Israel Dome of Rock with historical attractions

Israel Dome of Rock with historical attractions

Dome of Rock, temple mount jerusalem – Israel is the largest Jewish nation in the world with a population of 7.5 million. However, in Israel there are also various ethnic groups belonging to minorities and having religions like Muslims, Christians, and others. Civilization in this country has a long history that also affects tradition and culture. In fact, the site of civilization is also a historic place that visited. One of them is by visiting the Israel Dome of Rock. This site is a sacred place used on Muslims to perform religious rituals.

The Dome of Rock is located on the passage of the Temple Mount in the vicinity of the old city of Jerusalem. The pattern of architecture possessed influenced by many of the mosaic elements of the Byzantine church and palace. The Dome of Rock undergoes periodic changes with a very modern period. Especially on the roof of this rock also has a layer of gold with a very impressive structure. This makes many Muslims around the world and many others want to visit. In fact, some of them really enjoy the atmosphere and character of this architectural luxury.

Historical attractions and architecture

Initially, the site created during the period of the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik. However, during the war with the Romans this site destroyed in the year 70 AD. The original dome of this site also collapsed due to war and rebuilt in 1022. Dome of Rock considered as one of the historic relics for Muslims with a very old age in the world. This site has a very important influence for Muslims around the world because of the relationship with the Prophet Muhammad’s journey to heaven. In addition, some of the Jews also believed that this dome of rock used Abraham as a place of sacrifice of his son.

The architectural concept of this site is very grand with the support of a foundation structure that has an octagonal shape. There are several important parts of the structure of the site that make this dome of rock look very grand. The structure consists of a wooden dome that has a diameter of up to 66 feet. This dome is placed on the foundation of 16 high poles with a drum shape is large enough. Visitors can also enjoy the atmosphere inside the dome of rock using the octagonal ladder. This staircase also surrounds the entire pole with up to 24 poles. The site supported with the best quality material and survives to date.

Some anthropologists have revealed that the construction of this dome of rock to compete with other buildings used as a place of worship. The shape is quite majestic in the foundation structure to the interior of this site also gives a big influence for the civilization of Muslims in Israel. The size of the huge dome considered to provide luxury on the site in those days. This large dome has a height of 68 feet. The height of this dome almost competes with the dome of the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Israel. The large size of some parts of the architectural structure of this site wants to show it as the oldest mihrab in the world after Mecca.

Luxury for Israel Dome of Rock

This Israel Tourist Attractions offers luxury with different architectural and interior structures compared to other sites. The main dome of the dome of rock has a fairly thick layer of gold. At first, the dome used only copper with an aluminum alloy. However, to make the impression of a better luxury the entire section of the dome coated with gold that is thick enough. The golden layer in Cuba is a donation given from the King of Jordan. At the top of the dome decorated with crescent moon which is an important symbol for Muslims around the world.

Dome of Rock has a luxury through interior design and layers of material used. The exterior of this site uses Turkish tiles with the concept of various colors and impressive pattern characters. In some parts of the dome of rock there are inscriptions of a size large enough. This inscription placed in the octagonal area adjacent to the main staircase. The inscription contains verses from the Qur’an. The contents of the inscription are the journey of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven. On the wall also looks very luxurious with a curved design. This design will form a circle in the rock and has a floor with a luxurious carpet.

Best season to visit Israel Dome of Rock

The location of the dome of rock is in the center of Jerusalem and adjacent to many other historic sites. To visit this place it is advisable to use transportation such as cars and some other vehicles. Environmental conditions in Israel strongly influenced by the temperature and climate around the Middle East. This will affect the journey to the dome of rock. The best season to travel to the dome of rock is summer. In this season the whole access looks very good and the temperature is also not too cold.


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