagoda

These China tourist attractions is ancient building that is still part of Ci’en Temple. The location of the Pagoda is at the exit close to Sermon Hall. This pagoda has a very large size and 7 floors with a height of up to 211 feet. This building is one of the Buddhist relics. Visitors can enter the pagoda and climb up to the top. At the top of this Pagoda tourists can see the scenery all over the region of Xian very well. On the inside of this Pagoda also have fine paintings, wood carvings, to bronze inscriptions of various sizes.

The building first built in the reign of Emperor Gaozong who came from the Tang dynasty. The pagoda built to be the site of various Buddhist relics brought from India. All the inscriptions and various Buddhist relics have different sizes. At the beginning of the actual construction period this Pagoda only has five floors with a height of about 197 feet. However, the number of floors has grown with various Buddhist relics that continue placed in this Pagoda. In fact, in this Pagoda there is also a beautiful calligraphy from Yan Liben who is a famous artist during the Tang Dynasty.

Accommodation and best time to visit

Tourists who want to visit this location can use several transportation options, such as:

1. By Bus

Tourists can use many bus options with no 5 – no 933 and get off at Dayanta station to continue the journey.

2. By Subway

Another option of transportation also uses a subway with Line 2 options that go to Xiaozhai Station. Tourists can also use Line 3 to Dayanta station. The distance between the temple and the station is very close.

The best time to visit China Ci’en Temple & Great Wild Goose Pagoda is in the spring that runs from April to May. Summer that happens in China can also be a good time because weather and temperature in this season is not too bad.


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