The Hagia Sophia, Top Istanbul Attractions

The Hagia Sophia, Top Istanbul Attractions

Turkey is one of countries in Eurasia which has a very advanced civilization and tradition. Historical legacy of hundreds years to prove that Turkish civilization has survived until today. One part of civilization also a famous tourist destination is Hagia Sophia. The building has a long history of changing functions related to religious rituals. In fact, function of this building also still continued so far. Hagia Sophia is one of the most impressive tourist spots in history.

Long history of the Hagia Sophia starts from the first construction, 532 AD. The construction of this building took about 5 years and ended until 537 AD. At first, Hagia Sophia became a church for Greek Orthodox Christians named Santa Sofia or Saint Sofia. The function of St Sophia Church in this building ended in 1453. Change of function occurred with the use of buildings to become Eastern Orthodox cathedrals.

After 1453, this building became the Ottoman mosque until 1931. This series of functional changes made the Turkish government make a policy to make Hagia Sophia a public museum that began in 1935. The museum survives so far with various relics of Turkish civilization.

Architecture and historical attractions

The Hagia Sophia facts of architecture is very different compared to the relics of civilization in Turkey. Moreover, size of this building also represents the cultural progress of Turkish society in those days. The building designed by Greek geometry experts consist of Anthemius and Isidore Miletus of Tralles.

Early function of being a church used to perform rituals with thanksgiving for wisdom from God. The big party was done after the construction of the church completed on 25 December. This date is also known as part of the religious incarnation within the church. The naming of Sophia in this building also comes from Latin which has a meaning of wisdom.

Enjoying Istanbul tours by visiting Hagia Sophia which has charming and magnificent architecture is an unforgettable trip. The concept of exterior and interior looks very well and united through the development of Turkish civilization. The various reliefs on the exterior of the church made of the finest materials of enormous size. In fact, some of the reliefs look like sculptures with very thick layers.

First church’s interior in Hagia Sophia has a large collection of sculptures and large ornaments. One of the most recognizable reliefs in this building is the silver iconostasis with a thickness of 49 times. This church also used as a building that meets Eastern Orthodox for thousands of years.

The history of the changing function of Agia Sophia began in 1453. At this time there was a war involving Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire. Constantinople subjugated under Ottoman rule. This makes the Hagia Sophia changed the function of a mosque. The war that took place between the two great kingdoms made the city of Constantinople very severely damaged.

However, that did not happen to the cathedral church of the Hagia Sophia. The Ottoman rulers at that time made changes to the church by destroying the big bells, reliefs, iconostasis, and altars. The Ottoman ruler added some mosque ornaments such as mihrab, pulpit and large dome.

Luxurious interior in Hagia Sophia

Also commonly called Aya Sofia, Hagia Sophia has a luxurious interior with many reliefs that keep changing according to function. In fact, some of the interior ornaments of the building still survive today. The quality of materials used in development is evident as a very different civilization.

In addition, some large ornaments use part of religious rituals in country which commonly known for its quality of drama series (Asi Turkish Show, one of the most famous). At this time of the church building there was a sized basilica with a wooden roof. The basilica is made of large wood and very expensive and makes the interior of the church look luxurious. However, in 532 AD there was an uprising which caused the Basilica to collapse.

This Turkey Tourist Attractions also has different ornaments when it became a great mosque in those days. The change of function of Hagia Sophia makes the addition of some ornaments such as the pulpit with luxurious reliefs and large domes that have thick material layers. Agia Sophia has a very large size and spacious. This made the Ottoman rulers also marble in several corners of the mosque.

Ultimately, this building became a museum that still retained the remains of Constantinople and the rulers of the Ottomans. In fact, this museum becomes one of the main tourist destinations in Turkey with the number of 3 million visitors each year.

Best season to visit Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Turkey has 4 seasons that affect the habits and visits of tourists. Hagia Sophia located in the center of Istanbul tourism city. Neighboring with istanbul blue mosque, another popular turkey attractions. To reach this historic building can use the tour bus or by car. The Turkish government has a visit schedule of 15 April – 30 September and 1 October to 14 April. The best time to visit this museum is from July to August. This month is a spring in Turkey that makes it easy to travel.


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