The Majestic Tour of Ho Chi Minh Trail

The Majestic Tour of Ho Chi Minh Trail

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable journey in Southeast Asia? Vietnam tours will be one of the best options to take. It has been two or more decades since Vietnam was officially united. We have also learned a lot about Vietnam history and fight against hard times in the past. Vietnam with its Ho Chi Minh Trail will be the place where we enjoy a fantastic journey of breathtaking scenery and soulful spirit of living a tough life.

Vietnam is the place where islands and beaches are the finest among some tropical countries in this area. The cuisines are possibly the tastiest that you will ever get pleasure in. We will also learn a lot of spirit of freedom and strong nationality as we visit this country. This country has a unique way to heal its wounds from the bitter war. Vietnam never hesitates to show what they have done to survive, including the dark events that they have suffered a lot in the past.

Vietnam has proven that it is a gracious country where natural wonders are ready to entertain. Besides, it serves graceful personality through outstanding travel services and destinations. One of the most inviting destinations in Vietnam tours is Ho Chi Minh Trail. This tour spot is different to what we usually take pleasure in other Southeast Asia countries. It has deep meaning as well as unique atmosphere to enjoy.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Definition

Ho Chi Minh Train is a complex system of mountain and jungle alleyway and track that helped North Vietnam to penetrate troops during the Vietnam War. The path was also the important troop passage for food and other survival supplies for Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the same war. If you love to watch American movies, perhaps you can relate to this very beautiful tour alternative.

However, what has shown in the movies is merely a myth because the history facts say quite the opposite. By taking the itinerary of this HoChi Minh Trail travel, you will see the real Vietnam beauty. We will see that American movies, especially First Blood Series explored Vietnam wrong.

Ho Chi Minh Trail is definitely one of the most successful and cleverest military strategies. Also known as Trường Sơn trail, Ho Chi Minh was a logistical system that operated from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of Vietnam. The path goes through two other kingdoms around Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Vietnam tourist attractions, Ho Chi Minh Mointain Complex
Ho Chi Minh Mointain Complex

The path connects to Vietcong or VC due to the functions of supplying supports both in the form of manpower and material for battle. The VC built the alley on the ground and underground for providing the best security.

Additionally, Vietnam militaries also trained the troops to live in a tough survival with minimum life supports and the simplest meal possible. The path was named after North Vietnam President Ho Chi Minh, by the Americans. National Security Agency’s official history of the war stated that the path deserves to list as one of the most advanced achievements in the military engineering of the 20th century. American military teams and troops went home without pride.

In that very battle, Americans kneeled down and lost dignity at the same time. It was a history to remember by all of proud Vietnamese. Therefore, Vietnam is also proud to open the Ho Chi Ming Trail as part of their tourism objects.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Map

The train operated in 1959, as the North Vietnamese regime stated revolutionary fight to reunify between South and North Vietnam. What is so wonderful about this trail tour is the amazing system of connecting a series of old trails from the panhandle of North Vietnam along the upper slopes of Truong-Son to eastern Laos and Cambodia and South Vietnam, Saigon city.

The track will start from Hanoi, pass Laos, and exits in the South Vietnam, Sagion. The journey will continue southward into eastern Cambodia and ended in Da Lat, the point west of South Vietnam, Sai gon. Refer to this map for a clearer view:

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Trail Map
Ho Chi Minh Trail Map

Refer to this map for the underground area:

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Trail Underground Map
Ho Chi Minh Trail Underground Map

Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour

This is a perfect tour for those who love challenge and fun moments with nature. This travel includes motorcycle ride with a one-way track from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat. The package will be a 4-day itinerary tour including Cu Chi Tunnels and underground networks. While riding the motorcycles, tourists will have unforgettable times enjoying waterfall, lakes, and ponds.

Besides, it is also fabulous to enjoy the tour and shops by some local industries along the area. We can shop noodles, rubber, silk, and cashews of the local industries. The winding roads, dirty paths, and all the natural wonders will make such journey invaluable. Not to mention the two nights stay in hotel and homestay around a tribal village. The accommodations include meals with amazing tastes.

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Before leaving for Cu Chi, we will receive a pleasant orientation about the itinerary. The tour will depart from Saigon Vietnam. On the way to the destination, tourists will make a stopover at the attractive noodle making factory. The next stop is Cu Chi Tunnels in which underground fortress are ready to entertain. Tourists will need to explore this area for one and a half hours. After the lunch break, tourists will cross Siagon River by wooden boat; another challenging experience. The first day last stop will be a rubber tree plantation tour before stopping overnight in Dong Xoai.

Day 2

The second-day tour includes a visit to a VC war memorial. Besides, tourists will enjoy their times in a cashew farm. Tourists will stay overnight at Dak Mil.

Day 3

It is time to enjoy the Dray Sap Waterfall. This is a relaxing day because tourists will get relaxed in Fairy Pool and ride down rural roads before leaving with a small ferry to the tribal home near a lake.

Day 4

In the fourth day, tourists will get a chance to visit local tribes. The last day will be the most unforgettable moment since they can enjoy culture while riding up winding mountain roads to see the majestic floating village at Nam Ka Lake.


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